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Green Lantern's Eyes

If you've been following the upcoming Green Lantern Movie, then you've, probably, seen some of the trailer spots representing Ryan Renolds as Hal Jordan in the costume of the Emerald Knight.

That's fine; Renolds can do a great job. (I'm not sure there should be lots of humor, though).

As someone who frequents the superhero movies and forums, I'm aware of the public debate over the GL look; his costume has undergone some changes, and what we saw was a traditional skin-tight neopreen like substance turn into a totally CG-animated uniform.

But I'm going to let that debate simmer for awhile; I'll tell you what has me fascinated right now; it's Green Lantern's eyes. They don't seem to "work" for me.

Are the eyes "right" for you?

In this picture to the left, we have the "first look" at GL's costume; the darker green emeshed in layers with black. In later pics, something different happened, and perhaps it was their goal all along; the Green Lantern costume became a suit of concentrated emerald light.

I've always envisioned them as the glossy, "milky white", emanating waves of Lantern Power.

Most of the time, I'm even-handed when it comes to superhero costume design; it's understandable that they have to "modernize" or adapt a suit to the powers of the hero. After all, Captain America wore a suit of chain mail under his uniform; it only makes sense that he would incorporate some form of armor on film.

Also, it's a given that special effects will be added in as we get closer to the release date (for example, The Incredible Hulk (2008) had trailers that received complaints for lacking special effect touches). So, it's very possible that Green Lantern will have his "power eyes" whenever the suit appears. I'd like that.

Here's My Point: The Green Lantern's Eyes need to carry that haunting "clear, milky white" aspect. This could also be a very light green, which would probably be even better since is falls into the emerald color range.

In this picture to the right, coming from the Hal Jordan gallery, we have a demonstration of what the Green Lantern Power Ring can do in forming a costume (and mask, notice the white eyes?). At this time, there is no question that the director is going this direction. Subsequently, the ire of the GL fans are still concerned about the qualify of the Green Lantern Uniform.

I'm still not entirely sure about the uniform; it seems "complicated" right now, but I'll go with it. The eyes of Green Lantern, though; that's where I'd like some work. I mean, they emanate power, right?

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