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Marvel's Guide To Destroying Time

Re: Where Are They Now?

Above: Stark tries to convince Wolverine not to go back into the future again. Or course, he doesn't listen. Excerpt from Age of Ultron #9 (2013).

I rarely criticize Marvel, DC, and the many independent superhero comic books publishers. That's a slogan I've followed for four decades and still believe is important. If you want to see good art, strong stories, and great events in the future, they have to be supported with positive encouragement.

There's two reasons why I won't, typically, speak negative about them. First, the "suspension of disbelief" is inferred. Complaining that "a story about a hero with powers not being true to physics because he beat the villain by doing something that shouldn't work" is disingenuous. You have to assume a) the character's powers are possible, and b) the character then performed impossibly. And so why stop there? It's all not true; you probably shouldn't be following comic books.

Second, comic books writers like to leave loose ends. I've often been confused by some element appearing in one issue that conflicts with another. Maybe a villain has two completely different origins (also known as a retcon) or perhaps an extremely powerful superhero is toned down when facing another favorite (take, for example, a match-up between Batman and Superman or Spider-Man and Hulk). This happens a lot. But the key is to be patient; most of the time the reasons are explained in a later issue; sometimes, the answer can be part of big event. And that's when I say Whew! glad I waited.

This time, unfortunately, will not be one of those times. I'll let you decide if I'm acting too soon.

My accusation involves Marvel Comics, the Timestream, and their mishandling of Time Travel. It starts with the Marvel NOW! event from October 2012 with their release of All-New X-Men #1 (2012), moves through the Age of Ultron event, and continue on to this day while following the Age of Ultron Aftermath and the Battle of The Atom story arcs. It might not be a coincidence that mutants are all involved here, but that's not important for the purpose of my argument.

The problem is how Marvel is screwing with time. It's so bad now that temporal problems are spreading everywhere:
  1. In All-New X-Men #1 (2012), Beast snatches the early versions of Iceman, Beast, Cyclops, Angel, and Marvel Girl. Bringing them to the present, his goal is to reform our time's Cyclops with the original concepts of the late Professor X. The problem here is known as a paradox. If you remove a person from the past, he is no longer in the present. Present-day Beast should have disappeared immediately;  Cyclops, as well. Mutantkind would be dramatically different if the original X-Men were gone.
  2. In Age of Ultron #1 (2013), we learn Ultron destroyed our populations from the future. Although intuitively this could be a paradox, it can be conceivable that a brilliant machine, watching every change to his future, carefully alters the past (our timeline).
  3. In Age of Ultron #6 (2013), Wolverine kills Henry Pym. When he (and Susan Richards) returns to his timeline, reality has changed. This is not a paradox. It could also be explained as an diverging timeline-alternate reality.
  4. By Age of Ultron #10 (2013), Marvel shows us time is broke. Once Wolverine learned that killing Pym was a bad idea, he goes back again and stops himself. One Logan then kills the other and then heads to his present timeline. This creates another paradox, but not the one that was portrayed. The two Wolverines were from different times, not present day. Present day Wolverine (Subj. A) died and had "present day minus a few hours" Wolverine (Subj. B) return to his own time. Once A was killed, A no longer existed, but he also wouldn't have existed once B returned, because B never would have left. So guess who is REALLY in our present timeline?
    • A)Susan Richards A who returned to the present timeline,
    • B)Susan Richards B who never knew of The Age of Ultron and never left,
    • C)Wolverine B who experienced The Age of Ultron, decided NOT to kill Pym, returned, and
    • C) Wolverine C who never experienced the Age of Ultron and never left.
    So guess what, we're screwed!
  5. Let's not forget Reed Richards and The Fantastic Four. All they've been doing since creating "The Bridge" is jumping around time and space. They've been to creation, the end, and all over the place.
But okay, let's forgive them. Suspension of disbelief, right? Marvel, rightfully showed us that all this time traveling screwed us up and finally broke. Here are some of the results:
  1.  In the New Avengers title, the Illuminati are facing Incursions. These dimensional events are causing alternate Earths to be destroyed.
  2. There's the Age of Ultron Aftermath event where Indestructible Hulk has to beat up "Chronarchists" from the future and our Galactus wants to destroy Earth-1610, part of The "Ultimate" Universe.
  3. We just recently learned in Uncanny X-Men #13 (2013), part of Battle of The Atom, that the past versions of the five original X-Men can't return to their timeline, even if they wanted. Although the reason hasn't been officially given, we can't ignore that time has already been broken.
  4. And then, there's the Infinity event. The ancient race known as "The Builders", who are currently credited with the creation of humans, wants to kill us in every dimension. Complete termination! They blame us for destroying the "Superflow", a device they created to make everything orderly.
 As you can see, time is messed up everywhere. Can it be fixed? I assure you: it will. Brian Michael Bendis, at the helm of Infinity, is likely governing the healing of temporal mechanics. Maybe he'll make Time Travel near-impossible from now on. Maybe he'll lead Marvel in a completely thrilling and unexpected direction. It's all worth the waiting.

But it doesn't change all the violations of consistency. When Wolverine allowed Pym to live in AU#9, making sure Age of Ultron would never occur, ALL time-traveling versions should have been wiped out. In the Battle of The Atom, the past version of Cyclops almost died in X-Men: Battle of The Atom #1 (2013); at the same time, present-day Cyclops almost faded away.

What your seeing is a true conflict. Either there are two Susan Richards and Logans in New York right now, or the five original X-Men have disappeared for decades. Beast took them from the past; their present day counterparts shouldn't be here.

I'm not judging which temporal result is right or wrong. My point is to say the inconsistency is true. It may be confusing to follow all this time traveling, but once you jump on the belief bandwagon, it should be a good ride.

The Trinity War Reading Order


The Trinity of Sin Emerges Complete
Beginning Date: July 2013
End Date: August 2013

There are three mysterious forces cursed to walk the world for eternity: They are The Phantom Stranger, The Question, and the mysterious lady known as Pandora. Together, the DC Universe knows of them as the "Trinity of Sin".

It is now present day. Pandora has emerged on the proverbial field and now decided to recover the ill-fated Pandora's Box which caused her downfall long ago. Her goal is simple: return the Seven Deadly Sins to the box. The process, however, is the problem; she will go through heroes and villains to accomplish this task, even if it means she is the unknowning pawn of a mysterious outsider who leads The Secret Society for his own purposes.

What you're about to read is the Trinity War Reading Order. It's fairly straight-forward and only comprised of a handful of issues. But included here is also some artwork and detailed summaries of each title. Don't worry! If you just want the RO itself, I've put it up here near the top. If you want more, though, continue downward.

Reading Order
The Official Issues Ordered By Occurrence
Final Edition

P01 Trinity War Preview (Optional)
P02 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 (Prelude)

Main Event
001 Justice League #22
002 Justice League of America #6
003 Justice League Dark #22
004 Constantine #5
005 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2
006 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #11
007 Justice League of America #7
008 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3
009 Justice League Dark #23
010 Justice League #23

Updates Section
Last Implemented:
Disclaimer: The Reading Order is fluid until the event is over. 
10/23/2013 - Started this page to catch up with the Trinity War event, which leads into the Forever Evil event. I'll be finishing up the rest of these issues tomorrow and that'll be the finality to this page.

Detailed Summaries
Spoiler Information Included

P01 Trinity War Preview - Adds awesome details to the event, but is not part of the official release. This also may have been published somewhere else, but I couldn't find it. Starring the mysterious "Pandora", the issue begins with her fate at the Rock of Eternity. She's opened the Pandora's Box, unleashed evil, and been sentenced to live eternity with two others. Together, they are named "The Trinity of Sin". The story then follows her as she moves from STAR Labs Red Room to the ARGUS Black Room, finding the Pandora Box once more. It then cuts to a scene with Justice Leagues fighting each other. The remainder of the issue is artwork for the event.
P02 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 - Starts The Trinity War Prelude. Pandora begins by relating her origin, how she found the Box, opened it, and unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins upon mankind. Soon after, she's summoned to the Rock of Eternity and cursed to walk the world eternally undead, witnessing the results of her act. The issue then shows her walking through the ages, then turning to the teachings of the Druids, Wizards, Healers, and multiple martial arts. It also shows her meeting Vandal Savage. It finally brings her to present day 2013 where she meets a weapons maker in Aleppo who creates her runed guns and armament. Lastly, she's confronted by one of the mages of the Rock of Eternity who begs her forgiveness, stating they were wrong to curse her. He tells her that to imprison the seven sins, she needs to reacquire the Box and have someone of Brightest or Darkest heart open it. He leaves, then she believes she knows where to go. On the last panel, the heroic "S" of Superman gives us indication of who that may be.

001 Justice League #22 - Starts the official event. Chapter 1: The Deathcard. Beginning with a young woman walking into Madame Xanadu's shop. Xanadu begins drawing cards, each one leading to a small story introducing the Trinity War. Shazam! decides to fly to Kahndaq and spread Black Adam's ashes over the soil. At the same time, Pandora approaches Superman while he is with Wonder Woman. She gives him the Box to open, but he gets hit hard from the power. Pandora quickly gets the Box away from him. While Shazam! is one his way to Kahndaq, The Justice League (JL) finds out, heading their to route him. This, in turn, alerts Amanda Waller's Justice League of America (JLD), who boards a plane to route the JL. Shazam! and Superman meet and fight it out. Soon, the whole JL appears to stop him, but they are suddenly face-to-face with the JLA who orders them to leave. Suddenly, in response to Doctor Light's power, Superman goes crazy and kills him with his heat vision. Back at Xanadu's shop, she's increasingly worried about the "Trinity War" as she "sees" events unfold. Suddenly, she's ambushed by the girl, who is really "Plastique", a member of the Secret Society. She blows up Xanadu's shop. Behind the scenes, each member of the Trinity of Sin is now active, but the person manipulating everyone is the unknown leader of the Secret Society.
002 Justice League of America #6 - Chapter 2: No Title. The fight between the JL and JLA still continues in Kahndaq until Superman creates a might backlash and says he needs to be taken in. Steve Trevor then orders his arrest. The story continues back at ARGUS where the teams are recovering from their wounds. Waller then asks Firestorm to make her Kryptonite. At the same time, Batman and Wonder Woman are with a confined Superman. Wonder Woman then tells the Caped Crusader that what really caused Doctor Light's death was when Pandora's Box was put in his hands. Batman doesn't quite believe her. In turn, Diana goes to Hephaestus, the weaponsmith of Olypus, and asks him about it. He says he didn't make it and that the Olympus Gods had Pandora open it. She then heads to Justice League Dark and asks for their help. In the final scene, Colonel Trevor walks into the chamber confining Superman and removes the controlling helmet. It then turns out to be The Question, who asks him if he wants to find out who truly killed Doctor Light.
003 Justice League Dark #22 - Chapter 3: House of Cards. Xanadu is now captive of the mysterious character leading the Secret Society, Firestorm has finally made Kryptonite, and Batman and others study Doctor Light's body, The Phantom Stranger appears. He tells them that Wonder Woman has enlisted the aid of Justice League Dark and it would be bad if they found Pandora. In Superman's captive room, however, The Question finally convices the Man of Steel to escape after showing him a newspaper clip of Dr. Psycho in the area of Kahndaq. He decides to break out. And convinces most of the remaining heroes to ignore Amanda and follow him. Wonder Woman, in the meantime, convinces Constantine and the others to join with her; they head to the House of Mystery where Zatanna, Batman, and others are waiting. There's a standoff and Woman Woman attacks The Phantom Stranger. Sides are taken, splitting up all the heroes. Wonder Woman has Zatanna teleport her team out to locate Pandora. Colonel Trevor, Batman, and others call on Constantine to stop them, but he's disappeared with Shazam! As all this is happening, Superman is getting sicker; no one knows exactly why. Madame Xanadu is still in captivity, receiving future glimpses. The stranger then tells her he has a "mole" in the Justice League.
004 Constantine #5 - Trinity War Tie-In. Shows where Constantine took Shazam! John leads Shazam! to a bar and then tricks him into turning into Billy Batson and stealing his voice which in turn steal his power. Nearly at the same time, The Flame of Cold has a demon come forth and attack John in the bar. John becomes Shazam! and fights. Together, he and Billy defeat the creature; at the same time, Billy tricks him into giving him his powers back. As Shazam! he leaves the bar, but not before Constantine warns him not to touch the box.
005 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 - Trinity War Tie-In. Begins with "Pride" ordering "Envy" to block Pandora as she tries to remove them from the world. The next phase of the story has Agents Kincaid of SHADE and Chang of ARGUS working together and merging their files on Pandora. Back at the site where Pandora encountered Superman, members of the Secret Society, Giganta, Signalman, and Vandal Savage are attempting to track her down. She finds them before they find her and takes them out, except for Savage. They fight to the death, which means nothing to immortals, and she gives Vandal the Box, thinking he may have a heart of darkest evil. He doesn't and collapses under its power.
006 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #11 - Trinity War Tie-In. The Phantom Stranger leads Batman, Katana, and Deadman with him through heavenly realms. On their journey, the humans are drawn into their own versions of heaven, but the Stranger rescues them until they are finally in front of Doctor Light. Arthur doesn't remember anything useful to them and the Stranger vows to return him to the living. Suddenly, Zauriel and his angels intervene and send Doctor Light forward into the afterlife, and begin to banish Phantom Stranger forever.
007 Justice League of America #7 - Chapter 4. Opening with Lex Luthor, his lawyers say they could have him out of prison within the day. He's not concerned, though, because he knows someone set Superman up. Soon after, Pandora shows up. She wants to hand him the Box. Elsewhere, there are two divisions: Green Arrow, Superman, and teammates go after Doctor Psycho. They learn he's part of the Secret Society, but didn't mess with the Man of Steel. The Atom also admits that Waller created the JLA to replace the JL. The other team is headed by Wonder Woman with her group. They confront Lex as he's about to receive the Box. By the end of the issue, things go to worse. Wonder Woman is now under the Box's control.
008 Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 - Trinity War Tie-In. Occurring within the military installation holding Lex Luthor, the Justice "Leagues" are fighting amongst themselves as Pandora watches. The issue goes through many chapters of her history as she tries to understand how to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins. By the end, she realizes that she has to embrace the concepts of evil for her weapons to affect them. In doing so, she kills Greed. And now she's ready for the next evil.
009 Justice League Dark #23 - Chapter 5. The fight at military prison for Lex Luthor continues. Wonder Woman has it, but SHAZAM! gets it. His magic interferes with it and its evil starts contaminating everyone. It continues switching hands until John Constantine gets it, teleporting out with Zatanna.. Somehow, they end up at the Temple of Hephaestus. They then go underground and find...Batman and his team, ready to strike, but also see Madame Xanadu, who can explain what's really happening. Zatanna tells them that the Box is actually a doorway. From the shadows, The Outsider muses and says she's right. He then suggests that it is time for the doorway to open.
010 Justice League #23 - Chapter 6, Final. This issue begins by explaining how The Outsider arrived to our dimension, gathered her resources and enacted. It all started at the same time as Darkseid's siege. The battle of heroes then subsides; Firestorm realizes that it isn't evil affecting Superman, it's a sliver of Kryptonite in his brain. The Atom admits she's a traitor, putting it there. Suddenly Cyborg's armor pulls away, calling itself Grid, and leaving Victor Stone near death. The Outsider activates the Box, saying it is an object of science from his dimension, the Birthplace of Evil! As the energies sway and circle, The Crime Syndicate emerges!

For what happens next, follow the Forever Evil event.

The Trinity War Checklist

Trinity War Preview

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1

Main Event
Constantine #5
Justice League #22-23
Justice League of America #6-7
Justice League Dark #22-23
Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2-3
Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #11

Signatures Please
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Greetings, and thank you for dropping by. This is the Trinity War Guestbook where you can talk about this page or anything related to the event. Please be courteous - no profanity, and tells us what you've seen or heard. Your opinion is valuable, including any discrepancies you've seen. Best of all, have fun and enjoy yourself while your here. If you just want to say "Hello", that's great!

The Age of Ultron Aftermath Reading Order


They Broke It!

Is that Earth? (You bet it is!)

Left: After all that temporal back and forth in Age of Ultron, we broke time. Picture excerpt from Age of Ultron #10 (2013) .

A small crossover of issues, barely noticeable, occurred after one of Marvel's biggest super-villains took over the Earth. Somehow, it was quiet among the events of Marvel NOW! and took place after the end of The Age of Ultron. That's why we call it The Age of Ultron Aftermath, or AUA. It reads as a side-story, an epilogue, almost as if the results are barely significant. But in reality, it's the most major event of 2013. 

And you think this is a joke? Heck no! Although a Reading Order is provided here, there's huge implications and leads also presented. This page will contain the artwork and detailed summaries provided at the end. It will also, however, explain how completely chaotic the next few years may be.

"By Odin's Beard!", Thor might say, because the true Age of Ultron Aftermath could be the final straw that broke the camel's back!

Before You Begin
Preliminary Reading and Knowledge
Most of what you need to know before you read this Crossover can be found in the Age of Ultron Event. It's a 10-issue arc that's easily self-contained, with some Tie-Ins and additions for a detailed experience. If that's too much, just read the panel above. Basically, to beat Ultron, the Avengers had to do some serious time-traveling. As a result, the space-time continuum was broken.

Age of Ultron #10, specifically, shows us three aftereffects.
  1. Galactus Appears in the Marvel "Ultimate" Universe. (Earth-1610)
  2. "Angela", a character from Todd McFarlene's Spawn series, appears in our Universe (Earth-616)
  3. Hank Pym believes he's solved his AI corruption problem and begins working on the project again.
Marvel only gave us three previews from that issue, but far more occurred; the overreaching implications continued into many other titles. In respects to those stories, The Reading Order below will also contain those titles; their descriptions will be place in the detailed summaries.

To follow the Age of Ultron Event, Click Here.
For the Amazon AGE OF ULTRON Catalogue, Click Here.

AUA Reading Order

001 Age of Ultron #10AI (Unofficially)

002 Indestructible Hulk #11
003 Indestructible Hulk #12
004 Indestructible Hulk #13
005 Indestructible Hulk #14
006 Indestructible Hulk #15

007 Hunger #1
008 Hunger #2
009 Hunger #3
010 Hunger #4

Update Notes

Disclaimer: The Reading Order is final for This Event.

11/20/2013 - One drop for this week. I'll check, but this may be the end of the event. ENDED

10/25/2013 - Added this week's release. Preparing to write an op-ed to link this this Reading Order to explain some time-traveling discrepancies.
10/22/2013 - Established this Reading Order and Summary Page for Age of Ultron Aftermath. It's important to note the following. I'm not sure there will be any Graphic Novel or TPB comprising these issues, so you may have to find them separately.

Detailed Summaries

Pym, Revamped
Hank Gets a Second Chance

Age of Ultron #10AI - This is an official Age of Ultron issue, but unofficially falls in the Aftermath event. Centered on the perspective on Henry Pym, he reexamines his entire life, showing us his origins and history from child to gifted scientist to original Avenger. Throughout the issue, Pym keeps telling himself his life wouldn't have make a difference, but after some thoughts, he realizes he is very wrong: life would have been apocalypse had he not existed. He now decides to continue his ways as a superhero, using his science to aid his powers and create an inspiring career. In the final pages of this issue, though, Henry recognizes that he is not done with the advancement of artificial intelligence. From one of his lab's holding cubes, he withdraws the functional head of a Doombot, preparing to reprogram it. "This", states Pym, will show the world that he means business.

Agent of T.I.M.E
Sometimes The Hulk Has To Fix Everything

Indestructible Hulk #11 - Unofficially begins this chapter of the aftermath event. Officially, it starts in the next issue. Recognizing that something wrong is occurring in the timestream, Maria Hill enlists Banner to join a top-ultra-secret part of their organization known as TIME. This all occurs on the heels of Hulk's last mission where an airport simply "disappeared"; other random items have also vanished, causing SHIELD fear that a temporal problem is occurring. Banner is then introduced to his team and a prisoner named Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man. Zarrko has been informing SHIELD of the problems to come; most of his predictions have been wrong...until recently. The Tomorrow Man now explains "chronarchist" - time travelers bent on chaos - are changing time and that he can provide a suit to stop them. The caveat is that only The Hulk would be able to withstand the timestream in it. At first, Banner laughs at sending the Hulk into such a delicate matter, but then Zarrko asks what happened to Betty Ross. That's when Bruce realizes she might be one of the casualties of the disappearance. He agrees to go and SHIELD equips him with a Banner AI backup, allowing Hulk to travel with his intellectual counterpart. Now prepared, he jumps into the timestream and arrives in 1873 Arizona. Cowboy and Indians. And, oh yes, that Tyrannosaurus Rex running straight for him..
Indestructible Hulk #12 - Officially starts this subevent. The "Cowboys" the Hulk meets are The Rawhide Kid, The Two-Gun Kid, and Kid Colt. While our green giant fights the T-Rex, the Banner-Bot asks them how the creature got here. They inform him that a new "sheriff" came into town and word has it that he's riding weird horses. Their destination is Silver Rock; heading there, the mission becomes a quest to take out Tok Baltisar, a 23rd Century Scientist, armed with tech and dinosaurs. The Hulk smashes, while the three gunmen attempt to lay down fire. The Banner-Bot realizes that the silver in the Silver Rock Mountain has actually been transformed into a chrono-metric metal and must be destroyed. He leads Hulk inside and has the gargantuan destroy the mountain, but not before the metal activates his armor, throwing them into the timestream again and landing them into the age of Lost Camelot. ...Eh...Lost Camelot? Oh Boy...
Indestructible Hulk #13 - Continues from issue #12. Hulk and the Banner-Bot are now in Europe in the once-realm of Camelot. Unfortunately, it's not Camelot anymore. During Hulk's rampage, Merlin banishes him away and King Arthur explains that some being came, took over his castle and aged most of his knights. With the Black Knight and the remaining forces of King Arthur, Hulk and Banner-Bot fight their way through hordes of time-misplaced warriors and armaments, into the halls of the castle to face, Valdar Ahd of the Chronarchists. Valdar freezes Black Knight, but is unable to stop Hulk. Instead he uses his aging ray. In Hulk's charge, he begins to slowly die. Suddenly, Banner-Bot has Merlin teleport Black Knight's Ebony Blade into his green hands. It slices through time. Hulk attempts to hit Valdar, but the being causes him to drop the Blade. The Black Knight quickly regains his weapon and strikes Valdar down, causing all the time distortions in this area to vanish. Banner-Bot now decides it's time to go; he attempts to aggravate Hulk, but Hulk is now smarter. As Banner-Bot attempts to decide where to take them, the issue shows us a teaser of the last Chronarchist, devising a plan to destroy Hulk by changing the Gamma Bomb Test Site where he was created.
Indestructible Hulk #14 - Continues from issue #13. Now transforming into various incarnations throughout his history, Hulk is going through chronal roadblocks, fighting opponents like Abomination, Sandman, and Fin Fang Foom, as his ROB (Bot) unit attempts to locate the last Chronarchist. Unrevealed until now, this one is tampering at the point of Hulk's origin. Even worse, it turns out Zarrko, prisoner of SHIELD, is secretly organizing the whole crime. It starts all over again; Banner heads out to warn Rick Jones. But this time Hulk appears, throwing him in the trench. The ROB unit, about to lose its conscious, downloads itself into the Banner of this time. He then warns Rick, turning to face a Hulk TWICE irradiated by the same bomb!
Indestructible Hulk #15 - Continues from issue #14. This just got really messed up. The Hulk is now "Hulk-squared", a being now twice-irradiated. At the same time, this time's Banner has been downloaded with the future Banner's conscious. While the creature battles the army, Banner finds out that Zarrko betrayed and used him. His only recourse is to use his brain. He grabs Khotta and sends them both back in time a few minutes where the bomb goes off again. There's still a Hulk-Squared monster, but now Banner has his own Hulk options. Going green, he grabs a piece of the chrono-metal and strikes the viewscreen, literally yanking Zarrko through the timeline to him. As negatron emission attempt to reconcile the rift, Hulk rips the armor off Khotto and sends both of the Chrono-villains into it. Almost unable to save himself, he's grabbed by a red hand. Betty is back, pulling him to safety. Things are now safe as Banner goes over the events 24 hours later, but he can't help but think something wrong may have gone differently in the past.

Gah Lak Tus Means Hunger
Meet The New Devourer

Hunger #1 - Starts the Galactus sub-event. Part of the Marvel Ultimate Universe; this is a distinctly different reality designated as Earth-1610. All the characters in this universe are referred to as "Ultimate" in their titles. Rick Jones has been chosen as this universes' ultimate protector, given his powers by a mysterious alien known as "The Watcher". Unfortunately, he just wants to eat a burger. The story starts off as Rick comes to Earth seeking nothing more than good fast food. But during his order, The Watcher appears saying he is needed immediately. Rick is then teleported right into the middle of a Chitauri-Kree space battle. The Watcher shows Rick what's happening on the main decks until suddenly, the Kree spot the "Gah Lak Tus" swarm. Communicating with The Chitauri leader, they offer immediate peace to halt the devouring creatures. The Chitauri officer will have none of it, though, and refuses to break off his attacks. The Watcher then shows Rick the true problem; as a result of (Age of Ultron) temporal breakdowns, the universe breaks and a portal is created. From this space-opening, the Earth-616 Galactus appears. Everyone is now in turmoil; the Gah Lak Tus swarms make a beeline for the huge, cosmic being; instead of eating him, though, they merge with their alternate reality counterpart. Left behind is a newer, more powerful Galactus, and his hunger has increased a thousand-fold.
Hunger #2 - Continues from issue #1. As Galactus has moved into this universe, it's version of The Silver Surfer becomes of aware of the deathly power and surfs toward it. Rick Jones, meanwhile, is on a Chitauri-occupied planet attempting to triage with Kree and Chitauri working together. Again, The Watcher appears, alerting him to trouble. On the planet's horizon, they see the huge, luminous figure of Galactus. Rick goes into battle, but is hit by swarming devourers until Silver Surfers shows up and makes a quick rescue. Together they use their powers and hold the attack off. Spotting a Kree Ship flying away, Rick teleports to its bridge, only to learn that the Commander isn't running, but preparing to blow up the nearby star systems in hopes to destroy Galactus. At the same time, Galactus recognizes this version of Silver Surfer and a small communion takes place; the Surfer senses his inevitable hunger, feeling fear. Shortly after the realization, the star systems explode. Rick and Surfer are now on Earth, having teleported before the destruction. Both of them sense that Galactus survived. And accidentally, part of the swarm teleported with them, dooming the planet.
Hunger #3 - Continues immediately. As Rick Jones and Surfer are fighting the Earth-traveled swarm, Captain Marvel is alerted to the presence of the Gah Lak Tus swarm. He flies towards battle, joins them, and uses uses one of his weapons to destroy the creature. They all introduce themselves, but Rick has had enough; he decides to qut, leaving Surfer and Captain Marvel to head towards Galactus who is now near Hala. Once there, Marvel is stunned; this is nothing like the Gah Lak Tus he has studied all his life. He tries some of his weapons, but they do not work. Suddenly Rick Jones appears again; The Watcher, in the past few hours, has showed him that Peter Parker, Spider-Man, was killed, reminding Jones that he promised to do go things. Upon Rick's arrival, he unleashes a powerful attack on Galactus. It clearly causes some damage, surprising the entity. The swarm then heads towards Rick, but Marvel flies him out of the way, taking damage on himself. They teleport down to the surface of Hala; Marvel tells them he has another, incredibly powerful weapon that might work, but dies before he can use it. Rick Jones then dons Marvel's armor, preparing to use the weapon himself.
Hunger #4 - Last issue of this story arc, continues from issue #3.  Having the armor, Rick attacks Galactus, gaining his attention. He almost uses the killer weapon, but realizes it would create 32 million casualties. His first mission is to get the remaining Hala ark away. Using his teleportation powers, with distraction, he does so, saving the refugees. Landing on the devourer's hand, Rick realizes where he can take Galactus. He teleports them both and unleashes the killer weapon. The swarm is now dead and Hala is safe. Thought to be dead, Rick now learns he blew a hole between universes, outside reality. The Watcher tells him there is more to be done before he can return, but the being, Galactus, is still alive although wounded. He is heading towards Earth (Earth-1610), but that is no longer Rick's problem.

The next event after this one is: Cataclysm.

The Battle of The Atom Reading Order


October 21, 2013: In response to the emails and requests in the last week, I've added the X-Men: Battle of The Atom Reading Order and Summary Page. It's basically a two-month shot because it started in September and will end the last week in October 2013.

Here's a quick summary if you haven't been follow (non-spoiler version): The All-New X-Men is a title that's been out since Marvel NOW! 2012; it features the original five X-Men consisting of Scott, Warren, Jean Grey, Bobby, and Hank, being teleport to our present day by our furry-lovin Beast. His goal is to use these teenagers as symbols to show our current mutants how to live in harmony.

But this event shows that messing with the time-space continuum can cause some very hazardous side effects; that's exactly what you'll find out as characters from the future appear, attempting to right some wrongs.

It's crazy, but's The X-Men. You'll get your taste of Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and some unlikely characters that you'd never expect. Read it now!

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Submit or Perish - The Age of Ultron Reading Order

Beginning Date: March 6th, 2013
End Date: June 2013

What happens when an artificial intelligence destroys the world, most of our inhabitants, and puts the superheroes on the wanted list? Well it's happened, true believers! Signing up with writer Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel Comics has brought back Ultron, one of their greatest super-villains, to put teams like The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men on notice. Called Age of Ultron, this major event has crossovers and tie-ins that will last for four months.

Premise: The villain wins. It's the day after - Ultron waged a surprise attack and takes over. The heroes - what's left of them - are surviving underground. Spider-Man and Hawkeye in New York City, Black Widow and Moon Knight in San Francisco, and Black Panther and Red Hulk in Chicago. The Invisible Woman and Wolverine are also working together as bands of heroes come together to survive the nightmare. The question now does a superhero do? How does he or she act with this level of oppression and psychological despair?

Greetings, This is the Reading and Summary Page for Age of Ultron. It will contain a Reading Order, Checklist, Summaries, and a limited scope of artword surrounding the event. It's built in a news-tiered format so that the further you go, the more details you're going to get. So spoil yourself as needed.

The Age of Ultron Reading Order
Final Edition

Age of Ultron: Prelude
Check Summary Notes for Detailed Explanations

P001 Marvel Point One (November 2011)
P002 Avengers Age of Ultron Point One FCBD 2012 (May 2012)

Age of Ultron: Main Event
001 Age of Ultron #1
002 Avengers Assemble #14AU
003 Avengers Assemble #15AU
004 Age of Ultron #2
005 Fantastic Four #5AU
006 Superior Spider-Man #6AU
007 Age of Ultron #3
008 Age of Ultron #4
009 Ultron #1AU
010 Age of Ultron #5
011 Age of Ultron #6
012 Wolverine and The X-Men #27AU
013 Age of Ultron #7
014 Age of Ultron #8
015 Uncanny Avengers #8AU
016 Fearless Defenders #4AU
017 Age of Ultron #9
018 Age of Ultron #10

Disclaimer: The Reading Order is now final.

10/12/2013 - Dang it! I missed the finalization to the Reading Order itself. Thanks to juank-pipoca and Pocketsnb for fixing my FUZZY logic. You guys hooked me up! Thanks again!

09/10/2013 - Greetings Everybody! This event has concluded. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I let some of the reading order slip, but I came back today to finish it up and make things right! Sorry for the inconvenience.
06/05/2013 - This week's issue is installed.
05/23/2013 - Two issues released this week; they account for events in the newly Pym-killed era. They have been implemented.
05/16/2013 - One issue released this week. It's been implemented into the list.
05/09/2013 - Updated this week's release. This issue, Avengers Assemble #15AU is best after issue #14; it also shows some of the immediate aftermath and response.
05/02/2013 - Updated this week's release. The Reading Order is holding firm.
04/18/2013 - Updated the issues for this week, noting that the Reading Order doesn't follow the recommended order in the issue. That's because of spoilers. If you read Wolverine and The X-Men #27AU, it won't make sense. You have to read Age of Ultron #6 to understand why those events took place.
04/12/2013 - I've implemented Avengers Assemble #14AU to the Reading Order today, but I've been a little skeptical on where to place it. It's actually the first issue, chronologically, but you have to give Age of Ultron #1 precedence because it sets the tone of the event. So here goes; hope you like it!
04/11/2013 - Added the two issues for this week. Anything else I say now will spoil the intentions of "future me", who is controlling me in the present.
04/04/2013 - This week is updated and you should be aware that the Marvel has already released a spoiler for the ending (Avengers A.I.) which will consist of a hero-robotic superteam. That said, I'm surprised that AU is only affecting a few titles and such a small event. Obviously, there's going to be a time-traveling component - meaning nothing actually happened - but elsewhere in the Marvel Universe, it's business as usual.
03/28/2013 - Implemented the issues for this week. It's still kinda weird that two of the issues are also part of the Marvel NOW! event. It won't mess up this Reading Order, but it'll play games with that one. It will also be interesting to see how this plays out. Someone will probably go back in time...
03/14/2013 - The second issue comes out, fleshing the plot. Well worth the read. Implemented it into the Reading and Summaries today.
03/07/2013 - I know people were pretty excited about AU and it was worth it. I've updated this week's release and will do a few write-ups at the website. Everything is running smoothly. Also, it's important to note that this doesn't appear to be coordinating with Marvel NOW!.
03/04/2013 - Created this Summary and Landing Page for the event. And now it's ready to rock and roll.

P001 Marvel Point One 2011 (Released 2011 November. As we moved into 2012 we were in the midst of waiting for the Avengers vs. X-Men event and the return of The Phoenix. This issue, comprised of a series of short stories, showed us one glimpse of Age of Ultron.)

Comprised of a series of short stories where a meditating Watcher is encountered in his resting chambers, the observers belong to a group called "The Unseen" see multiple upcoming futures. One of them involves the Age of Ultron, showing Spider-Man and Hawkeye attempting to survive in New York City as Ultron robots surround them.

This issue, in total, represents seven short stories - future glimpses, of what Marvel had prepared by late 2011.
1. "Behold The Watcher", which framed the entire stories and includes a plot by an unknown villainous group.
2. "Harbinger", showing us the return of Nova, the coming of The Phoenix Force, and the prelude to Avengers vs. X-Men event.
3. "The Myth of Man", introducing us to the alternate universe Age of Apocalypse.
4. "The Scarlet Thread", introducing us to The Scarlet Spider and his new title series.
5. "Yin & Yang", introducing us to two new super-powers humans, Coldmoon and Dragonfire.
6. "The Shaman of Greenwich Village", reintroducing Doctor Strange, The Defenders, and their plot.
7. "Age of Ultron", a prelude look at the major Marvel upcoming event.

P002 Avengers Age Of Ultron Point One FCBD 2012 (May 2012.The first Saturday of May is always Free Comic Book Day, or FCBD. In 2012, Marvel released this issue, giving us an idea to when, and how, Ultron returns to earth.)

Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman had disappeared after following the trail of an alien energy signature. It turned out to be the body of a deceased SpaceKnight already captured by a super-villainous group of geniuses called "The Intelligencia". Capturing Spider-Woman, The Avengers head to her location, meet the bad guys, and start beating them up. Once they find the SpaceKnight, though, it mysteriously activates and turns into Ultron! A sentient Artificial Intelligence, it realizes it is not ready and teleports itself away from the battle. The team is confused by Ultron's latest appearance, but Tony Stark tells them to prepare for Apocalypse, because Ultron will come back and destroy mankind in a future he has already seen.

Age of Ultron: Main Event
Detailed Summaries

Analysis: Although the details are sketchy at first, the starting point begins with earth having been decimated by Ultron's attack. There are survivors, but it's a kill or be killed psychology that keeps you alive. Hiding and avoiding detection is a primary skill. This is no longer about simple good guys and bad guys; their morals are the only thing dividing them...and those are questionable as you'll soon see.

001 Age of Ultron #1 (Starts the event. As the issue opens up, we are in an apocalyptic United States where Hawkeye is trying to rescue Spider-Man from the clutches of Hammerhead and The Owl. The bad guys have captured Spidey to use him as a payment to Ultron. Hawkeye now is taking no prisoners; he's using his arrows to kill people who get in his way. Finally reaching Parker, who is bleeding and tied to a chair, both heroes and villains are caught off guard as Ultron forces surround the premises. Causing an explosion, the heroes manage to get away and head to a secret hideout. They're ambushed by Luke Cage and She-Hulk; it turns out that Hawkeye is an ally to them both, but left the lair against their warnings to rescue Spider-Man. Tony Stark comes forth in a unique signature outfit, presumably to hide him against detections, and scans the two intruders for Ultron virus intrusions. Clean, he allows them in the lair, where they argue about rescuing Parker, being followed, and surviving to another day. The discussion then goes to a plan, which at the end focuses on one man, Captain America. Brooding in a corner, we see the American patriot, disheveled and quiet.)
002 Avengers Assemble #14AU (Officially, this issue isn't released until Age of Ultron #5. For Reading Order purposes, it's placed here, after the initial shock of Age of Ultron #1, and perfect for story flow. This is the blockbuster issue of the event so far and actually happens before all other issues in this chronology. However, to place it first spoils the introduction to the event. Centering on The Black Widow; Natasha is in San Francisco when she becomes aware that Ultron is taking over the world. It starts with strange news, then everything goes black and scary. Soon, they're all fleeing like terrified rabbits. Anything with technology is being used by Ultron to locate human so he can kill them. Natasha flees into the sewers with survivors, but Ultron's also ready down there; he kills them with gas. Natasha flees, but not before her friend with a Stark prosthetic arm slashes her face, removing her eye. Now controlled by Ultron, he has to kill him too. She finally makes it to a SHIELD safehouse, finding Marc Spector, The Moon Knight. Ultron has won; now they have to figure out their next move.)
003 Avengers Assemble #15AU (Best placed here after Avengers Assemble #14AU. Carol Danvers aka Captain Marval, stars in this issue with Captain Britain and Faiza Hussein aka Excalibur. Trapped in London, Carol is unable to use her flying powers and teams up with Captain Britain and an 80s hero named Computer Graham. They head to St. Paul and take on Ultron as Graham goes into its program. In the battle, all the heroes fall, but Graham manages to cause a severe explosion which gives Excalibur and Black Knight - Britain's two remaining heroes who left behind - the ability to call on other resources and fight another day.)
004 Age of Ultron #2 (Continues from Age of Ultron #1. Starting with San Francisco, we learn that Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and Marc Spector aka Moon Knight have survived. Somehow their Black Ops routine pulled them out of the harm. Now, they reside in one of Nick Fury's hideouts, off the grid from any technology. The story then cuts back to Peter Parker, explaining his story to the rest of the heroes in New York. He explains how he woke up to the city under attack. We also learn that DC has been destroyed and probably the entire planet has been taken over. The heroes question what Ultron would want with Spider-Man when termination is it's ultimate purpose. But by the end, Captain America rises and says he now has a plan.)
005 Fantastic Four #5AU (Continues from Age of Ultron #3 and Fantastic Four #5. In the future, Franklin and Valeria wake up to strangeness on their vessal. Everyone is gone. They venture down to a compartment and a message plays out with the members of the Fantastic Four leaving them messages. The story also cuts to flashbacks where the Fantastic Four get a call from The Black Panther to return. Once they get there, the Baxter Building has been leveled. Ultron robots immediately come after them and Johnny is killed while the rest escape. In sequence, Ben is killed hours later, then Reed. Sue is buried under rubble for three days and is rescued by She-Hulk. Back in the future, Valeria and Franklin now learn that they have to go on by themselves, but Franklin receives a special vision from his mother that everything will be alright and that she will return someday.)
006 Superior Spider-Man #6AU (Continues from Age of Ultron #3, before Luke and She-Hulk leave, but after Sue Richards is part of underground team. It's now official that this is the Doc Ock Superior Spider-Man in the Age of Ultron event. After examining the wreck of New York, he blames Parker for being so weak until he took over his body. Stark offer consolence, then tells him of a plan with Quicksilver where they can get Negative Zone tech from Horizon Labs. Spidey agrees to go, but once inside he tries his own "superior" plan, thinking he can gain control over all the Ultron tech. It works at first, until he learns that Ultron isn't controlling the tech and is actually secured somewhere else, externally. While exerting his technical controls, Spidey is attacked by Ultron's consciousness. He barely escapes and then tries to grab the Negative Zone tech. Unfortunately, the Ultron robots destroy it and he returns to Stark's hideout empty-handed.)
007 Age of Ultron #3 (Continues shortly after Age of Ultron #3, but officially occurs after Superior Spider-Man #6AU. Starting out, Luke Cage and She-Hulk are out in the city. He knocks her out, according to their "plan". Then the issue flashbacks where Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and others debate Cap's plan. They now know Ultron is bargaining for superheroes. Exploiting that weakness, they decide to send in She-Hulk with Cage as her seller. The story also cuts to Chicago where we see Red Hulk, The Black Panther, and Taskmaster, scouting through the wrecked city. Once they spot and Ultron, Red Hulk attacks and rips its head off. Unfortunatly, other Ultrons are nearby and begin attacking. Red Hulk throws the head to the other two and they run off, but before they can escape, Black Panther is killed. Taskmaster ultimately escapes with Ultron's metal cranium. In the last few shots, the surprise of the issue reveals who is making the deals. Instead of Luke Cage meeting Ultron, he's face to face with the torso of The Vision!)

008 Age of Ultron #4 (Occurs almost immediately after Age of Ultron #3. Facing The Vision, once a member of The Avengers, Cage begins asking to see Ultron. That's when he's informed that the mastermind is controlling this world from the future. Almost seemingly in response, agony shoots through the android as he tells our hero. She-Hulk then jumps into action, hearing enough. She throws Cage clear of the lair and begins attacking. Shortly thereafter, though, she's killed. The Ultron robots go after Cage, but fortunately his unbreakable skin can take the damage. Being merciless automatons, they calculate this and unleash a nuclear blast on him. The story then skips around and then focuses on what's left of the heroes in Manhattan. Using Storm and Invisible Woman's skills, they fly over the city to The Savage Land. Once there, Ka-Zar finds them and takes them to a makeshift village. Cage is there, but dies within moments of their arrival. Using her telepathic abilities before his demise, Emma Frost finds out that Ultron is in the future and informs the rest of the group. At the end, Black Widow, Moon Knight, and Red Hulk also arrive in the city. The former two have been hiding in San Francisco...and they have a plan from Nick Fury that could save the human race.)
009 Ultron #1AU (There is no defined time in this issue, but we can see that Ultron has already struck and continues patrols to hunt for humans. Based on the release schedule, it's plausible here. This issue drives from the main plot and centers on Victor Mancha, son of Ultron, former member of The Runaways, and a cyborg. The last survivor of his team, his story takes him through Los Angeles. Ultron has already hit the area hard and Victor is attempting to help survivors the best he can. He's managed to create a hideaway for his small gang, but at the end, the Ultron patrols find it. Most of this is psychological, focusing on Victor's destiny to destroy the human race...and his defiance of that mandate.)
010 Age of Ultron #5 (Continues from Age of Ultron #4, after a short time period. The remaining heroes, now gathered in the Savage Land, trek to Fury's hideout and open it, finding the former Director of SHIELD within. After brief explanations, he reveals that he has a version of Dr. Doom's time machine and plans to send a team into the future to stop Ultron. The rest is...or will be, history. They split into two forces: one jumps into the future and the other stays to guard their location. Wolverine, though, takes matters into his own hand at the end: he tells those remaining to fire up the machine once more and send him back to the past where he can kill Hank Pym, Ultron's creator!)
011 Age of Ultron #6 (Technically, this continues from Wolverine and The X-Men #27AU. Reading that issue first, however, makes no sense. It's best after Age of Ultron #5. Now separated into two missions, Wolverine heads into the past to kill Pym and Nick Fury's team heads into the future to stop Ultron. Soon after, though, both realize Sue Richards deviated from the plan: she followed Logan. The Savage Land of the future is incredibly beautiful and Nick Fury's group heads towards the Eastern Seaboard; once there, they encounter an incredible and awesome technological landscape. Unfortunately, it's devoid of human life. As the heroes approach, bots begin attacking. They battle valiantly, but some - maybe all - of them appear to die; we're not sure yet. In the past, Logan and Sue find a SHIELD flying car and steal it off the past version of Fury. They take it to New York where Logan finds Pym, just as he's inspired for the Ultron invention. As Wolverine strikes, though, Susan stops him from the killing blow. He reminds her of all the deaths and she releases him. Pym is skewered and dies. One mission appears to fail and the other succeeds, the question now becomes "What awaits us in the present?".)
012 Wolverine and The X-Men #27AU (According the the information in the issue, this should be read before Age of Ultron #6. The problem, though, is that you'll never know why Sue Richards followed Wolverine into the past. That's why this is best placed here. While Sue and Logan travel to New York, their SHIELD flying car breaks down. They locate a SHIELD substation and stealthily make their way through, forewarned about messing up things in the past. They split up and things go bad. Wolverine sees an imprisoned creature and frees it. It turns out to a deadly Brood alien. It infects him, but he slices it out of his stomach. That's when the creature adapts and upgrades itself for future infestation. Meanwhile, Sue stumbles upon a spying station and notices that Reed is being watched. She speaks through an intercom and warns him. After getting a needed component, they meet back up and fly off to find Pym. The implications, now, are uncertain; each has secretly tampered with the past.)
013 Age of Ultron #7 (Continues from Wolverine and The X-Men #27AU. The assassination committed, Logan and Sue return to the future. The world is no longer Ultron-overwhelmed, but things are much different. When they arrive in New York, they are met by a force calling themselves The Defenders. Led by Dr. Strange and Colonel America, a strange Nick Fury-Captain America hybrid hero, they believe them to be Skrull Imposters and attack. Logan takes out his Wolverine counterpart, but they are eventually stopped and knocked out. And out of the sky comes the most surprising figure of this version of the present: Tony Stark. He's no longer the Iron Man we once knew.)
014 Age of Ultron #8 (Continues from Age of Ultron #7, immediately. After downloading and studying their memories, this era's version of Tony Stark realizes an alternate path has unfolded and he is amazed. A brief conversation with other operatives of SHIELD, Xavier and Frost, suggest to him that this is no trick, but absolute truth. Stark attempts to go through a list of alternatives with Logan, but it does no good. Meanwhile, also on the helicarrier, the Defenders are getting upset; The Thing wants to talk to Susan Richards and Wolverine wants to meet his alternate self. They decide to break past guards to Susan; turning invisible, she escapes while everyone is in turmoil. Suddenly, alarms go off; everyone is alerted: Morgan Le Fay is attacking in what could be this timeline's ultimate battle. The Defenders take to the battle, Stark included, but the invasion appears to be succeeding. In the last moments of the issue, one of the helicarriers crash into another.)
015 Uncanny Avengers #8AU (Continues in the new age created from Wolverine's assassination of Henry Pym, but belongs here to keep spoilers out. Following Kang and the Apocalypse Twins, he teaches them that they need to kill Colonel America to assure their victory. They encounter him as he is below ground attempting to negotiate with Havok and Rogue. The twins strike, but Captain America is quick to respond, he flees. As they attempt to track him, Havok and Rogue attempt to make them stand down. In return, the twins fight them and end up killing them. Before Rogue dies, she steals Uriel's memories and tells him of Kang's treachery. Colonel America has gotten away, but Kang considers it a learning experience anyhow. He shows the twins his trophy room and the weapon, Jarnbjorn which will be important later.)
016 Fearless Defenders #4AU (Continues in the new age created through Henry Pym's death, but belongs here so as to keep out spoilers. The Defenders inform Hippolyta that Doom was part of the death of the Amazons, causing her and Caroline Le Fey to travel to Latveria, where they appear to be captured. It's all part of their plan. In the War Pits, Doom has Misty Knight and scores of super-powered women attack, but before the battle can take further shape, she throws a dart as Doom's head and reveals a bot. Then Ares, her father comes out of the shadows and they fight. Hippolyta takes Ares down, but refuses to kill him. At the end, she commands all the woman to fight under her as the new Amazons.)
017 Age of Ultron #9 (Continues from Age of Ultron #8, but waits for post-Pym events to be revealed. With the destruction wrought by Morgan Le Fey, Wolverine is one of the only survivors of the crash. He slashes his way through enemy forces, finds the traveling device, and returns to the era where he is just about to kill Pym. Once there, he stops himself from killing Hank. They argue, but then it is decided to let him live. With the Susan Richards from that era, they incorporate a plan before returning to their original time; hopefully Pym will succeed in installing a virus code to activate at the moment of near-extinction. Both Wolverines, now in the present, represent a paradox. Determining which is better to remain, one kills the other.)
018 Age of Ultron #10 ( Continues in the alternate, newly-created timestream. Best placed here. Having identified a future of Ultron's control, Pym creates the virus and a video for himself, and is then conditioned to forget the whole incident with Wolverine and Susan Storm. At the beginning of this issue, it's a few month's back when the video appears on his doorstep. He plays it and learns the horrible truth. From there, he interferes in the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron FCBD (2012) by comm-linking in on the team and informing them on how to take out the killer robot. Stark activates a distracting back door Trojan Horse code, and while Ultron works on defeating it, the virus is triggered, shutting Ultron down and foiling his future plans.

In the final pages...
...Susan Storm and Wolverine meet and share a hug. Their gratefulness genuine until something...extremely wrong...occurs. The Space-Time Continuum is now, finally broken. Events are going awry, including the appearance of Angela.

A New Era Begins

019 Age of Ultron #10AI - (Follows on the heels of the events in Age of Ultron #10. This issue can unofficially be considered an Age of Ultron Aftermath title. Centered on the perspective on Henry Pym, he reexamines his entire life, showing us his origins and history from child to gifted scientist to original Avenger. Throughout the issue, Pym keeps telling himself his life wouldn't have make a difference, but after some thoughts, he realizes he is very wrong: life would have been apocalypse had he not existed. He now decides to continue his ways as a superhero, using his science to aid his powers and create an inspiring career. In the final pages of this issue, though, Henry recognizes that he is not done with the advancement of artificial intelligence. From one of his lab's holding cubes, he withdraws the functional head of a Doombot, preparing to reprogram it. "This" states Pym, will show the world that he means business.

To see the results of the Age of Ultron, you can go to The Age of Ultron Aftermath.

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