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The (Green Lantern) Light's Out Reading Order


With Relic Comes A Universe Without Light


Start: October 2013
End: November 2013

Before our universe, no, our...reality, existed, there was another. It too used the emotional spectrum to achieve its ends, but more-so than our Lanterns ever dared. That place is now gone, dead. And from the bowels of its implosion came one creature, surviving the new reality, calling himself Relic. His thoughts are focused; his powers absolute. His task, simple: the lights of the emotional spectrum must be collected, preserved. And he will kill every Green Lantern in his way, if necessary.

Left: Relic attacks Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Cover art from Green Lantern #24 (2013).

You have ventured upon the Light's Out Reading Order. This is a Minor Crossover Event surrounding the Green Lantern characters and elements important to their titles; here you will find limited artwork, a concise listing of the issues, and detailed summaries for your guidance

Last Update: 11/06/2013
The Reading Order is Final.

Reading Order
001 Green Lantern #24
002 Green Lantern Corps #24
003 Green Lantern New Guardians #24
004 Red Lanterns #24
005 Green Lantern Annual #2

Detailed Summaries
As Relic Approaches

001 Green Lantern #24 - Officially starts the event. Arriving on Oa, Hal Jordan and others try to find out what happened to the Green Power Battery. It's been revealed that recently it spit out a near-dead looking Ion who took off with the other light entities. While pondering if Kyle Rayner might offer some assistance, he appears with his team of New Guardians. Kyle then tells them of "Relic", a being from the previous universe, who came here to collect the light spectrum's. During this discussion, the villain arrives. He warns them to give up and leave Oa, but they refuse, Hal striking the first blow. Relic then unleashes his tech; spider-bots latch onto the Power Battery while discs whirl around blocking, and returning, attacks to their masters. In short time, the Battery becomes completely drained. Soon after, it explodes. Now stranded without their power source, they are left with their rings and a few, collected Lanterns. But the worst is not over; Salaak tells them that the Battery was integrated all throughout Oa's core. Soon, it will explode.
002 Green Lantern Corps #24 - Part 2: Oa's Last Stand. Continues immediately from Green Lantern #24. The battle continues, but now the Green Lanterns are attempting to escape the planet. With John Stewart's tactics, a diversionary attack on Relic is created while the rest escape in The Citadel. Now revealed, the structure once thought to be a hallowed hall turns out to actually be an escape rocket. The diversion and fighting continues, but finally has played out. Known as Ergann, this one figure stages a martyrdom while holding Relic's ship in place, dying as his fellow Green Lantern's escape and the planet blows up.
003 Green Lantern New Guardians #24 - Part 3: Gods and Monsters. Occurs moments after Green Lantern Corps #24. Believing John Stewart and his team dead, Hal argues with the Guardians and others about what they should do next; for some reason, Relic hasn't gone after them. Suddenly, Kyle sees the Spectrum Entities heading towards them. Each one: Ion, Adara, Predator, Ophidian, Proselyte, and The Entity merge with him. They've taken over Kyle's body to do as they will. As they leave, Hal and the rest fight them, urging them to stay; he believes these creatures could be key to beating Relic. But Kyle's body isn't under his control; using their powers, he teleports them to Ysmalt, home of the Red Lanterns, where they were originally headed for support. Meanwhile, it turns out Stewart and his forces are still alive. Barely. They've entered Secret 2814 and located the secret world where Indigo-1 and her Indigo Tribe resides. Now all they have to do is locate her. In the meantime, Kyle is still fighting for control. His strength is unbelievable, but not enough as his body is intercepted by The Guardians; they were able to ignore the teleportation attack. Using their powers, they help Kyle achieve balance and regain his assertion; the Entities are now under his control. But ironically, Kyle now realizes what has to happen. Relic doesn't need to be defeated, he needs to be helped.
004 Red Lanterns #24 - Part 4: Blood Brothers. Happens a short, undefined while later. On Ysmalt, Guy Gardner is fighting with Bleez now that she knows he was sent as a traitor. Guy attempts a ploy and it works. In turn, he reveals the original intent with the group. Now claiming that he has become a true Red Lantern, all our surprised with Hal and his forces arrive seeking alliance. The Red Lanterns attack, but Hal makes parley with Guy, who in turn makes an offer to his group. Near the same time, elsewhere in the galaxy, Atrocitus is now calling himself Atrocity Butcher as he flies, empowered by The Butcher Entity. In the midst of his glory, he's surprised by Kyle Rayner who absorbs The Butcher, ultimately leaving Atrocitus abandoned with his cat, Dex-Starr. Back on Ysmalt, and agreement has been reached; for the Red Lanterns help in beating Relic, they will get their own Sector where they are the law. At the same time, Kyle has found Relic; the villain is at the edge of the universe attempting to blow a hole and create a breach. As Kyle shows up, Relic prepares to fight. But now things are different, Kyle and the Guardians have decided to help him in his objective.
005 Green Lantern Annual #2 - Part 5: The Source. Occurs near immediately after Red Lanterns #24. Hal and Guy argue over finding Kyle and Relic until Star Sapphire Carol uses her tether; this means she's now in love with Kyle. The issue then moves to Relic, Kyle, and the Guardians at the edge of the universe. The probes aren't working and Relic's theory is that the reservoir is dying and needs replenishing. He turns on Kyle and uses his tech to suck the energies from the Entities contained. Suddenly Hal, Guy, and all the other forces show up. The fighting begins. As the battle thickens, now John Stewart and his remaining forces join the fray; the Indigo Tribe is helping him. They teleport fighters between Relic and his tech-mirrors and begin wailing on him. Guy then tells his Red Lanterns to tear Relic's ship apart. It hits the wall and is absorbed into it. With all their rings beginning to fail, something else happens at the wall; it begins cracking with dark emanations. Kyle comes forward and drags Relic with him through the wall. The White Ring now becomes fully powered as Kyle realizes its secret. Relic begins to come forth from the wall; he claims his theory was correct and now the reservoir is filled, but dies, being absorbed into the wall before he can escape. The remaining Lanterns never see Kyle return. Believed to be dead, Indigo-1 teleports them to the planet Mogo, where they find a restored and rebuilt Green Power Battery. Stewart used his friendship with the Tribe to get them to rebuilt it with Mogo as the home base. In the final pages of the story, the guardians remain at the wall in a vigil for Kyle. He suddenly appears, erupting and escaping the wall. They tell him that all must believe he is still dead; now his journey truly begins.

Damian, Son of Batman, Reading Order


What if Things Were Different When Batman Died?

Start: October 2013
End: January 2014

Forget the continuity of Batman Incorporated. Forget Batman #666. Forget Leviathan. Forget that Damian was killed. In this unique 4-issue limited series, you're going to see a different take on Damian Wayne, the true son of Batman, written by Andy Kubert.

Plot: Taking his rightful place as Robin, Damian and his father go out on a mission when the unexpected happens and Batman is killed. Now he is forced to handle the villainous elite on his own terms by donning the mantle of The Dark Knight.

Provided here is a simple Summary Page on the Limited Series Damian, Son of Batman. It will continue the Reading Order - even though unnecessary - and a synopsis of each issue.

Status: Complete
Reading Order
001 Damian, Son of Batman #1
002 Damian, Son of Batman #2
003 Damian, Son of Batman #3
004 Damian, Son of Batman #4

Detailed Summaries

Damian, Son of Batman #1 - Book One: Next of Kin. Begins the Series. On a routine mission, Batman and Robin begin examining a pile of bodies strewn about at the Gotham Docks. They search until Batman comes upon a smiling fish. Suddenly, before Damian can stop his father, it explodes. The Boy Wonder wakes up hours later and finds his father under wreckage. When he digs him out, he realizes that Batman is dead. Weeks later, after attending the funeral, Damian travels to Isle Murjeno, home to his grandfather and The League of Assassins. There, he meets with his mother, Talia, and Ra's al Ghul. He asks them for help, but is denied. Ra's then informed him that his ties to the League is severed and that he should don the cowl of The Dark Knight, becoming the next Batman. Damian returns home and begins seeking revenge. Multiple criminals are claiming they killed Batman, but there is nothing from The Joker. One by one, he begins killing them. Confused about his moral responsibility, he goes to a church and makes confession. He's then faced with the Code of Justice his father upheld, but leaves in anger. Next, in Wayne Manor, Alfred confronts Damian about the criminal killings. This angers him again; he heads down to the Bat-Cave, preparing to leave, when he's suddenly intercepted by...Bruce Wayne!
Damian, Son of Batman #2 - Book Two: Hierarchy. Continues immediately from the previous issue. Outraged, Bruce Wayne barrels down on Damian. We now see that Bruce is much older. (The plot doesn't make it readily available about how much time has passed or if this story started farther in the future). In the struggle, it's clear he doesn't want Damian to don the cowl of Batman, but in the strugged, Damian shoots his father, piercing him through the chest, with his grapple gun. Now Bruce Wayne is barely alive. Damian flees for a bit, and returns with a modified Batman suit, vowing to rethink his ways and honor the legacy. He heads to Arkham Asylum and, after finding some clues in the Joker cell, goes after Professor Pyg. Meanwhile, back at the Manor, it appears one of Pyg's nurses are watching over Bruce. In the last few pages, Damian is facing some Dolltrons and gets thrown out a window.
Damian, Son of Batman #3 - Book Three: If Animals Could Talk. Alfred, still fulfilling his role as a familial protector, fishes Damian out of the river, working on his wounds and keeping him alive.After some surgery, Alfred collapses during dinner and "somehow" assumes the identity of a cat, talking to Damian. They discuss Professor Pyg which gives Damian new energy. He heads out and thwarts the Jackanapes gang, working for Pyg. Afterwards, he goes to confession; now the appearance is that there is something mysterious with the Priest, who disappears after revealing too much information he shouldn't know. Damian heads back to the Manor, talks with the Cat, and later finds that his dad is mission. A Joker card is all that's left behind. He heads back to the place where Batman was killed in issue #1, and finds a new "Joker" with thugs ready to attack and Wayne in his capture.
The Plot Thus Far: In case you think you're insane, you're not. Most people will have great difficulty following this story. The Batman who died in issue #1 was Dick Grayson; this is implied in issue #3. Bruce Wayne gave up his mantle to Grayson by the time of this story.
Damian, Son of Batman #4 - Book Four: Full Circle. Damian attacks and although overwhelmed, manages to slow his anger and fury. He's trying to keep his promise to his dad. He defeats this Joker and leaves with Wayne, but from behind, the True Joker emerges - apparently he's still alive. Things are muddled throughout this story, but eventually, we get the sense that Damian has passed the test; he's now accepted the role as the next Batman as he goes out to face more villains.

Editorial Note: Normally I'd give any story I catalog a fighting chance. I did not not think Damian, Son of Batman was a good series. I do not recommend it. It's clueless and steeped in distraction. There were too many loose ends - It appeared to be put together half-heatedly. The artwork was decent, but the plot seemed shallow.

Krypton Returns Reading Order


H'el Returns, And He Brought Krypton With Him

Start: October 2013
End: November 2013

At the end of Superman #24 (2013), Kal-El was mysteriously drawn into outer space by a powerful force; it was at the conclusion of the Psi-War event. What transpires now has unfolded into the Krypton Returns Crossover.

H'el, a Kryptonian of altered powers and history, appears again as the main villain since his assault in H'el On Earth. As well, he's bringing the entire super-family of Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy.

Plot: Appears to be a 4-part event. A temporal storm of cosmic proportions is assaulting the galaxy, but somewhere in that universe, the Oracle has summoned the Kryptonians to face H'el, a twisted counterpart bent on returning Krypton to its orbit. What happens next is the answer to the future of a once-doomed planet. Can Krypton continue to exist? Find out in Krypton Returns.

The Reading Order is Final

Reading Order
001 Action Comics Annual #2
002 Superboy #25
003 Supergirl #25
004 Superman #25

Action Comics Annual #2 - Part 1. Begins the crossover event. Superman, now drawn out into space by a strange force, witnesses a temporal storm obliterate a star system. He sees a portal and travels through it, finding Supergirl and Superboy also there, confounded. They turn and see The Oracle, an immense being that sees past, present, and future; it points them to...Krypton. The once-destroyed planet now appears in the distance, but suddenly they are attacked by its defenses. Immediately they are teleported to Aragon, Krypton's Moon; The Oracle then shares its story. He'l survived their last encounter and went into the past. Jor-El, Superman's father, found him; that is when H'el learned he was a genetic mistake. Throughout history, H'el then changed events that could possibly save the doomed planet, but he has failed at every turn. The story is then interrupted and a legendary figure, none other than Faora, appears, now seeking their aid to stop H'el. She tells them that the travels of H'el has caused Krypton to become a Time-Tsunami bomb; it will destroy the omniverse. She also shows them that the Kryptonians are now enslaved. Now given a mission, the three are tasked to travel back in time through portals provided by The Oracle. Supergirl must perform a task during The Great Clone War, Superboy must travel back to the time of Supergirl's departure, and Superman must stop H'el at the moment of his success. As they leave, H'el arrives, killing Faora. He then uses his powers to find where they have gone, vowing to utterly destroy them.
Superboy #25 - Part 2. As Kon-El attempts to rescue young Kara, he's attacked by a creature of entropy and chaos called The Eradicator. At another time, Kara as Supergirl has her own problems, facing down the clones and their Leader whom she battles. Superman is now struggling to keep his true identity secret while facing his mother in their lab. His suit changes, but he's not sure why. Once she recognizes the House of El chestpiece, she scans him, reading radiation poisoning from the yellow sun. Back in early Krypton times, Kon-El now realizes he can use his powers without worrying about the Red Sun, and does so. He defeats The Eradicator. Supergirl, in her timeline, finally takes victory over the clones, but then H'el shows up carrying a shard of Kryptonite!
Supergirl #25 - Part 3. He'l monologues over Kara, preparing to kill her until she strikes him in the face, grabbing a weapon. In Superman's timeline, he watches from afar as his announces she's pregnant to her father. Suddenly someone arrives...and we switch to the scenes at Kon-El's timeline. He prepares to leave now that Kara is safe when he is suddenly struck from behind:  The Eradicator is back to fighting strength. Superboy decides to unleash, but realizes that killing the creature seems nigh-impossible. With one hearty blow, he beats the creature through the time portal. He prepares to leave a second time and now H'el shows up. The battle takes a divergence as H'el fights in Superboy and Supergirl's time simultaneously. He's strong, but the division weakens him. As their battling continues, each Kryptonian gains a stronger footing against H'el.
Superman #25 - Part 4. The three different timestreams each hold a hero, and in Superman's he's facing his father! After some discussion, he realizes Jor-El has learned what H'el is and has a plan to defeat him. Kon-El is still facing H'el, but sees wounds from other temporal battles. Before he can defeat him in his timeline, H'el appears to disentegrate. Kara has the same fortune, beating H'el in the Kryptonian past. But Superman's timeline is most important; heading to Krypton's core with his father, they start a process that causes H'el to appear. Jor-El wants to kill him, but Superman freezes the being and converges the frozen body with a temporal loop. He believes this may just save Krypton from exploding and keep H'el from being killed. In the meantim, Superboy decides to help young Kara survive her timeline. Using his powers, he makes her forget his existence. He then lifts the entire city of Argo, throwing it safely into the sky where it will avoid the explosion. Now powerless, Kon-El drifts. Supergirl and Superman join back in the present and realizes Superboy sacrificed himself. They question the Oracle; it appears Krypton didn't survive and neither did Superboy, but they get no answers and head back to Earth.

The Indestructible Hulk, Woes of Eiderdurm


Click Here: The Marvel NOW! Reading Order

Indestructible Hulk #6 (Starts a new chapter where Banner is still working for SHIELD. Banner equips his team and, using a sliver of the enchanted Uru metal, they create a portal to the mythical realm of Jotenheim, home of the Frost Giants. While there, he hopes to find and acquire a legengary substance known as Eiderdurm. After traveling a few minutes, though, they are met with Thor Odinson, who appears in a much older version of his costume. Thor warns them that the giants will attack soon, but - too late - they attack. Banner is frozen, but soon Hulk's out. Thor is knocked away from his hammer at some point and Hulk struggles, eventually lifting it. Now worthy, he wields the power of Thor.)
 Indestructible Hulk #7 (Continues from the previous issue. Mjolnir lifted, Hulk and the Frost Giants believe he has Thor's power. It turns out to be a farce; the weapon, called by Thor, is returning to its master. Then the battle takes hold again. Preparing to lose, the Giants capture one of Bruce's team and creates an illusion to stay with them. Patricia, another member of the team, is secretly preparing suicide by staying around the Hulk, but is thwarted when he saves her. After the Giants flee, Bruce realizes why Thor doesn't recognize him. They didn't only travel to Jotenheim, but moved into the past. Their portal is now destroyed or closed by SHIELD, but Bruce isn't sure. He tells the team to continue on their mission, not knowing that they are being watched in secret.) 
Indestructible Hulk #8 (Continues from the previous issue. While resting, Banner tells Patricia that he's learned her secret: she's dying of a brain degeneration and is with him hoping her demise will be accidental for insurance purposes. This doesn't sway Patricia at all and she stalks off. Later, using special bottles to hold the Eiderdurm, and with the help of Thor's hammer, they open a portal back to Earth. That's when the Frost Giant reveals himself and calls on his clan to start the Midgard invasion. Unfortunately for them, SHIELD is waiting on the other side with guns. Thor, and now a Hulk-out Banner, join forces as they take out the Frost Giants. Patricia and the rest of the group seem very intent now on surviving the ordeal. And once the battle is over, they return to their domain, leaving the God of Thunder to await new adventures.)

Captain America: Living Legend Reading Order

Captain America - Living Legend: Limited Series
Old Comrades of WWII, But Not In This Era

Start: Oct 2013
End: Nov 2013

With roots tracing from the archives of World War II, Steve Rogers aka Captain America meets a former comrade of the Russian Allies, Sergeant Volkov. It has been almost half a century, both men are changed, one the embodiment of United States, the other a mysterious enigma plaguing his homeland.

In this 4-Issue Limited Series, Captain America - Living Legend, Cap and Volkov meet, uncovering more mysteries. What dark tragedy occurred during the Soviet Space Program? What is the Dead Zone that horrifies them now? Only with the Shield-Slinger's help, will they live to share this tale.

Captain America - Living Legend (01 of 4) - Starting with a recap near the end of the WWII, Hitler is surrounded and the Nazi forces are about to surrender. Far into the Bavarian Alps, Sergeant Volkov of the Russian Allies murders his wounded Commander and leads his troops into a German Outpost. He is wounded and his troops are about to be obliterated when Captain America and an American Squad reinforce them. The Nazis are taken prisoner, countering Volkov's belief that they should be killed. After blowing their way into the bunker, they find many Weirmacht prisoners and a valuable prize: a Nazi Rocket Scientist important to both governments. Suddenly Volkov is shot by a stray Nazi bullet and all goes dark. The issue then shifts to the 60's; Volkov is alive thanks to Captain America's help and is now a Cosmonaut for the Soviets. He is sent into space and the scene closes on that note. The next panel shows the DEUS experiment (Dark Energy Utilization System) designed to provide sustainable - renewable energy. During its activation, something goes wrong; it becomes too strong. Suddenly, the ship reacts as if alive. Three hours later, on the SHIELD Helicarrier Oblivion, Captain America is briefed to go into Russian territory, a deadzone - where military units are attempting to intercept DEUS wreckage. His only clue to what may have brought the vessel down is VOLKOV.

Captain America - Living Legend (2 of 4) - The Russians head to the area, notoriously noted as a "Dead Zone" they have been avoiding for years. They believe it's too coincidental to be an accident. When they arrive at one of their outposts, all the men are dead, but at their own hands! The issue then changes to Captain America's perspective; in a low orbit over the territory, his craft goes "dead" and he has to make an emergency landing. Surviving, he makes his way to the coordinates of the DEUS debris to find Doctor Lauren Fox, lead scientist of the program. Alive, he begins coordinating her rescue and their escape from Russian interrogations. The issue also takes a brief visit into 1968 when Cosmonaut Volkov and two comrades are in space over the dark side of the moon. Somehow, he becomes possessed and releases the air locker, shooting them out into space. The shuttle lands back in USSR territory. The military intercepts, opens the hatch, and are then killed by the horrifying visage of Volkov. Switching back to Captain America, he and Fox have located the DEUS  wreckage; it has fallen on top of Russian launch facility. Noticing no sign of military activity, they search around to discover a metallic monster composed, or fused, of the DEUS wreckage. Cap uses his knowledge of the ship to destroy it with a carefully place shield throw. Rogers now realizes that the technology Fox built helped create this monstrosity; it must be destroyed. But elsewhere, within the facility, Volkov smiles and waits knowing that Captain America is coming.

Captain America - Living Legend (3 of 4) - At the beginning of this issue, we are taken back to the 1970s where Volkov is being studied. All around him, men have been killing himself. He's trying to stop it from happening, but can't. At present, the Minister of Science is trying to coerce his Russian General to get his men in there and confiscate the technological wonders that have fallen into their lap. The General basically says this is suicide. As his men advance, they start fusing with the metal around and become monsters. Captain America jumps into the scene, throwing his shield and destroying them. The shield appears to be extremely effective because of its vibranium alloys. Using this knowledge, Fox makes a plan that has Cap lead the team inside to shut down the DEUS reactor. At this time, Captain America learns that Volkov is still alive and has become a horrid monster, causing people to kill themselves. They head inside and the monsters start attacking. Cap throws his shield, killing them, but also losing it when it burst through a wall to the outside. As soon as this happens, Cap begins to transform into a monster.

Captain America - Living Legend (4 of 4) - The Russians want to shoot Captain America, but Fox holds them off. Apparently Volkov is aware of Cap's transformation and wants to keep him alive for later. This abates the transformation and now Cap is fine. Fox and the soldiers grab laser weapons and Cap runs off. Although they think he's abandoned them, he's actually going back for his shield. When he returns, he gives it to Fox and tells her to get that reactor offline. Captain America then goes deep into the installation and finds Volkov; this is the showdown we knew would happen. Once confronted, he learns that Volkov is host to an ancient dark-energy creature that simple wants to die. It doesn't know how to and the echos from it cause others to commit suicide. Outside the space our its "children", causing chaos; they were born when the DEUS came online. Volkov tries to get Captain America to kill him, but Cap refuses until he starts to turn the gun on himself. Then he blows a hole in Volkov's head. Fox manages to get the DEUS offline in the meantime, resolving the story. At the end, the Minister of Science shows back up, furious that the soldiers have nothing to turn over. The Russian General punches him in the face and than asks for Political Asylum.