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Do I Need a Last Name? Marvel's #4 Greatest Barbarian

But what difference does it make--really--if you're a "Conqueror" or a "Destroyer"? Just as long as you've got Skull, or some variation in your first name; that's what qualifies you as a full-fledged barbarian.

Born from the creative imagination of Robert E. Howard, and later acquired by Marvel Comic Publishing for comics, Kull is actually best known as King Kull, the child, slave, then assassin-mercenary of the now long-lost empire of Atlantis, who later rose to take the throne of Valusia. Having one of the most deadly pasts of trials and passage by combat, he is clearly a barbarian through and through.

The original appearance of Kull to comics books started around the 70s with Kull The Conqueror #1(1973) which lasted for 10 issues. More...

Item of the Day: Kull the Conqueror

It's time for some barbarian action. And if you want to spice up your collection of gruesome blood-letters, you'll be needing this copy of Kull The Conqueror, a movie which was released in 1997 and started Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo and Tia Carrere.

Hailing from the barbaric land of Atlantis, Kull fights to join an elite legion for the King, but is refused admittance because his blood is not noble enough. Well, he's had enough of that! Time to swath a path of death!

And that's the plot (No, not really). In this movie you'll be able to follow Kull as he rises from a bloodthirsty mercenary to the King of all he surveys.

Kull The Conqueror is #4 on Marvel's Top 5 Greatest Barbarians, a recent countdown list that updates every Tuesday, provided by TSL.

It's a Small World after all: DC's #2 Strangest Superhero

Most superheroes are notorious for coming to the rescue. It's typically part of the job; rescuing the innocent bystander, foiling the bank heist, usurper the evil villain's diabolical plot. But, guess what? That's not how it works for Mogo, one of DC's most unique, independent superheroes. And that's because he...she...or it, is a living planet.

Still, Mogo isn't just a living planet. Heck, that wouldn't be strange enough for creators Allan Moore and David Gibbons. He's also legendary Green Lantern, gifted with all their powers, and responsible for a great deal of their training and recreation. (Typical Green Lantern vacations end up on Mogo.) While his atmosphere can appear generalized, at a moments notice Mogo's equatorial center will sprout emerald foliage in the Green Lantern pattern.

While loyal to the Green Lantern Corp., most members understand that "Mogo doesn't socialize"; More...

Item of The Day: Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps (Green Lantern (Graphic Novels))
If you're really interested in seeing how things are done when you're a Green Lantern, you should pick up Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps. where the entire assembly on Oa has to face a near-extermination event wrapped in an enigmatic prophecy called The Blackest Night.

You can also find more information on The Blackest Night event here.

The Blackest Night is one of the premiere Green Lantern Stories, featuring, not only our Emerald Knight, but a vast array of superheroes within the DC Universe. In this title, you'll be encountering Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and yes the legendary Hal Jordan as they work together to stop the coming of the Black Entity!

Mogo, The Living Planet rounds off the #2 spot on DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes, a TSL countdown list. If you like superheroes, super-villains and interesting articles on them, Check out the List!

She Changed Your Mind; Marvel's #1 Hottest Lady Mutant

Amidst the various women of the mutant world, Emma Frost is legendary, delivering sultry, submissive, dry wit with cleverly-manipulating psychic feats, time after time. Honed to perfection, she's mastered the ability to subvert the minds and will of men everywhere.

And realistically, that's not even her primary power; rivaling the skill of Professor X, Emma, also known by her codename: The White Queen, is basically a master of telepathy, capable of receiving and sending thoughts across time and space. Supplemented with the ability to turn her body into a white, diamond-hard substance, it's a wonder why she garners so much attraction within the mutant community.

But if you're really curious, just do a search on "Emma Frost". Quickly, you'll begin to understand; More...

Item of The Day: Wolverine and the X-Men: The Complete Series

Wolverine and the X-Men is a series that has been running on the TOON network for a few years. And while the background has been updated from the original "Sentinels" theme, it's still really well-done with good animation.

In the series, something happened to Xavier, he's awakened in the future and only has his mutant abilities to help Wolverine and The X-Men save the past. In this volume, you see Wolverine, Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and yes, Emma Frost, The White Queen.

These 26 episodes are comprised of the entire Season 1 of Wolverine and The X-Men. After an explosion at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Charles Xavier and Jean Grey, their psychics, have disappeared. This causes a disruption in the entire team and their eventual disbandment. Yet somehow, Charles is able to contact Wolverine. It's now his job to bring the team back together and save the past before it becomes the future!

Ok friends. That's it! Emma Frost completes the list for Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants. If you haven't seen the other contestants, head on over. And if you like what we're doing, stay tuned for next weeks newest List.

Captain America vs. Batman

What happens when America's Super Soldier meets The Dark Knight?

(Click here to see.)We always knew it would happen. One of these days someone was going to provide a true-to-life showdown of these comic book legends in all their gear.

And yes, if you've been to the forums, you've seen the speculations and all the jibber-jabber. I'm telling you that's not good enough here at The Superheroes List.

What it all boils down to is scenarios; on one field of battle, the contest may be in Batman's corner, but on another, Captain America shines like the star-spangled patriot he is. So here we go; if you really want to see what happens when the champion of Gotham City faces off against Dr. Erskine's finest specimen, you'll need to head over to the Captain America vs. Batman page.

The Flash: Rogue War; #7 of All-Time Greatest Flash Stories

With a resounding cast of characters, Rogue War charges full-force into a battle of The Flash's worst super-villains. From issue to issue, it's non-stop, building faster and faster in a way that emulates The Fastest Man Alive.

Living entirely up to its name, Rogue War starts with The Flash, vol. 2, #220 and ends with #225. From the beginning, the anticipation mounts as The Rogues, comprised on Captain Cold, The New Trickster, Boomerang, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master start their crime spree only to be challenged by the New Rogues.

Yes, that's right; formed by the original Trickster, FBI Agent James Jesse, with the magnetic Magenta, Heatwave and The Pied Piper, this group joins forces to take down Captain Cold and his gang. The next few issues are complete with extreme action and never a dull moment.

And if you enjoy lots of super-villains, this storyline and plot won't let you down. Besides the aforementioned bad guys, it gets worse and worse. More...

Item of the Day: The Flash, Vol. 7: Rogue War

Rogue War, I have to say, it one of the best Flash stories around. Not only does it manage to neatly introduce all of his best super-villains, but it also manages to weave them into the plot in a reasonable and logical way. It's not just a "throw in" of baddies; it's about bad guys mad at other bad guys. At the end of the day, I'm wondering what kind of genius this Geoffrey Johns is because--I'm telling you--he's really pulled of a heck of a story.

In this graphic novel, you'll get The Flash, vol. 2 issues #220-225 plus some extra issues which nicely lead up to this story. It's well worth the purchase, and if you're new to The Flash, one of the biggest deals here is that it does an incredible job of letting you know who each super-villain in. And if you're a Flash fanatic, by the way, you'll also get the benefit of a surprise ending.

The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash is a weekly Top 10 Countdown provided by TSL. Yep, it's a free service (I just like researching superheroes and countdowns and stuff.) Anyhow, if you like superheroes and villains like I do, feel free to Check out this List!.

Just Walk On By; DC's 3rd Strangest Superhero

Over the history of DC Comics, you may have seen some pretty strange characters. Swamp-Thing? Sure, he's made of vegetation, sticks, and plant matter. Metamorpho? Yep, he can form himself into chemical compounds and substances. They're all pretty strange. But not even they compare to the awesome bizarre-ness of Danny The Street. He puts them to shame.

Let's set the record straight: Danny The Street is actually a street. They don't just call him Danny The Street; he's made of pavement, buildings and stores, lampposts, trashcans, and whatever else you'd find on a typical road. But he has undergone some changes (Once he got so powerful he became Danny The World, although later he was deconstructed and became Danny The Brick).

No one really knows when Danny's humble beginning started. We first saw him in Doom Patrol, vol.2 #35, when the men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. tried to hunt him down. It turns out that Danny has a very special power: More...

Item of the Day: Doom Patrol, Book 1: Crawling From the Wreckage

If you're interested in some top-rated weird superheroes, you'll like The Doom Patrol. (On a side note, this is where we've encountered Danny The Street.) One of the trademarks of this unique group is the off-kilter nature of their members. For years, we've seen Negative Man, a radioactive burn victim who can send out his "energy form" for 60 seconds at a time, and Robot Man, a brain living in a mechanized body, complete with interchangeable parts. And they only start off the team.

So check out The Doom Patrol series, they're really worth looking into if you like strange superheroes.

Danny The Street represents the #3 most bizarre character in DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes, a countdown list provided by TSL. With interesting and unique submissions, we count down weekly all the way to #1. And if you like countdown lists and superheroes, this is a great one to check out. Check out this List!

Any Way You Want It; Marvel's #2 Hottest Mutant Lady

Imagine, if you will, a female mutant with the subtle ability to assume the appearance and shapeliness of any human. Her voice would also adapt, resonating as soft or harsh as the original copy, fooling anyone and catching them off guard. Supplement that with the dark passion to manipulate (and sometimes assassinate) politicians and powerful people in high places. Does that seem like a useful, alluring talent?

Raven Darkholme, who goes by the codename "Mystique" clearly thinks so; as one of mutantkind's most extraordinary shape-shifters, she's spent most of her life imitating and infiltrating organizations, usually to thwart the human population. From Wolverine to Cyclops, from S.H.I.E.L.D. to H.Y.D.R.A., her sinuous body has been writhing through their ranks, uncovering plans and foiling missions.

Without a doubt, Mystique is on her own playing field; she's definitely one of the most attractive lady mutants of all time, especially since she can adopt the appearance and mannerisms of any of the rest. More...

Item of the Day: X-Men Evolution - Season 2, Volume 4: Mystique's Revenge

From Season 2, Volume 4 of X-Men Evolution, the animated series, Mystique took a starring role by vowing revenge on Xavier's mutant group while recruiting a counter-opposition of her own. X-Men Evolution was a very good rendition of the superhero mutants, with Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and even Rogue. The difference in this cartoon was that they rewrote it to more of a teenager and young audience setting; namely, the X-Men all mostly high school students with secret identities going to a public school and mixing with regular humans.

This volume represents how most of the X-Men Evolution series has been released, in a small compilation of episodes based on a theme. In this volume, the episodes are : Shadow Dance, Retreat, The Hex Factor, and Day of Reckoning (Parts I & II).

Mystique fills out the #2 position on Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Mutant Ladies, a weekly Countdown List headed all the way to the #1 spot. This information is sponsored by The Superheroes List; be sure to check out the finale next week!

What Happened To Wally? The #8 Greatest Flash Story

Although it's a strong-standing event on its own, the proper spot for Flash's Ignition event belongs right after Blitz, and that's why it will be featured here. (And if you ever manage to read Blitz, you'll know perfectly why.) The only drawback of this saga is that it's more difficult to comprehend until you've read into the middle and later chapters.

Written in the style of a mystery origin, though, Ignition is a fantastic Flash adventure wrapped in a compelling ride of revelation. Every page takes you deeper; you'll wonder what exactly is happening and then - all of a sudden - you'll be unfolding a series of events that explains why Wally doesn't know he's The Flash!

And that's the plot: From page 1, Wally West is a mechanic, working a 9 to 5 in a city that used to be home to the scarlet speedster. More...

Item of the Day: The Flash Vol. 5: Ignition

One of the best reasons I liked the story is because of the originality nature it portrayed. Often in the superhero career, the best stories come from the beginning. For example, we really like to see how they get their powers, or when they're learning all the neat things they can do. In Flash's Ignition, that sense of newness hits you again: Wally doesn't know who he is; he has to rediscover that he's The Flash.

This is a graphic novel which encapsulates The Flash, vol. 2 issues 201-206. It's a great way to embed yourself in one of the finest stories ever put out by The Flash with one of his best writers, Geoff Johns.

Ignition ranks at #8 on The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash, a weekly countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. Be sure to check in our archives for other interesting countdown lists on superheroes and villains. There's always something interesting happening here at TSL.

Multiple Identity Disorder? DC's #4 Strangest Superhero

Okay. Let's talk about secret identities. Most superheroes have them. Batman has Bruce Wayne, Superman has Clark Kent, and even Wonder Woman sometimes goes by the alias of Diana Prince (that's another strange story for another day). But have you ever been introduced to Firestorm, The Nuclear Man? Well, if you're a fan, then you know where this is going.

First appearing in Firestorm, The Nuclear Man #1, back in 1978, we were witness to one of the first superheroes, made up of two people. Somehow, during a nuclear explosion, the Firestorm matrix had been created, bonding teenager Ronnie Raymond and scientist Martin Stein. With Ronnie at the helm and Stein as a guiding consciousness, a new superhero was born with the ability to transmute the atomic composition of objects.

There was only one drawback, though; neither could become Firestorm without the other. And surprisingly, later on in Firestorm's career, it turned out that neither of them was needed. More...

Item of the Day: Mattel DC Universe Classics Firestorm Figure

Firestorm's original costume comes from back in the late 70's, when DC had their "explosion" of new titles. Below is DC Universe Action Figure that depicts how it looked back then. Lately, you'll notice that FIrestorm's colors are either muted or have some definition changes.

This Firestorm action figure stands 6 inches in height and has very good detail. It's also part of the "DC Universe Classic" series. If you're looking to get some of the heroes in their traditional costumes, this would be a great opportunity.

DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is a weekly countdown list, sponsored by TSL. If you're a fan of DC Comics and like superheroes. Check out this list!

She has a "Dark" side: Marvel's #3 Lady Mutant

Of the original X-Men, there was one member, a stunning, petite, red-tressed woman (their only female) who generated a phenomenal level of interest since her powers unfolded. Her name was Jean Grey and she was the first recognized X-Man with telekinetic ability, given the codename: Marvel Girl.

But before you learn about Jean, let's ask: Ever heard of an Omega-level mutant? Well now you have; that's a special type of homo superior that ranks at the highest level. She's one of those, and subsequently, she's the host of an awesome presence known as the Phoenix Force. More...

With the appearance of Phoenix, or Dark Phoenix to Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants, you might want to take a look at X-Men: The Animated Series, Vol. 2, which features her as one of its main plots. Originating from the 1990s, this cartoon does an excellent job of showing off the Children of the Atom with characters such as Cyclops, Gambit, Storm, The Beast, and yes, of course, Wolverine.

To my knowledge, there are at least 5 volumes out from the X-Men animated series, and it's received high reviews, even better than X-Men Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men.

Countdown: The Top 10 Greatest Flash Stories

Have you been following Flashpoint? Well maybe this List will interest you!

Updating every Friday, you should be able to check in and see The Top 10 Greatest Flash Stories ever told. Carefully read and handpicked, these are the best plots and storylines -- the ones that grabbed many a reader's interest and caused quite a bit of talk around the...Comic Book Shop! (Where else do we talk about our favorite comics?)

And, by the way, if you don't agree, feel free to submit your own pick. Ok. So, I've already started the countdown page here and have #9 and 10 up. Today I publically releasing the list plan on updating every 7 days.

Why this list: The beauty of The Flash is that his stories tend to push the imagination along the concepts of time. I mean, if you're no stranger to Barry Allen then you've probably met Bart, his 31st century distant relative, or maybe you've heard of the Cosmic Treadmilll, a device he uses to move around through the future and past. (Oh, and I forgot to mention, with the Flashpoint event, I thought people would like to know more about the Scarlet Speedster.)

This week's update is #9:

Erupting from Flash vol. 2, issues #197-200, The Blitz saga is a perfect blend of artwork and writing, making it worthy of one of the great Flash adventures as well as a perfect introductory tale for newly curious collector. In this story, Wally West faces an incredible nemesis in the guise of Professor Zoom, The Reverse-Flash. (For many Flash fans, Professor Zoom is a well-known and much loved threat to Wally's mentor, Barry Allen.)

But the problem here is that the super-villain wearing the yellow-threaded costume isn't Professor Zoom at all. More...

Don't Give Up Yet; DC's #5 Strangest Superhero

When stepping into the role of a superhero, people like to speculate on the qualities that separate them from normal people. For example, we already know that Superman qualifies because he has super strength, invulnerability, flashy heat vision and so forth; The Flash fits the mold because he can run faster than time. And in most cases, that's how we typically define super-people, by the incredible powers they have.

But what if all those speculators were wrong? What if the "power" that makes someone a superhero is persistence and cleverly-implemented determination? Would that be enough?

Well, if you're not sure, ask Charles Victor Szasz, an investigative journalist who adopted the alias Victor Sage. Acquiring a strange membrane-textured mask (made of Pseudoderm), he became The Question, a slightly off-kilter superhero focused on finding the truth and exposing evil and secret plots. Since his inception at the hands of Steve Ditko, this low-key, philosophical, and yet, sometimes deranged crimefighter has proven that there's more to superheroism than fancy gadgets or ray blasts. More...

The Question has been nominated in the #5 spot for DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes, a countdown list provided by TSL. If you're interested in superheroes or villains, or you just like to wear a cape while hanging around the house, Check out this List!

If you'd like to see a variant of The Question available in the animated world, you can rent or purchase Justice League Unlimited, seasons 1 and 2. Although he's only represented in one of their episodes, the entire set of DVDs are pretty awesome with appearances by a mass assortment of good-and bad-guys. For example, you'll get some Joker and Lex Luthor, but you'll also get Black Manta, Grodd, and Toyman. And while Green Arrow and Captain Atom have guest star roles, there's also cameos with The Elongated Man, Booster Gold, and more.

JLU is a great animated set. Even if you think you're too grown up for cartoons, it's worth collecting. And besides, it's the one time you'll be able to sit down with your 7-year old and enjoy the same show...

DC's Strangest Superhero...Down to the Top 5

Hey Everybody!

Since I just came back from vacation, I just wanted to let you all know that everything is going smooth. I also wanted to be sure and let you all know that we're down to the top 5 on DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes and heading over to the top 3 on Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants.

So keep your eyes peeled; it gets a lot more interesting!

She's got hexes; Marvel's #4 Hottest Mutant Lady

Of course it's not usual to have a latent mutant powers; the real problem arises when they are great and unpredictable at the same time. And it doesn't help when your father wants to destroy humanity. Meet Wanda Maximoff, well-known (and often feared) as The Scarlet Witch, Magneto's other daughter and perhaps one of the most wildly talented mutants ever.

And, oh yes, she's an extremely attractive, fully-graced female, commonly known to dress in scant, more-revealing wear; this includes a touch for the crimson, or scarlet, colors. Wanda has the well-earned reputation to draw the salivating attentions of most men; ironically, she has fulfilled most of her love-interests with a hauntingly synthetic android known as The Vision.

Gifted with the ability to create spell "hexes", Wanda is the catalyst of unpredictable events, some of world-shaking proportions. More...

Wanda Maximoff fulfills the criteria as one of Marvel's 10 Hottest Mutant Women. In fact, she's in the top 5, meaning she's clearly more alluring than some of the other mutant women out there.

And if you're interested in seeing some of the other ladies on this chart, head on over! This is a list sponsored by The Superheroes List, counting down from #10 to #1. Check out this List!