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Iron Man Villain #9: The Ghost


Intangible, And Very Destructive

To many of the Iron Man fans who have followed him since his "golden" years, The Ghost, or "Ghost", has been around for awhile. His first appearance was Iron Man #219 (1987) wearing a fairly archaic looking opaque outfit that didn't appear to have all the bells and whistles of armor. And while his villainy was originally in question, Stark has learned that this conspiracy theorist has moved far ahead of the typical trouble-makers for his company and his suit.

The origin of The Ghost is shrouded in mystery; we've only received hints to his beginnings. What is a fact, though, is that he is the source of Ghost Tech flux-processors from Omnisapient, a company who took all the credit for his work. With his technology, the chips could activate intangibility. Somehow, this ended up in an attempted assassination (which failed) and evolved him into his present form. Practically insane, he's a Corporate Assassin with Ghost Tech processors embedded in his skin. His hatred of Stark seems to stem from Tony's success mostly as a Corporate Wizard of Wall Street.

If you're looking at the old Ghost Suit, that's a thing of the past; so is the Ghost that we originally knew. What makes him one of Iron Man's greatest threats is his ability as a master-level programmer, security analyst, and data thief. Perhaps one of the highest skilled at his craft, Ghost uses his tech to get close enough to servers and databases to extrapolate data and destroy the evidence; he's also done this with his own records, wiping out his existence completely. Everybody knows that Stark has upgraded his own body with tech, including the infamous Extremis research; this only makes him a more vulnerable target, which we saw in Iron Man #20-24 (2010).

Nowadays, Ghost represents the most elevated level of dangerousness as a villain. Iron Man has stolen and incorporated Ghost Tech, but is still unable to catch the thief as he worms his way into Stark systems and slowly nibbles away at the very thing making him a hero.

They may be tough, they may be rough, but boy do they hate Armored Superheroes! This is The Top 10 Villains of Iron Man, a Countdown of Stark's Greatest Foes provided by The Superheroes List, in tribute to the Iron Man 3 movie. Want to see who put him on the map? Read The List!

Volthoom Prepares To Change Reality


The First Lantern Wants To Make Things Right

~Volthoom, The First Lantern, from Green Lantern #17 (2013).

If you've been reading the Rise of the Third Army, then you're prepared for the Wrath of The First Lantern event. His name is Volthoom, and here's a screenshot of him...doing what he does.

In Green Lantern #17, you'll be getting an indication to Volthoom's powers and his origin. To say it's kinda weird would be an understatement, but then, it's always weird in the comic book universes and that's what we love.

Villainous Moments is a column from of The Superheroes List, updated weekly (usually Tuesday). What are the bad guys doing this week? Macabre and unthinkable, grotesque and unbearable; here's your answer! Look for #VillainousMoments on Twitter.

Deadpool Is Mean Joe Green


An 80's Flashback...of the Worst Kind

~Deadpool #5 (2013)

Hey Mean Joe Deadpool! Thanks!

Are heroes and villains smart? Naw. #SuperFunnies updates every week (usually Thursday) on The Superheroes List. Here are the bloopers, flip-flops, and all-together moments of levity during exchanges of humor and snapshots of utterly ridiculous decisions in comic books.

Wrath of The First Lantern Reading Order


The First Lantern Has Been Identified

~From a billion years past, Ganthet sees the first appearance of Volthoom, The First Lantern. Excerpt from Green Lantern #17 (2013).

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If you've been following the Green Lantern Event Rise of the Third Army, then this is the next phase after that event. Wrath of The First Lantern is your introduction to the villain/all-powerful entity Volthoom, now that he has managed to free himself from the Guardians of Oa imprisonment. In the tradition of a cosmic-based vampire, he carries the ability to change reality with mere thought. At the beginning of this story, though, his powers are weakened because the Guardians used it to create their army.

Wrath of The First Lantern is classified a Crossover and not a full-fledged Event. It's going to carry into the many Green Lantern titles, but is not expected to go beyond 20 issues.

The Wrath of The First Lantern Reading Order
The Issues That Count

Last Update: 05/22/2013

001 Green Lantern #17
002 Green Lantern Corps #17
003 Green Lantern New Guardians #17
004 Red Lanterns #17
005 Green Lantern #18
006 Green Lantern Corps #18
007 Green Lantern New Guardians #18
008 Red Lanterns #18
009 Green Lantern #19
010 Green Lantern Corps #19
011 Green Lantern New Guardians #19
012 Red Lanterns #19
013 Green Lantern #20<--Released: 05/22/2013
014 Green Lantern Corps #20
015 Red Lanterns #20<--Released: 05/22/2013
016 Green Lantern New Guardians #20<--Released: 05/22/2013

Reading Order Summaries
Details and More Than You Need To Know

001 Green Lantern #17 (Part I: The Puppeteer. Begins the Crossover. Simon Baz and his fellow Green Lantern, B'dg, begin this episode at the Chamber of Shadows where he is confronting The Black Hand for the first time. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Chamber, imprisoned Guardians petition him for freedom. Simon is unsure how to handle the situation, but eventually breaks them out while rebuffing the villain. Meanwhile, trapped by their former captor, the other Guardians are now face to face with Volthoom, free and plotting. Also known as The First Lantern, he begins manipulating reality, but then finds he is weakened due to their power siphoning. He muses that it doesn't matter and heads out to draw power from emotions. As this issue concludes, The Black Hand has revived and caught Simon off guard, sending him to the Dead Dimension where Hal Jordan and Sinestro are still trapped.)

002 Green Lantern Corps #17 (Part II: Decimated. Continues from Green Lantern #17 after an undisclosed period. Volthoom, at some point, ends up confronting Guy Gardner. Perhaps it's due to the amount of emotional passion Guy has as Lantern or the belief that he can be easily fed on. Either way, this issue shows great details where Volthoom attacks Guy psychically, making him believe past events, such as being saved by his sibling, didn't happen. Instead he tries to confront him with a series of failures. By the end of the issue, Guy pleads for Volthoom to change things back.)

003 Green Lantern New Guardians #17 (Part III: 2 Reunions and A Funeral. Continues from Green Lantern Corps #17 after an undisclosed period. Volthoom is now confronting Kyle Rayner and using many of the same techniques that were seen against Guy. Kyle, somehow, is able to retain his powers, even after being shown a reality where he gave them up. Volthoom admits that Kyle is a powerful emotional being, but eventually concludes that he isn't up to his level. After a series of manipulation, the being offers Kyle a second chance if he wants it. Kyle accepts, having been shown a reality where his girlfriend, Alex, is still alive. But instead of keeping his promise, Volthoom leaves, satisfied by feeding on the despair.)

004 Red Lanterns #17 (Part IV. Designed to occur after Green Lantern New Guardians #17. Atrocitus, speaking with the faint electric echo of Krona, begins to feel pity. Incredible pity, telling him he must be near the Great Heart buried deep within Maltus. Breaking through the crust, he reaches it and its servant who warn him to stay clear. As the story goes, the Guardians stored all their emotions in the Great Heart so they would rule with logic. While this story is being related, though, Krona's apparition is extinguished by the appearance of the First Lantern, introducing himself to Atrocitus and telling him things are going to change.)

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005 Green Lantern #18 (Part V: Dead or Alive, Your Coming With Me. Occurs after the events in Green Lantern #17, but simultaneous with other issues to this point. Simon wakes up and realizes that Black Hand sent him to the Dead Zone within the Black Power Ring. He meets Hal Jordan and Sinestro, learning their story. They also learn his; at the same time, B'dg and the released Guardians are fighting Black Hand to free him. Tomar-Re, back in the Dead Zone, is revealing Volthoom's origin as an extra-dimensional traveller who bathed in the first light of creation when suddenly, B'dg is able to connect to Simon's ring. Sinestro and Hal then battle in a test of wills and Simon is pulled back to the outside world. Unfortunately Sinestro wins and comes out with him; in return Black Hand is sucked into the Dead Zone. The issue ends with Sinestro believing he can hunt Volthoom down on his own and Hal Jordan realizing that the only way he may be able to get back to the real world is to use Hand's Black Ring. Of course, he'd have to be truly dead to do that.)
006 Green Lantern Corps #18 (Part VI: Pieces of You. Volthoom appears to be moving through Lantern heroes at random, with little timeline concern. This issue occurs after Green Lantern #18, Part V. John Stewart and Fatality are now captured within Volthoom's power and the First Lantern begins searching through realities between them. Mostly focused on John, he examines all the decisions the Green Lantern has made to execute people, including the destruction of Mogo and Xanshi. He also makes him relive the past where he nearly committed suicide. At the same time, Fatality is not completely ignored; from Xanshi, her love and hate relationship with Stewart is observed in its circular pattern. Volthoom concludes the issue reveling in his power.)
007 Green Lantern New Guardians #18 (Part VII: Paths Untaken. Volthoom visits Carol Ferris while she's leading her tactical unit, including Jordan, in Tehran, Larfleeze, and Saint Walker. With the Orange Lantern, he tries everything, but cannot get past the Avarice that made him. He attempts to turn Saint Walker with a betrayal scene with Guardian Ganthet and the Third Army, but Walker resumes his hope and regains his Blue Lantern powers. Finally, he portrays a scene where the Atlantean Navy attacks, but Carol, once again, demonstrates her greater love for her team and mission, becoming the Star Sapphire anew. Volthoom then considers that not all is lost, and heads for the Red Lantern.)
008 Red Lanterns #18 (Part VIII: The Decision. Volthoom appears before Atrocitus and immediately invades his reality, going back to the moment his world was destroyed. Manipulating the past, he shows the Red Lantern a time where the destruction didn't happen, but also one where Atrocitus was a tyrant and eventually killed by his son. He gives Atrocitus a choice, and the Red Lantern chooses to keep things as they've always been. Before Volthoom leaves, he takes the Great Heart with him, saying he found the Lantern that will allow him to control all of reality. This issue also has cuts to Rankorr's story, as he's beginning to fall in love, but is shunned when Bleez appears.)
009 Green Lantern #19 (Part IX. Centering mostly around Sinestro, he's managed to follow Baz back to the lands of the living; they now stand before the recently imprisoned Guardians, who tell them about Volthoom and his origin. Sensing the worst, Thaal appears in Korugar and reaches Arsona, telling her she has to trust him and unleash all their defenses. She does, but that's when Volthoom appears and attempts to manipulate him. Sinestro feels the bite of his reality, but it only makes him angrier; he attacks Volthoom with all his strength. It appears to be working, but suddenly we learn that his was all planned. Now fully recharged by fear and hope, Volthoom wields his incredible powers and destroys the entire planet. Back in the Dead Zone, Hal is still considering suicide when more spirits arrive; that's when he and Tomar-Re learn Korugar is no more. Oddly, though, Sinestro is not among them. In the last scene, we know why. Before the angered Lantern is the Yellow Power Battery.)
010 Green Lantern Corps #19 (Part X. Now awakened, Mogo becomes key and central to the resistance against Volthoom in this fast-paced issue. Spreading his terra firma across space, he envelopes and protects the the main characters against The First Lantern's control, bringing them all together on his surface. Once there, an image of Volthoom attacks with multi-colored aspects of opponents. This revitalizes the Lanterns and they regain their vigor in the fight; that's when the illusion is dropped and Mogo tells them that he used this trial to get their Willpower and strength back. Ready for battle, The Lanterns are now the last defense against Volthoom. But they are ready!)
011 Green Lantern New Guardians #19 (Part XI. Star Sapphire and Kyle regroup. They attempt to warn the rest of their team, but no one responds. Instead, Kyle's ring locates Sinestro, taking them to the ruined remains of Korugar where they find dead. As they plot their next move, Sinestro strikes, thinking Kyle is now a pawn of Volthoom. A battle ensues until Simon and B'dg show up telling Carol that Hal is in the Dead Zone, trapped. Kyle is convinced that his ring might raise the dead of Korugar. He tries, but fails. Sinestro pulls his ring off and tries; it refuses him and flies to Simon. He also tries, but fails. The heroes prepare for Sinestro's onslaught and rage, but now all is quiet; he summons the yellow lantern, preparing to exact revenge against Volthoom.)
012 Red Lanterns #19 (Part XII. In the midst of their struggle to survive, Volthoom's manipulation of Atrocitus causes the Red Lantern to issue a Sacred Order: "Kill Atrocitus!" The Red Lanterns answer the call and travel across the reaches of the galaxy to their leader and begin attacking. But surprisingly, with all their rage in motion, Atrocitus becomes more powerful; he now feels their rage. The battle ends and a new Atrocitus stands before his Lanterns. Empowered by his new rage and strength, he turns their meeting into a vendetta, ordering the Red Lanterns to kill The Guardians of Oa.)
013 Green Lantern #20 (The Epic Finale. Anniversary-Sized Issue. As Volthoom rises to full power, the multitudes of Lanterns strike. First Guy Gardner with the Corps, then Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns, and then Kyle Rayner with the rest. This doesn't phase the First Lantern, though, and his constructs are now real. But using their powers together, with Mogo, they hit Volthoom hard with a unified beam. As he prepares to retaliate, Sinestro strikes. He's now taken the Yellow Light again. Volthoom prepares to kill him, but then Hal Jordan arrives and strikes. Jordan killed himself and in doing so, became the bearer of the Black Ring. Now a Black Lantern, he hits Volthoom with all his strength. This continues to beat back Volthoom, but he is not defeated. He pulls a younger version of Hal from reality, one that feels loss and fear. Using this strength to remake reality Sinestro then summons and absorbs Parallax. Jordan returns to the dead zone and summons Nekron. In one swoop, Volthoom is depowered and then killed. Jordan then faces his younger self and reattains his will, becoming a Green Lantern once more. With no Black Ring left, Nekron diffuses and is gone. Sinestro, though, kills all the Guardians - or so you will think unless you buy the issue - and leaves with his Corps. The remaining emissaries of the spectrum also leave, now that the battle is over. The issue also goes into an aftermath, but it is largely a tribute to this being Geoff Johns last issue.)
014 Green Lantern Corps #20 (Epilogue. The battle is now over; Guy and Kilowog free Salaak and tell him the fate of the Guardians, Volthoom, and the Corps. Salaak, though, has some bad news for Guy, before their demise, the Guardians released Xar to take revenge on his family. Guy immediately goes into action and grabs Saint Walker, The Blue Lantern, and powers his ring up to 300% before arriving on Earth to unleash a devastating attack that destroys the villain in the act. As the final enemy is gone, Guy then rests - for about 10 days and heads on to other Green Lantern adventures. This issue also covers, briefly, Lantern Stewart and Yrra as they consumate their relationship on the Planet Lantern Mogo.)
015 Red Lanterns #20 (Epilogue. Continues from a scene in Green Lantern #20. With Sinestro leaving one Guardian alive, Atrocitus allows the Red Lanterns to return to their home as he goes after revenge. The Red Lanterns return to Ryutt, but believe Atrocitus has now abandoned them. Waiting on Ryutt is the Inversions. A battle begins, but Bleez overcomes their "dusty" spells and causes them to flee. The Red Crown of Leadership is offered to her, but she in turn offers it to Rankorr. But he's still uncertain as to what he has become and heads to earth. Finding the woman he's developed an affection for, he uses his powers to beat up her abusive boyfriend and offers to kill him for her. She rebuffs him, causing his confuses. He leaves the planet. Atrocitus returns to Ryutt and takes his leadership, announcing that that he's killed the Guardian and will redefine the Red Lantern role. Bleez and the rest accept his grandeur; Rankorr shows up and states he is no longer anything else but a Red Lantern.)
016 Green Lantern New Guardians #20 (Epilogue. Feeling that something in missing, Kyle is met with Saint Walker on Earth as they travel across its vastness. They discuss the events of the recent past and the evolution of all the colors of the spectrum until Walker finally advises Kyle to resolve parts of his own past. That's when Kyle touches down in Arizona and speaks with his father to patch up their relationship. In the distance Sayd and Ganthet, believed to be dead, watch.)

Enlightening Comments
What Do You Think?

Greetings! Do you have any information, questions or comments, or would you like to mention something you've seen or heard surrounding the Rise of The Third Army event? If so, please feel free to submit your commits; just please remember to be courteous.

Iron Man Villain #10: The Living Laser


Anti-Iron-Man Tech Has Always Been Popular, After All

~The Latest Incarnation of The Living Laser Armor, from The Invincible Iron Man #155 (2012), part of the Shattered Heroes event.

When you delve into an Iron Man comic book, one of the things you'll confront is the list of opposing technologies Stark has to face on a day-to-day basis. Because his identity is public, the villains come at him through both portals. Sometimes they hit him on the battlefield, other times it's in a court of law or judicial impositions.

Arthur Parks aka The Living Laser represents the culmination of this Anti-Iron Man tech he fought in all-out brawls over the years. And although he's going to appear alone in this list, you could accompany him with the likes of other low-rated tech villains such as Blizzard, The Titanium Man, Controller, and Whiplash, to name a few. Each of them also developed very unique powers based on their own technological research.

The Living Laser therefore, appears here at the Number 10 spot and covers the whole host of enemies that Iron Man has faced multiple times, almost beating him. Arthur Parks originally was a Physics scientist specializing in lasers, ultimately having photon diodes implanted within his skin. Starting as a suit of weapons, he eventually "upgraded" and as a side effect, became impermeated with photon energy.

Arthur's first appearance was Avengers #34 (1966), but he later became a specialized enemy of the Golden Avenger with numerous appearances. Among his many powers are insubstantial form, holograms, laser beams, and the ability to travel at light speeds.

They may be tough, they may be rough, but boy do they hate Armored Superheroes! This is The Top 10 Villains of Iron Man, a Countdown of Stark's Greatest Foes provided by The Superheroes List, in tribute to the Iron Man 3 movie. Want to see who put him on the map? Read The List!

The AvX Aftermath Reading Order


You Thought The Phoenix Wouldn't Bother You Anymore

Perhaps you're a little confused.

Began: February 6th, 2013
Ended: April 2013

Were you a fan of AvX Consequences? Were you fooled into thinking Marvel NOW! was the conclusion of the Avengers vs. X-Men event?

Maybe you were, and righty so. But guess what? It's not over. Not entirely. Marvel Comics introduced a brand new story arc called AvX Aftermath. And as you can guess, there's going to be some fallout.

What is AvX Aftermath? According to Marvel Comics it's just a Story Arc that involved Iron Man during his adventures into space. Basically, that ended up being the case with the exception that it puts Tony right in the purview of the Guardians of The Galaxy. Either way, that's why you're here; you want to follow along.

You've landed on a Summary Page and Reading Order for the AvX Aftermath event. It has been updated with every release, as news and information came out. The overall goal now is to give you as much insight as you need.

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What You Will Need To Know
Precursory and Necessary Knowledge

Picture: This is the only known logo currently on file for AvX Aftermath. "The Godkiller" may be Iron Man specific or systemic throughout the event.

AvX Aftermath, as it stands right now, is a single-title story arc surrounding Iron Man, Tony Stark. It never turned into a crossover event; none of the other Avengers are X-Men were involved. What it did do was show some celestial background of the Phoenix from the perspective of other aliens. In turn, it also placed Iron Man in space, near enough so that the Guardians of the Galaxy could bring him onboard for their adventures.

To understand this story better, you should follow the Avengers vs. X-Men event. In it, a cosmic entity known as The Phoenix is on a course towards earth. The Avengers believe it will destroy the world; the X-Men believe it will change and perhaps revive the mutant race. This clash of idealogies pits both supergroups against each other as the creatures looms closer and closer.

The AvX Aftermath Reading List
The Basic Organization of Issues

Final Update: 04/17/2013

Chapter 1: The Godkiller
001 Iron Man #6
002 Iron Man #7
003 Iron Man #8<--Released: 04/17/2013. This is a single title Story Arc.

Update Notes
Last Submission: 04/18/2013

The Reading Order is now final.

04/17/2013: Implemented the latest issue. This finishes the Story Arc, putting Iron Man out in Space.
03/07/2013: It's understood that AvXAftermath: Godkiller is a 3-part story arc. This page, however, will be used as a backup if Marvel decides to create any further story arcs that use the AvX Aftermath synopsis. This week's release has been added.

02/15/2013: As explained by my friend Slappypyne, Marvel expects Iron Man to be the only title associated with the AvXAftermath banner. This page will likely be classified as nothing more than a Story Arc. If, however, they decide to add more in the future, we'll be ready!
02/11/2013: Started this Summary Page and Reading Order for AvX Aftermath. This is almost NO information on the event, so it's going to take lots of prying to get Marvel to tell us what they know.

The Listing Summaries
Includes Spoilers - So Beware!

Chapter 1: Godkiller

001 Iron Man #6 (The Beginning of The Godkiller story arc. Tony Stark has now decided to head into space and seek adventure in the stars. Leading him into a battle with Space Pirates and Cosmic Terrorists, he emerges victorious, coming into contact with an ancient race known as the Voldi on his birthday. Little is know about them except that they've had there hands in moving many of the other races, including the Kree and Shi'ar, along in their technologies. Tony becomes entranced with a Voldi Princess, and tries some of his charm, but is rebuffed when she sees he has "disgusting" hair on his face. Feeling neglected, he's surprised by an assault of robotic forces. Destroying them, one of the A.I.s tell him he's a wanted criminal for "Deicide". Tony turns himself in and finds out that The Phoenix, also know to the Voldi as The Void Falcon is their god. And he is guilty for its murder.

002 Iron Man #7 (Continues from Iron Man #6 after a short period. Tony is now a prisoner of the Voldi and has been called on to answer for crimes against their people and their god, which turns out to be the Phoenix Force. The issue is built a lot like a Star Wars movie, but ultimately the robot, or droid, supplying him with drinks reveals itself to be Recorder 451, a Rigellian creation unique to its kind because of a programming malfunction. Explaining it's origin, it tells Tony of a play to invoke Shay-Tah Run, a Voldi rite of combat. In Star Trek-like Captain Kirk fashion, Tony issues the challenge during his trial and ends up in an arena like a pit fighter. Fortunately for him, the Voldi suck at fighting; Tony beats them all up. At the same time, the Recorder is searching for Tony's armor, getting closer by the moment. But as Tony tires, the goal is for him to stay alive long enough for this plot to work. Getting worried, though, the Voldi Supreme Justicar begins to consider that Stark's success in combat may cause a problem. Her advisor comes up with a solution, and on the last page Tony meets his final opponent, Death's Head the Bounty Hunter.)
003 Iron Man #8 (Continues immediately from Iron Man #7. Death's Head begins attacking and all Tony can do is run. Elsewhere, Recorder 451 reaches the Iron Man armor and convinces the Pepper AI to rescue him. In the meantime, he steals the Voldi "Heart", a very special device. Back at the arena, Tony is saved as a moments notice when his armor flies in, knocking Death's Head away. He suits up and rockets back to his mobile armory. While gearing up, Pepper tells him something bad is happening back at the Voldi base. It the Celestials: they are now destroying the ancient race. Before Iron Man can turn and help them, Recorder 451 displays his image saying that they heart was a device they used to siphon power off The Celestials. Once he removed it, The Celestials killed them like a tick. It turns out all this was Recorder's idea: to lure Stark to The Voldi and use him as a distraction while he stole The Heart. Thanking Iron Man, he disappears.)

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Release List
What We Know, What To Expect

Either it's been tight-lipped, Marvel doesn't know, or it "somehow" slipped under the radar. In this section, any related titles listed alphabetically. Titles in bold mean they are already out.

Iron Man #6
Iron Man #7
Iron Man #8

Need AvX?
If You Don't Have It, Get It!

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The Complete AvX Catalog (Amazon)

Premise: The Phoenix, a cosmic entity capable of destroying worlds, is heading towards earth. No one knows why, but the Avengers believe it will be a World-killer event. Over on the other side of the continent, however, Scott Summers aka Cyclops believes this may herald a new era for mutantkind. No one really knows, but standing in this middle of this clash are The Scarlet Witch, newly arrived on the scene after being thought dead, and Hope Summers aka The Mutant Messiah. These two ladies are about to enact a prophecy. The question is, will it be for good or ill?

Your Comments
Insight, Info, and Idealogies Welcome

Thanks for reading! This Summary Page is meant to organize information surrounding The AvX Aftermath event. (That's Avengers vs. X-Men: Aftermath, just to be clear.) If you see anything of importance, find a news article, or would like to chime in, you're insights are valuable. Please drop a message from what you've seen or heard. Just remember to be courteous.

The Question and The Trinity of Sin


The Final Member Appears

~Excerpt from Phantom Stranger #5 (2013)

He's just been revealed, one of three, huddled in the same shadowy corner as The Phantom Stranger and Pandora. He's The Question, an enigma of the soul, and one of the mystical Trinity of Sin.

Phantom Stranger #5 has now introduced us to this era's version of The Question. But there's still lots more to come. How is he wrapped up in this mystery where the Stranger's family has disappeared? Who is he and what are his allegiances? Is he good, evil, or serving some other, spiritual purpose?

Villainous Moments is a column from of The Superheroes List, updated Mondays. What are the bad guys doing this week? Macabre and unthinkable, grotesque and unbearable; here's your answer! Look for #VillainousMoments on Twitter.

The Consequences of Wolverine


Lesson #1: Never Shoot Wolverine.

~Excerpt from All-New X-Men #7 (2013)

...It just makes him mad. Just about everyone knows who Wolverine is nowadays; so when he walks into the bank and threatens you, you might want to think twice before shooting him in the face.

From All-New X-Men #7, part of the Marvel NOW! event, the younger version of Scott Summers has been brought to our era. He's traveled time to meet with his present self and convince him to change his ways.

But much like a kid in a candy store, this youthful Scott is wide-eyes and not so certain of himself. And Wolverine, unfortunately, has to play babysitter.

And if you've read the issue, then you know that pretending to be Wolverine is a power of its own.

Are heroes and villains smart? Naw. #SuperFunnies updates every week (usually Friday) on The Superheroes List. Here are the bloopers, flip-flops, and all-together moments of levity during exchanges of humor and snapshots of utterly ridiculous decisions in comic books.

Mogo Is Mad...


...and Big...and Bad.

~Excerpt from Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 (2013)

He's one of DC's strangest superheroes; he's also the strangest of the Green Lantern Corps. Maybe that's because he's a planet. And now, he's an angry planet.

Don't worry; the real villainy of Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 isn't Mogo. He's just another character in this villainous Rise of The Third Army event from DC Comics. For the last few years, he's been a bunch of space rocks floating aimlessly in the cosmos. But now, he's reformed. And you can bet he's angry.

Want to see what happens when you make a Green Lantern Planet upset? Watch Mogo take out an entire wave of the Third Army. It's not pretty.

Villainous Moments is a column from of The Superheroes List, updated weekly (usually Monday). What are the bad guys doing this week? Macabre and unthinkable, grotesque and unbearable; here's your answer! Look for #VillainousMoments on Twitter.

Batman's Next Plan...Stinks!


But It Could Be Worse

~Excerpt from Superman #16 (2013)

One thing you have to know about Batman; he's always assessing and reassessing the situation. This also means he's evaluating and reevaluating what you're capable of doing...or not doing.

This week's submission comes from the H'el On Earth event. The Justice League is assisting Superman and Superboy in an assault on The Fortress of Solitude, controlled by H'el. And yes, they're following Batman's plan.

Are heroes and villains smart? Naw. #SuperFunnies updates every week (usually Fridays) on The Superheroes List. Here are the bloopers, flip-flops, and all-together moments of levity during exchanges of humor and snapshots of utterly ridiculous decisions in comic books.