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Marvel Monster #4: The Beast

Few of the superheroes of today are born with their abilities. Most often they come to their great powers by accident, technology, or skill. And everyone once in awhile, with the change to a heroic life also comes the drawback of a curse that won't go away.

Such is life of Hank McCoy, a respected intellectual of biochemistry and genetic research. Although Hank was born mostly human looking, he hands and feet carried some aberrant traits. Basically, he was a mutant and they were over-sized, the condition giving him great agility and strength. Still, though, this allowed him to pass for human as he was recruited into The X-Men (Uncanny X-Men vol.1, #1, 1963). Read More...

Recommended: The Beast Collectible Action Figure

One of the original X-Men, The Beast started off as a normal-looking, somewhat over-sized fellow until he mutated into the blue-furred creature we know of today. Here, we have Uncanny X-Men Toy Line produced in 1993-94, which showcased Beast and many of his other mutants. This is a collectible item.

The Beast here is part of the X-Men 5 inches tall action figure line and comes with an Official Marvel Universe Trading Card. Made by the company, Toy Biz, it is no longer in production.

The Beast is #4 on The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween, a countdown provided by The Superheroes List. Halloween and Superheroes go together real well; Check out the List!


~(Aquaman #1, (Sept 2011)

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Agent #3: Tony Stark

As you have probably surmised, many of the heroes and spies associated with SHIELD have a long history with the organization. Some go back decades, having the training and traceable ties; others seem to continually intersect their operations time after time, falling in and out of grace.

That’s where Tony Stark comes in; in some shape or form, the Stark family name has been working with the organization for at least two generations, heralding some of its greatest advances. And all this might be surprising to note because neither Tony, nor his father, have ever officially been recognized as agents. Read More...

Recommend Reading: Iron Man: Director of SHIELD (Paperback)

Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes place after their "Civil War", a time where heroes were forced to choose a side between serving the government or working on their own, illegally. As Iron Man, Tony Stark believed that all the super powers needed regulation; he quickly rose to a position of authority for the U.S.

After that fated event, his loyalty was rewarded; he was elavated to Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., replacing its icon of espionage, Nick Fury.

This book collects Iron Man #15-18 as well as two other issues (a Strange Tales issue with Nick Fury and an earlier Iron Man story that ties into the SHIELD theme) and I will say right now that some people liked this while others didn't; there's a disagreement about Tony's role and his past history. But you make the decision on that one.

Tony Stark is #3 on The Top 10 Greatest Agents of SHIELD, a countdown provided by The Superheroes List. If superheroes and villains are your thing, Check out the List!

Villainous Moments

~Green Lantern Corps #1, (2011)
The GL Corps shows up on the water planet, Nerro, finding it sucked dry. But that's not all, whoever came here also destroyed an entire civilization, just to prove a point. What villainy is behind these atrocities?

DC Haunted #6: Ragman

Of many of the despised and wicked souls within the DC Universe, none quite have the badge of honor that Rory Regan, also known as The Ragman (appearing first in Ragman #1, 1976), have come to bear. Born within the Jewish faith, he only learned sixteen years later of his heritage; shortly thereafter, his father was murdered in a "rag" store by drug pushers.

Rory, you see, has no evil in his heart; technically, his soul is at peace. His destiny unfolded when he returned to the store; instead of liberating it, he found a chest with a pile of rags. Instead of wearing them, they wore him. Read More...

Recommended Reading: Ragman Suit Of Souls #1 (One Shot)

In 2010, Ragman appeared in a one-shot episode that put him in a philosophical spin. Having never understood his father, he goes to a Rabbi for mentoring and understanding.

This is the collection of one issue: Ragman #1: Suit of Souls. It's brilliantly drawn with a compelling story about Rory Regan, a guy searching for understanding to his father's bizarre past. Why didn't he acknowledge his faith? Why did he leave Europe? All these things begin to make sense as Rory goes to the one place where answers can be found: within the suit!

Rory Regan, also known as Ragman, is #6 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a countdown provided by The Superheroes List. Like ghosts and ghouls with a mix of superheroes? Check out the List!

Marvel Monster #5: Sasquatch

In the past, the world has whispered of him, a legendary beast that walked upright like a man, but fully a creature of the wild. His most notorious trait was that he left behind a huge footprint, embedded in the mud. The humans called him Bigfoot; in the Himalayas, his nickname was the Abominable Snowman. And if you're Native American, you reverently spoke of him as Sasquatch.

...And somehow, in the hierarchy of unexplained phenomena, Marvel Universe turned this mythical being into a superhero, possessing a young scientist, Walter Langkowski, with the powers of one of the legendary beasts. In his early years, Walter thought it was the result of his gamma radiation experiment near the Arctic Circle and the Aurora Borealis effect that caused his condition. What really happened was that his work tore a rift into the realm of The Great Beasts, allowing his body to become a host of the entity, Tanaraq. Read More...

Recommended Reading: Marvel Comics 1999 Collector Edition Sasquatch and Vindicator

If you want to join in on the fun collecting of Comic Book Action Figures, you can pick up this really awesome edition of two of Alpha Flights members, Sasquatch and Shaman. Their biggest contribution to the comic book universe is their participation in the Canadian super-group, Alpha Flight. As the mystical beast, Dr. Walter Langkowski assumes the role of muscle and intimidating monster.

Sasquatch comes in as a 6" figure while Shaman is 5". Both of these form part of the Alpha Flight collection which is composed of Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Shaman, Puck, Sasquatch and Snowbird. Ideally, this is good for all ages. If you're 5, you can play; if you're 45, you can watch them grow in value as part of your collection.

Sasquatch is #5 on The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween, a weekly countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. If you like superheroes and Halloween, Check out the List!


~(Fear Itself, The Home Front #6, (Sept 2011)

The West Coast Avengers, because they don't roll that way...

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Agent #4: Natasha Romanoff

It can be said that some of the world’s greatest spies are not exclusive to SHIELD…or the United States. While SHIELD is known for its intensive training and population of super-powered agents, it does not hold the entire market. Instead, they come from other corners of the planet, usually bent of destroying the nation or, at least, harming it in some way.

And that’s how Natalia Romanoff, later known as “Natasha”, becomes associated with SHIELD. Her story stems from Soviet training, being part of their “black ops” units skilled in espionage, subterfuge, and assassination. Codenamed “Black Widow” because of two energy blasters on her wrists, she originally was a great nemesis to the United States and The Avengers.

We can thank Tony Stark for her change in allegiance... Read More

Recommended Reading: Black Widow: Kiss or Kill

Plot: A senator is seduced and assassinated, and his journalist son follows the trail to a fatally sexy Soviet agent. This deadly "woman in black" moonlights as a high-class escort to lure powerful men into her web of blackmail and death. But Nick Crane believes he's finally found his father's murderer, and he's about to expose...the Black Widow! Plus: Tony Stark gets his spy on, and the Black Widow proves she's an Iron Man's best friend, when the Armored Avenger goes undercover to take down a foe using his own decommissioned tech!

This TPB collections Black Widow (2010) #6-8 and Iron Man: Kiss And Kill.

If you like political intrigue, you'll enjoy this compilation on Russia's premiere spy. It starts off with her being framed for a series of assassinations; her only recourse is to hunt down the culprit and clear herself.

Natasha Romanoff is #4 in The Top 10 Greatest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a countdown provided by The Superheroes List. If you enjoy spies and superheroes caught in mysterious intrique, Check out the List!

Villainous Moments

~Daredevil #3, (2011)

Who is that super-villain? That's Ulysses Klaw, or just Klaw, the master of sound. After being nearly destroyed, he's figured out a way to reconstitute himself; he's going to use Daredevil as a human antennae.

Villainous Moments is a weekly series provided by The Superheroes List, showing some of the more diabolical and disturbing acts in the comic book world.

DC Haunted #7: John Constantine

Under the guise of Hellblazer, John Constantine has to be one of the most tormented souls of all DC creation. It might be surprising to say this because there's nothing truly unique about this British born man with average to low skills in sorcery and demonic summoning. The problem is, he really makes those creatures of the infernal pits go mad.

So mad, that Hell had plans for John's soul; he was, and technically still is, a doomed man. (Over the course of his adventures, he learned this through the encounters of any number of ghosts and wrestless spirits, telling him how dire his existence would be when his mortal frame expires.) Read More...

Recommended Reading: John Constantine, Hellblazer: Pandemonium

In this story, John get's tasked by British Intelligence to determine a mystical connection to events in Iraq. He then goes in and things turn quite magical and heavily bent on damnation. In the end, the main culprit is a babylonian god, looking to get some exercise from all the death and violence. What will attract readers to this book is that it adheres to a strong, angular, interesting moral compass that's drawn fans to Constantine in the past.

Released in 2010, this book turned out to be really successful because it integrated a unique character into the current event of Operation: Freedom and the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Putting a twist like this on it, made it ring closer to home.

John Constantine is #7 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a weekly countdown from The Superheroes List. If you like comic books, superheroes and villains, and reading orders, check out the list!

Marvel Monster #6: Tigra

The world of horror has always been riddled with secret and supernatural races living among the human population; although they've done this for a myriad of purposes, the usual goal has been to eventually subvert, or feed, off of them like cattle. And often, this is how you found out about vampires, werewolves, and, oh yes, the cat people.

Of the unique consequences of this cat-centric theme is the origin of Marvel's most feline and feral superheroes: Tigra. With an feline, savage appearance, she fulfills a spooky role in The Avengers, plying supple feats of agility with mostly human intelligence. At the same time, she's something you'd expect to see in monster movie.

Originally, Tigra was known as Greer Grant,

Recommended: Marvel Legends Nemesis Build-A-Figure Tigra

You might wonder about Tigra and her importance to the superhero genre; of all past indications, her adventures seem to generate more readers when she's part of a team-up or supergroup. To that end, she's been an Avenger for the majority of her existence, and seems to be serving as "eye candy". Due to this fractional demographic, it's usually difficult to find collector's items featuring this feline lady.

This Hasbro Action Figure is on of the "Marvel Legends" lines, of which you can find quite a few rare characters. And in this case, they immortalized Tigra in their Nemesis - Build A Figure Collection. So what you'll get is Tigra at 6" height and another part of a larger villainous character. If you manage to acquire the entire set, you'll have the entire super-villain, which is a bonus. I recommend this mostly for collectors and not for younger kids below 4 years of age. (There are small parts).

Tigra is #6 on The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween, a countdown of spooky superhero creatures provided by The Superheroes List. If you want a taste of the macabre, it's on right now: Check out the List!


This is Atrocitus from Red Lanterns #1, released this week. What kind of caption belongs with this picture?

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Prepare For Battle! Superman vs. Batman

Superman vs. BatmanThe Man of Tomorrow faces Gotham's' Dark Knight in an encounter you'll be reading in Justice League #2 (2011)

What's going to happen this time? You decide first.

Agent #6: Bobbi Morse

You’ll find few SHIELD agents with a legitimate, loyal past to the organization. Somehow, it’s just not in the cards; if you’re going to play for SHIELD on one weekend, you might be working with HYDRA on Monday or some unique off-brand circle by Wednesday.

Advanced biologist Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, though, seems to fit in a mold only she can claim; with obscure and misdirecting roots going back to the 70s (Astonishing Tales #6, 1971), she had been trained and contracted to perform high level missions as “Agent 19”. Her first adventure was to spend most of her time along Ka-Zar of The Savage Land. (Although the details are now a matter of the past, she was believed to have an affair with him until Shanna the She-Devil showed up.) Later in that era, she adopted the title “Huntress” for awhile, notoriously connected with tinted glasses and a body suit. Read More...

Recommended Reading: Hawkeye & Mockingbird: Ghosts

Plot: Hawkeye, the world's greatest marksman is back-and reunited with the world's most dangerous super-spy, Mockingbird-in an all-new adventure! The deadly duo defied every obstacle to make their way back to each other and put together the all new WCA team-but now the one thing that divided them years before has returned to haunt them: the Phantom Rider!

This issue collects the 2010 releases of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. No longer the heroic do-gooders of the past, when you saw them in The West Coast Avengers, Clint Barton is back from the dead; Bobbi is recovering from her kidnapping and rape. These two somehow reconcile their issues and join up as a deadly duo!

Collects Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1-6

Bobbi Morse is #6 on The Top 10 Greatest Agents of SHIELD, a weekly countdown provided by The Superheroes List. Comic books, superheroes and villains; we got it all. Check out the List! 

Marvel Reconciles with Shattered Heroes

Midgard, Earth. As an eye toward hopelessness scans the horizon, it is time to reconcile the wrongs:

It is for the Shattered Heroes to make amends.

In October 2011, as the Fear Itself event concludes, comic book readers have learned there will be another breathtaking saga unfolding in the Marvel Universe. Called Shattered Heroes, there is no true indication to the level of density and overall crossover of the events.

In this article, we'll be following the Shattered Heroes Marvel event with news updates and information. As it begins and progresses, you'll be able to follow along with a chronological Shattered Heroes Reading List.  Read More and Follow Along...

Shattered Heroes is an event being introduced by Marvel Comics and will be watched by The Superheroes List.

Villainous Moments: Face The Joker

Last week, DC Comics released their first main batch of #1's; among them, the well-anticipated Detective Comics #1. Let this horrible visage, steeped in torn flesh and wrinkles, stand as a welcome mat, (re) introducing one of Gotham City's worst killers, The Joker.

As I turned the first page of the issue, Batman was already appearing from rooftop to dusk-laden rooftop, searching for the madman, only to find the deviant naked, slashing away at a foe wearing a cap of stitched skin. Eventually, you can surmise, that the fiend was captured, ending up in Arkham Asylum.

But what you don't know, if you haven't read this latest release, is that The Joker wanted to be captured; he was enthralled that The Dark Knight beat him to a bruised pulp.

Above, the face you see on the wall is...or was...The Joker's. Once he was placed in the halls of that infamous insane institution, a mysterious figure stepped from the shadows; Joker called him "Dollmaker". And then, with deft movements of surgical precision, he tore Joker's face from his skull.

Villainous Movements is a new feature from The Superheroes List with the design towards spotlighting the most heinous, insidious, and outright evil moments in comics.

DC Haunted #8: Jason Blood

Gone, gone, the form of man...

As long as Earth's history has plagued us with accounts of ghosts, goblins, and malevolent spirits, we have also been provoked and disturbed by the possibility of possession. Such is the terrible torments of the soul when a demon enters your host, taking control of your actions and working its plots.

That is where we find the unfortunate soul of Jason Blood, one of King Author's knights. Known as an immortal solely for that reason; his life would end as a mortal should he rid himself of his curse.

But as of yet, it is not to be. When consumed by anger or rage into uttering the summoning incantation, Jason is overtaken by the son on Belial, the demon of hell known as Etrigan. Read More...

Recommended Reading: Jack Kirby's The Demon

Many of us know of the Demon from his summoning verse:

Yarva Demonicus Etrigan.
Change, change the form of man.
Free the prince forever damned.
Free the might from fleshy mire.
Boil the blood in heart of fire.
Gone, gone the form of man,
Rise the demon Etrigan!

Jason Blood, the human being bonded to the demon Etrigan, is #8 on this week's countdown The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a TSL event for the spooky season. (Hey, we all need it!) If you enjoy ghosts and goblins and like October 31st, Check out this List!

Man-Thing: Marvel Halloween Monster #7

Through a combination of science and the terrible interaction of the powerful, mystical force known as The Nexus of Realities, Ted Sallis fell into the category of a creature of immense power, yet terrible curse, known as The Man-Thing (from Savage Tales #1, 1971). His failing was the experimentation over the super-soldier serum he tried to recreate; when his enemies learned of his secret research in the everglades, they burned him and his shack to the ground.

Somehow though, Ted survived, rising from the swamp. In the advent of his horrible death, the plant-like terror that rose in his was nothing human. (Later we would learn that Man-Thing is a unique creature known as a Vogornius Koth.) Coined as The Man-Thing, Read More...

Recommended Reading: Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1

The "Essential" series is the best way to get acquainted with some of those rare, less known, comic book characters. In this volume, you'll get a whole host of Man-Thing's strangeness, linked to the swamps and the Nexus of Realities. If you like other weirdness, Man-Thing has never failed to deliver. You'll also be witness to characters like Howard The Duck, Damian Hellstrom, and more. It's really a classic and a true mix of superhero horror!

This volume is the first known compendium of Man-Thing's basic stories. It shows off all the ones that explained what he was about, and collects Savage Tales #1; Astonishing Tales #12-13; Adv Into Fear #10-19; Man-Thing #1-14; GS Man-Thing #1-2; Monsters Unleashed #5, 8-9.

Man-Thing is one of the most interesting superheroes of all time, listed as #7 in The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween. There's just something spookey about the guy. If you're a fan of Halloween and like the monster crossover, check out this list, provided by TSL.

Super-Funnies: I meant to do that!

Nice job, Frogman!
~(Spider-Island: Avengers #1 (Sept 2011)

Super-Funnies updates every week (usually Thursday) on The Superheroes List.
Feel free to add your own caption below!

Villainous Moments #2: The Jackal

From Amazing Spider-Man #668Miles Warren, The Jackal, is cunningly diabolical with ruthless evil.

The Jackal also happens to be one of Spider-Man's greatest super-villains, and now you're going to learn why. In this story, Jackal has infected the entire city of Manhattan (Spider-Island) with mutated bed bugs, giving everyone Spider-Man's powers. You'd think that it's a cool thing to be able to cling to walls and shoot sticky strands.

But it's going to get worse; recently we've learned that all those people are going to mutant.

And that's how far the Jackal is going to go, just to destroy Spider-Man.

Villainous Moments is a feature from The Superheroes List, updated every week, representing some of the best acts of evil. Did your super-villain steal candy from a baby? Did he knock over a flower plant? Who knows, maybe he'll be next week's candidate. Until then, Check out the List!

Jessica Drew: SHIELD's #6 Agent

Of the many problems surrounding you if you’re a fan of SHIELD is the multitude of alliances, double-dealings, and layers of protocol and bureaucracy needing clarified from issue to issue. On one page, your hero starts off as an SHIELD agent; the next he or she is a spy, working for HYDRA.

In this case, however, the reverse is true. Born on the British Isles, Jessica Drew, codename Spider-Woman, was raised and recruited at a young age to work with HYDRA (it is suggested that she was brainwashed into their service.). With her spider-agumented agility, venom blasts, and rare power of exuding mind-influencing pheremones, she was a perfect operative for assassination, seduction, and espionage.

Jessica’s affiliation with SHIELD, though, ends up being her greatest, and worst, adventure. When Nick Fury was removed as Director, she was re-approached by HYDRA and coerced into being their double-agent. Reluctantly, Jessica agreed, but secretly she kept contact with Fury and exchanged information.

Ok, friends, this is where it gets really weird. More...

Also Recommended: Essential Spider-Woman, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials)

I'm a big fan of The Essentials that Marvel released for their superheroes. One of the great advantages of this one is that you get to pick on some of Spider-Woman's earliest adventures, learning some of the subtle details of her past, including her affiliations with HYDRA and SHIELD. At the same time, for the amount of stories you get, this book comes extremely cheap.

Plot: Before she was an Avenger, she was... a Hydra agent?! Witness the Arachnidian Adventuress's dire debut against Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. - and a follow-up arc alongside the ever-lovin', blue-eyed Thing! After working a few bugs out of her origin, she set up shop in California and faced an array of eccentric enemies rarely equaled to this day! Includes the introduction of several characters by the late great Mark Gruenwald! Featuring Shang-Chi, the Werewolf by Night, the Shroud, and more! Collects Marvel Spotlight #32, Marvel Two-In-One #29-33 and Spider-Woman #1-25.

Jessica Drew is #6 on The Top 10 Greatest Agents of SHIELD, a countdown from The Superheroes List showing you some of the unique, super-powered people who have worked for the secret organization. If you enjoy espionage and subterfuge, spycraft and that sort of thing, Check out this List!

Raven, The #9 Haunted Spirit of DC Comics

One of the first things that may confuse a casual observer about Raven, the only name she had ever been given ("Rachel Roth" was just recently adopted), is her appearance. She looks like a normal, comely teenager with black hair and an affinity for dark clothes. She seems normal as well, speaking fairly calm and controlled. She even gets in relationships, breakups, and arguments you'd associate with a typical human girl.

But she's not typical; haunting is a more appropriate word. "Cursed" could also be used; it all changes once she loses control. The product of a human mother and demon father, Raven was originally raised in a dimension called Azarath and taught to gain mastery over her emotions or suffer the consequences. Her destiny is clear; control your tainted soul or you will be overwhelmed with the demonic spirit raging inside.

Ever since her first appearance in DC Comics Presents #29 (October 1980), more...

Related Recommendation: DC Universe Classics Raven Figure

Released by Mattel, this is a complete, fully-posed Raven figure and one of a huge line of the "DC Classics Universe". Some of the other products available are Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, Martian Manhunter, Joker (All-Star Version), and The Spectre. Checking out the link here because there's numerous choices, making a great part of your collection.

Part of the DC Universe Classics Line, Raven is one of many figures that scale approximately 6" and has 23 points of articulation. It is not the White version of Raven, and the hood does not come off to reveal her face. Great collector's item and you can also follow the link to find more of the other superheroes involved in the line. You can also complete the entire Teen Titan's set.

Raven of the Titans is #9 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. If you're in a haunted mood and want to enjoy some spirit-ual, superhero fun, Check out the List!

Flashpoint is The #1 Greatest Flash Story

While there are many different points of contention about where Flash was the greatest, when he was at his best, or whether Barry or Wally was better, there's almost no chance that any story will be make more of a dramatic difference than Flashpoint, whose motto was Where everything you know changed in a flash.

Crossing into a realm of strangeness that affected every DC character on the roster, Flashpoint has now become defined as the endpoint of one era of comic books, and the starting mark for an entirely new series of DC's titles. On August 31, 2011, when the last issue of Flashpoint hit the stands, all their previous comic lines shut down; Batman ended; Superman ended; Green Lantern, over. Instead, DC Comics will be releasing 52 brand-new titles which reboot the universe. The concept is that they wanted to modernize their heroes to fit into the technology and problems surrounding current events. More...

This wraps up The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash; hope you like it. And if you want to see more countdowns, Reading Orders, and cool stuff from the world of Superheroes, come check out The Superheroes List!

Super-Funnies #1: And You Thought It Was Over...

Sometimes a guy, even after he's lost his super powers, can't get a break... From Ghost Rider #2 (Aug 2011). Can you think of a good caption for this picture?Super-Funnies updates every week on The Superheroes List. You can also follow them on the TSL Blog.

Taskmaster: The SHIELD #7 Greatest Agent

Dwelling in the undersides of the criminal world, only recent to the cause of actually assisting SHIELD and those in crisis, Tony Masters is recognized as the fully adaptive Taskmaster, an individual capable of performing any style of combat, acrobatic techniques, and unique maneuvers. As the villainous weapon-wielding fighter, Tony first appeared in Avengers vol. 1 #195 (May 1980) and nearly beat them to a pulp by taking them on with their own abilities.

The brilliance of Masters’ skill, sometimes referred to as a power, is that he only needs to watch you; by visually studying another person in action, normal or superhero, he can duplicate their movements through a process known as Photographic Reflexes. Until recently, it was believed that he might have some form of mutant-birthed ability; the truth, however, revealed in his Taskmaster mini-series (Taskmaster vol. 1 2010), turned out far more troubling.

Tony Masters’ powers are the result of an experimental serum and it seems he has always been a sleeper agent for SHIELD; the organization pushed him into the field of criminal intelligence-gathering because of a side-effect that causes him to lose his past memories. And that was not the only shocker; More...

Recommended Reading: Taskmaster: Unthinkable

Plot: Taskmaster has trained henchmen and thugs for every terrorist organization and criminal cartel in the Marvel Universe. So when the rumor starts that he's turned traitor and now works for Steve Rogers, a billion-dollar bounty is put on his head, and every cadre of costumed fanatics looks to collect. Now Taskmaster has to fight hordes upon hordes of his psychopathic students while at the same time figuring out who framed him.

This graphic novel covers the actual 2010 Taskmaster mini-series, issues #1-4.

From an insider's perspective, the series was pretty sound. It took Taskmaster to new levels because you understood that Masters was actually a good guy caught in a bad situation. His mind, to adapt to all the combat styles, gets rid of all the neural connections associated with his past. Because of that unfortunate consequence, Tony believes he's a bad guy...and that's why he does bad things.
Tony Masters fills out #7 in The Top 10 Greatest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., another Top 10 Countdown from The Superheroes List. This one in particular updates every Thursday. And if you like super-powered agents and some of their cool adventures, you might like to follow along. So Check out the List!

Villainous Moments #1: Kuurth, Breaker of Stone

From Uncanny X-Men #541, Kuurth, Breaker of Stone showed us how a true villain does it.

It doesn't matter how if you're already unstoppable; it doesn't matter if you're wielding an unbreakable weapon of Asgardian origins; what really makes Kuurth winner of this week's "Villainous Moment" is when Emma Frost, The White Queen, invaded the minds of all his followers.

It was a simple command: walk away. But it wouldn't do for Kuurth, Breaker of Stone, The Worthy, and one of the leading titans embedded in the Fear Itself event from Marvel Comics. Instead of letting the people mindlessly walk away, instead of trying to round them back up....Kuurth killed them all.

The rule of thumb is this: If you are no longer useful to Kuurth, your life is over.

Villainous Moments is a new feature from The Superheroes List, updated every week, representing some of the best acts of evil. Did your super-villain steal candy from a baby? Did he knock over a flower plant? Who knows, maybe he'll be next week's candidate. Until then, Check out the List!