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The Trial of Jean Grey Reading Order


An Old Jean Grey in an All-New, But Well-Known Controversy

When Jean Grey and the rest of the X-Men from the past came to our present time, they were in for a rude awakening. Present Scott Summers, our Cyclops, is basically a terrorists; Hank McCoy, The Beast, is a blue-furred monster; and Warren Worthington, the high-flying Angel, is dead.

But that's nothing compared to the tribulations of Jean Grey.

From the earliest moments since she's been pulled into our point in the timeline, her psychic mind-reading abilities were awakened. Without having full control of them, she's been privy to thoughts about her in the present...things she's never done. She's also learned that in this present, she's dead because of a powerful alien entity known of The Phoenix. It took her as a host and began destroying the universe.

Well, all that was the past...or, IS this version of Jean Grey's future. (See, this is what sucks when you have to describe a time-altering event!) But it doesn't mean she's not going to get in trouble for it. What transpires in this event is a straightforward attack on the X-Men by the Shi'ar Empire. In simplest terms, they found "Jean Grey" and want to put her on trail for the crimes committed as The Phoenix.

Does it matter that this Jean Grey has done nothing wrong? Guess not!

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The Trial of Jean Grey Reading Order
Last Update: 03/26/2014

001 All-New X-Men #22.NOW
002 Guardians of The Galaxy #11.NOW
003 All-New X-Men #23
004 Guardians of The Galaxy #12
005 All-New X-Men #24
006 Guardians of The Galaxy #13

Reading Summaries
How Jean Got Her Groove Taken Away Before She Got It Back

001 All-New X-Men #22.NOW - Begins the event. The team is starting to get back to "normal", but Cyclops and Jean are having lots of feuds. She inadvertently reads his mind; at the same time, he's trying to cope, with her, over all the things they've learned about their future selves. Suddenly, in the woods where Iceman is hanging out, Shi'ar troops attack! Iceman calls out to the team; as they engage in battle, they are systematically neutralized until Jean Grey is captured. Then they fly off. No one knows what is going on; another craft approaches and lands. It's Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and, unfortunately, he realizes he's too late.
002 Guardians of The Galaxy #11.NOW - The events in this issue actually match and lead to the last page of All-New X-Men #22.NOW. Peter Quill is having a drink when a Skrull Shapeshifter, posing as Gamora, knocks him out for a bounty. While in the bazaar, the real Gamora, with Angela, spots him and attacks. Before they can interrogate her, Angela kills the Skrull, but assumes she works for Peter's dad, the King of Spartax. Once on their ship, Rocket tells them that he's been "monitoring" transmissions and got word that the Shi'ar are going after Jean Grey on Earth. Peter attempts to warn the X-Men, but arrives just as she's being captured.
003 All-New X-Men #23 - When Scott wakes up, he's on Starlord's ship, and at the outskirts of the Shi'ar Empire. They tell him that Jean has been captured and they're making plans. Within the empire, Jean Grey is captured and told why. She claims she's never done anything to them, but it doesn't seem to matter. (Ironically, comments throughout this event suggest that this Trial is "Ridiculous", but apparently it's not ridiculous enough to forego the plot of this crossover.) Jean is eventually interviewed by Oracle, another telepath. She senses raw emotions and mostly love for her friends, but still asserts that the Shi'ar will be judging her soon. She warns Jean to watch her temper. Back on the Starlord's Ship, the Shi'ar have found them, they start attacking, having caught them off guard. Fortunately, a new ship arrives to start some trouble: it's the StarJammers. And on the last page, Scott Summers is about to meet...his dad.
004 Guardians of The Galaxy  #12 - Moments of Scott's childhood pass through his eyes when his father and mother saved him and Alex in a crashing plane. Now Scott is face to face with Corsair aka his dad, leading of The StarJammers. Scott has to be alone after he absorbs all this, but X-23 comes by to give him a hug. On Spartax, J-Son is informed of the Grey's capture, also learning that his son is in the middle of all this. He wanted to ignore the whole thing, but now he'll have to get involved. Jean, currently, it still being interviewed. Oracle attempts to give her advice; Jean is still yelling that she didn't do anything wrong. Near the end of the issue, Superguardian is showing the destruction of star systems and planets by The Phoenix; he's listing the accusations against Jean Grey in the middle of a huge arena-style forum. Once finished, he asks her how she pleas, guilty or not guilty!
005 All-New X-Men #24 - Continues immediately from Guardians of The Galaxy #12. Gladiator asks Grey one more time how she pleads. Suddenly, J-Son of Spartax interrupts the procession. He confronts the Imperial leader, revealing that they have been murdering Jean Grey's family bloodline in fear that it might be attracting the Phoenix Force. Somehow, during that intermission, Jean Grey escapes her prison. The Imperial Guard are sent to find her. Back in space, The Starjammers and Guardians send Angela out as a lure. She's gathered and put on a ship that she eventually takes over. Learning Grey's location and getting updated, they arrive to stop Gladiator and his guard as they threaten to assassinate Jean Grey. The fight goes to full force with good action. But suddenly, as detailed on the last page, Jean claims that she's guilty...and a monster.
006 Guardians of The Galaxy #13 - The battle is reclaimed, only this time Jean pulls off some fantastic feat of psychic power. She's risen to an all-new higher level, capable of fighting off SuperGuardian. Now evolved, she blames him for killing off her family line. Oracle immediately intrudes and stops the fight; she says it's over. The X-Men, and company, leave. Once back on Earth, Cyclops tells his team that he's going with his dad and The Starjammers. After some hugs, he leaves. We also see Kitty Pryde getting a little "flirty" with Quill. On the last page, we also see Jean Grey; she's a lot different and maybe be coping with something (non-phoenix) completely different.