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Say it eight times real fast! Spidey's #2 greatest villain!

Otto Octavious. Otto Octavious. Say that three times real fast and you'll get a brief understanding of the difficulty, not just in pronunciation, but in many amazing battles between the web-slinger and the intellectual greatness of the man who became Dr. Octopus.

Although most bad guys tend to fit a mold of greed and insidiousness, Otto was originally a decent, but highly advanced researcher, deeply submerged in his work until an unfortunate explosion bonded his mechanical harness to his spine. Shortly thereafter, the four writhing limbs would fall completely under his command, giving him many advantages in combat, maneuvering, and pure physical leverage. More...

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Chances are she'll blow you away: Marvel's #8 Hottest Lady Mutant.

Although it's not far from fashionable or out of the ordinary, many mutants have deemed it worthwhile to "accessorize", mounting deadly munitions and technological gadgets in their repertoire to support existing, unique powers. Sometimes, though, the addition of gunfire and explosives just fit into their demeanor; it's not because they need it, but because they love it.

That's where Neena Thurman, the wildly voluptuous and flippantly-unpredictable Domino, the mutant lady with the incredible arsenal of firepower combined with unassailable luck, comes into the picture. More...

Rounding out the #8 Spot, Domino takes the stand as one of Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Mutant Ladies of all time. This list is provided by TSL and updates every week until reaching number #1.

Introducing DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird; it's a plan; it''s...just what is it?

I don't know; you tell me. For the most part, we're all enamored by that heroic cape shooting across the sky and emphatically loyal to the blazing streak whizzing through our city streets. But what happens when the Justice League is out running errands? What's a person supposed to do when evil attempts to take over the world?

Questions answered; contained herein are some of the weirdest superheroes ever pulled together to form the DC comic book universe. These aren't your average do-gooders, some of them are downright scary and weird. And what's worse, they have their own problems; some of the most unique, awkward drawbacks which will have you wondering why they're superheroes at all!

Starting at #10, meet The Negative Man and find out why he's infamously known as the 60-second superhero.

DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is a weekly countdown provided by TSL, The Superheroes List, starting at #10 and working down all the way to #1. Enjoy superheroes and comics? Check out the List!

She's Very Attract-tive: Marvel's #9 Hottest Lady Mutant

One name that gets a lot of attention when you say "mutant" is Magneto, the Master of Magnetism. Well, hopefully you've determined that he's not a lady, nor hot. Fortunately for his fans, though, one of his daughters is Lorna Dane and she is considered quite beautiful with green eyes and emerald, cascading hair. Also known as Polaris, she has managed to turn the eye of Iceman and many other males, ultimately showing her affections for Alex Summers (aka, the mutant known as Havok).

Polaris has now joined Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants, debuting at the #9 spot. Interested in seeing the most alluring, daring, and yes, sometimes most deadly, mutant women Marvel Comics have to offer? Check out the List!

Provided by TSL, this countdown starts at #10, counting down weekly until we arrive at the ultimate, most "hot", woman with the X-gene. X-Men, X-Force, and Brotherhood of Evil Mutant fans have nothing to fear; they should all be contained herein.

Tail or Symbiote, he's Spider-Man's #3 greatest super-Villain.

He was once a lowly, hot-headed streetwise private investigator, easily outsmarted by our friendly neighborhood web-slinger. But things changed for Mac Gargan one day when J. Jonah Jameson funded him into a neogenic experimentation, imbuing him with the proportional abilities of the Scorpion, a spider's greatest predator.

From that day forward, Gargan took to the city, haunting Spidey's every move.

Mac Gargan represents the 3rd spot of Spidey's greatest super-villains. If he were just the Scorpion, things would be a little different. But lately, he's undergone some changes...

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Introducing Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants

Let's face it. Those pesky, disturbing mutants with their horrible powers and disfigured looks have been causing a ruckus among Homo Sapiens for an undeterrably long time. They've managed to raze our cities, infiltrate our highest levels of government, and completely ruin simple errands like going to the grocery store. They're hideous!

But wait! That's not entirely true. Not all mutants are equal; some are actually quite beautiful...alluring and, shall we say, gorgeous? Oh heck, let's be honest!

But let's not digress; now it's time to take a serious look. This list is a true compilation, a vivid snapshot of those most recognized and admired mutant ladies; these are the ones, easily known for their feminine wiles, wits, and (ahem) looks. They are woman dubbed at each and every turn as "hot".

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Spider-Man's #4 Top Super-Villain: It's all part of the plan.

To the global markets and political figures of the world, he is Wilson Fisk, entrepreneur and charitable soul, benevolent in the gifts he sprinkles throughout the nation. But known to Spider-Man and a select assortment of do-gooders, this extraordinary mass of physical strength is more appropriately titled The Kingpin, a powerful mastermind of the underworld and crime.

Any Spidey fan will tell you; most of his greatest battles involved Kingpin's manipulations and creations in one form or another.

The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man is a countdown from #10 to #1, weekly, summarizing the worst bad guys that poor ole' Peter Parker every had to face. These are the ones that nearly killed him or put him out of business.

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Marvel's #1 Strangest Superhero: And bring a pie.

Nothing is out of bounds with comic book superheroes; that's why we love them. To the casual reader, they astound and inspire imagination; to the dedicated enthusiast, they represent hours upon hours of enjoyable reading. And, so far, as weird as they get, at least it beats the endless "wascally wabbit" or Tom and Jerry antics.

Doesn't it? Well (sigh!), not anymore. Meet the one-and-only superhero that crossed the boundary between heroic drama and loony tune-like ability.

Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is a list counting down from #10 to #1, with an account of the weirdest and most unique good guys that have appeared under their banner. These aren't your typical ones, these are the people who hang out on the "outskirts" of town. You know - the ones who stretch the imagination and have to life under a different set of rules.

If you're a fan of Marvel comics or interested in some of their most strange characters, check out this list!

Enter: Darwin, Marvel's #2 Most Strange Superhero!

Rounding out the number 2 spot on Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is Darwin, AKA Armando Munez, a unique mutant with the power of super-adaptive evolution.

What makes this child of the atom so special in comparison to mutants like Rogue, Deadpool, and Wolverine? Well, right now he's a Death God! In one of his last battles, his body determined that the only way he could survive the battle against the Asgardian Goddess of Death (Hela), was to evolve him into a being with identical powers.

Now, obviously, elevating to godhood status is a power within itself; now his touch, alone, can kill. But what keeps this superhero on the level of strangess is that we might have only scratched the surface. After all, what happens when he faces Galactus?

Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is a product of TSL, representing a weekly countdown from the top, all the way to the weirdest and most unique good guy at #1. Enjoy countdowns and superheroes? Check out the List! (Be sure to check out next week's update when we reveal the final entry!)

By Odin's Beard! An honest review of THOR!

I decided to wait for the crowd to die down, settling with a weekend screening of the movie, Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth (as the God of Thunder) with co-star Natalie Portman (as love interest, Jane Foster) and let me begin by saying I started with lower expectations.

Yes, I'm a comic book lover and often find myself disagreeing with the critics, but after all, I'm watching a superhero movie because I'm a real fan, not because I want to rate the drama. Ok. Let's be honest, Thor is a difficult character to portray on the screen. He's a god for...god's sake. He dwells in the realm of Asgard where magic surrounds everything. How are you going to resolve a mighty "forsooth" sayer on earth?

Well, Kenneth Branagh did it in my opinion. And I think the key element was that he intermixed a level of humor into the flick while Thor was on earth. Had the blonde god been arrogant the entire film, then I probably would have ceased cheering for him.

But that's it; Branagh knew we didn't want to stand behind an arrogant superhero. Right away, Thor's arrogance does him in. Next thing you know, Odin is flinging him to earth, with the hammer not far behind. The plot? Thor can't regain his godly powers until he is worthy.

And that's where the rest of the story takes off.

Some other Notes:
Acting - It was so-so. (Were we watching this movie for great acting?) Still, I think Hemsworth and Portman did a great job, as well as all the main characters (Anthony Hopkins is Odin).

CGI/Special Effects - While I wasn't overwhelmed, there were very good. The destroyer was well done, and the fight scenes with the Frost Giants went great. There was never a point where it looked cheesy.

"Magic Elements" - The movie identifies magic as a some form of Asgardian Science. This makes for a good concept, because it doesn't completely radicalize the concepts of magic on earth.

The Avengers Movie Tie-In - You'll definately want to see Thor if you're an Avengers fan. Most of you guys and gals will recognize Clint Barton (AKA Hawkeye), the gamma radiation references, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Also be sure to stay after the credits. As you guessed, there's a scene with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) you won't want to miss. It also gives you an idea what the Avenger movie theme will be.

On the scale of Superhero Movies, I'd give Thor a 4 out of 5. But only because the director used some serious skill to pull it all together. It actually made sense and fit into our world (as much as a superhero story can.)

Still could have used more action, though!

Quack! The #3 most strange Marvel Superhero!

Yeap, that's him. Howard the Duck! And he's arriving at #3 on Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes of all time.

Surprised; don't be. How many ducks do you know end up falling through a dimension right, land in Cleveland, Ohio, and end up fighting crime? But that's nothing, Howard's sort of famous; I mean, he did run for president in 76'. And how many superheroes get sued by Disney?

That's Howard the Duck for you. Trapped in a world he never made.

This list is weekly countdown and product of TSL, starting at the top all the down to #1, focusing on some of the weirdest, funniest, and definately the most unique characters to ever grace the Marvel universe. Have an opinion? Want to submit your own idea? Feel free; this content is not exclusive to the writer. Check out the List and tell us who beats who.

Spidey's #6 villain likes to make copies!

Have you ever heard of Dr. Miles Warren, the diabolical Jackal? Back in 1974 he thwarted the wall-crawler at every turn, becoming one of Peter Parker's worst nightmares.

That's because Warren, a professor of biology, learned how to clone. Not just himself, but Pete's old girlfriend (Gwen Stacy) and Spidey himself!

The Jackal appears as #6 on Spider-Man's Top 10 Greatest Villains. We're on a countdown, weekly, all the way to #1, each bad guy becoming more fiendish and maniacal. If you're interested in the details and history behind or favorite wall-crawler enemies: Check out the List!

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