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Spidey Supervillain #7: All the way from the Swamps!

If you're a Spider-Man fan, the answer should be obvious. Let's see; what supervillain first comes to mind when you see an alligator in a swamp?

Ok. Fine! It's The Lizard! But do you know why he's one of the most popular and greatest supervillains ever to face our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler? (It should be easy.)

The Lizard debuts at #7 on The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man, an informative countdown where you can also submit your own choices, which are then voted up or down. This List is provided by TSL and updates every week until we reach #1.

(Anyone know what green superheroes always wear purple pants? I mean c'mon, the Hulk, now the Lizard...what gives?)

A Matter of Numbers: Marvel's 4th Most Strange Superhero

While many superheroes deal with the typical problems of everyday life, there's one that has to be extremely careful. You could say he has a split personality, but even that pun doesn't quite adjust to the magnitude of his powers.

From Marvel's Top 10 Most Strange Superheroes, you are about to meet, good guy #4, a fairly normal looking guy...until you bump into him.

Can you guess who were talking about? Here's another clue: He's probably the only superhero who could start a baseball team, or even a league, by himself.

Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is an ongoing countdown list, which updates weekly and started with #10, heading all the way to #1. What makes it unique is that it allows the reader to add input to the decision. Yes, that's right, you can vote, or even add someone we haven't thought of.

So head on over, check it out. If you really want to know who are the most strange good guys in the Marvel Universe, this is the place.

What's so tough about sand?

Spider-Man's 8th most deadly and tough-to-beat supervillain is Flint Marko, The Sandman, a foe capable of shifting into many forms. Just imagine; how difficult would it be to fight a guy who can become virtually intangible one minute, and as hard as granite the next.

And that's the problem. If all you've got is Spider-powers, you need to become more than agile with webbing. You need to become creative!

Thankfully, Peter Parker is a fairly astue scientist during his offtime. In their first encounter, he came up with the idea of using a vacuum cleaner. (Yes, I know, everybody talks about how strong The Sandman is, and then he's beaten by a Hoover!)

Spider-Man's Top 10 Greatest Villains is a weekly contribution to TSL, updating on a countdown from 10 all the way to his final, most deadly, foe of all. And if you agree or disagree, you can submit your own bad guy. Check this list out!

Marvel's 5th Most Strange Supehero...

Have you figured it out? actually two choices firmly rooted in similar concepts.

Up until now, our strangest superheroes have been (somewhat) human, but today we look at two others, two really weird...guys(??) who can only be explained at the same time, fulfilling the #5 slot on Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes.

What's so unique about these two strangely-powered individuals? Oh no, I'm not going to tell you just yet. You have to come on over and check them out. (Ok, I'll give you a clue: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)

Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is a weekly countdown article provided by TSL that allows observer participation. That means, if you don't like the countdown, you can vote against it; and if you want to submit your own hero, go for it. Check back every Tuesday to see the latest entry!

Mysterio is #9 on Spiderman's Top 10 Greatest Villains

Like Spider-Man movies? Quentin Beck, also known as The Mesmerizing Mysterio, sure does; this hollywood stuntman/hypnotist/master of illusion represents exactly happens when TV goes to your head.

This week, Mysterio is #9 on Spider-Man's Top 10 Greatest Villains, an article that is updating every Friday, on a countdown to number 1.

Check back with The Superheroes List from time to time, we'll have great countdowns and assortments of information on your favorites -- comics, superhero movies, products and items, and generalized trivia.

Check out the List!

Big Bertha is #6 on Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

Appearing as #6 on Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes, Big Bertha, formerly of The Great Lakes Avengers, has now settled in.

Big Bertha has never been one of the more popular superheroes, but she's definately unique in a weird sort of way. After all, she takes eating disorders to a new level.

But that's not fair to Ashley Crawford, not at all, since she's capable of growing large by amassing her gelatinous girth from some unknown dimension.

Head on over to Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes to get a glimpse at the current 5 recipients. We've got only 5 more to go, with a new superhero appearing every Monday. And remember, if you don't like who's on the list, you can always submit your own and try to punt another one off. Good luck!

Intoducing Spider-Man's Top 10 Greatest Foes

Now available for submission and viewing, TSL has submitted The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man, a weekly updated list which starts today at #10 with Kraven the Hunter, and will go on weekly, until arriving at #1.

Did you know Kraven killed Spider-Man? What makes this deadly predator from the jungles so unique in the Spidey villain catalogue? Find out here!

The benefits of submitting a list in this fashion is that it gives viewers the ability to voice and potentially alter the final submissions and arrangement. Who knows? Perhaps one of your opinions will get credited with an entry on this topic.

With the upcoming interests in the new Spider-Man reboot, this comes at a perfect time. Head over and follow the Amazing Spider-Man as we get down to the nitty-gritty; the most deadly, innovative, and thoroughly disturbing villains that poor ole' Peter Parker had to face.

Uhhh...Do You Have Comic Event Fatigue (CEF)?

What happens to you when you hear "Dark Reign"? Civil War? Brightest Day, Blackest Night, Final Crisis? Does it make you cringe or jump for joy?

It's understandable if you are discouraged; the entire comic book industry looks to bring you deeper into their folds, and the release of an event series has a great impact on the buying community. It also gives the readers a lot to speculate over and discuss; now we can gather in internet forums and comic book shops, arguing over spidey's new costume or The Flash wearing a Blue Power Ring.

But these events also create comic book fatigue, and that's the big problem.

Lately, there's been an anti-rally, a cry against Comic Book Events as we've seen them displayed in the past. It turns out many of the readers become unnerved when their favorite character gets rebooted, gaining and losing powers, friends and family (this is also called a "Retcon").

With those people in mind, the real question becomes one of balance: How can the industry put together some really good events, while maintaining the original titles? Here are two points:

1. DC and Marvel may be releasing these events too often and too frequently. The Blackest Night event took a year and flew into The Brightest's been going on for 2 years, with numerous tie-ins and bi-monthly releases. Marvel tried us, no less, with Civil War and Dark Reign.

2. There's some form of "Birth-Death-Rebirth" cycle being overplayed. One day, we have universes trimmed; the next day, those excesses are back with even more complicated twists. (For example, DC brought back Aquaman and Marvel shifted Penance back to Speedball). Initially, there's nothing wrong with a hero returning, but if it starts to become the norm, the comics become harder to follow.

If you enjoy events, don't worry, there's currently two starting up: Marvel has begun Fear Itself and DC is preparing for Flashpoint (The Brightest Day event is almost over). Both intend to have many tie-ins and special titles, but what's more important is how they'll implement their stories. There's been a bit of blowback, and it appears the two industry giants are well-aware of potential reader dissatisfaction. With that in mind, let's see if they've adopted a new strategy...

Superheroes List Contributions Awarded the Purple Star

While running around, back and forth, something pretty cool happened on the way to the superhero base.

It turns out that two of my articles: Captain America vs. Wolverine and Spotlight on the Avengers Movie won Purple Stars from

Captain America vs. Wolverine, on the surface, may appear to be another one of those "popular superhero pitted against superhero" pieces, but it's not. It does some breaking down on Marvel's two iconic figures, with discussions on powers and a sequence of scenarios that allows you to envision different results.

And Spotlight on the Avengers Movie isn't just a fan page. I've brought up some interesting info besides a look at the actors and characters anticipated for the 2012 blockbuster. Other unique elements appearing are a countdown to the movie release, some polling questions, an interesting look at S.H.I.E.L.D. and Samuel L. Jackson, and some cool pics and rumors.

All in all, the beauty of both of these sites is that they are landing pages, not just "one-shot" articles; I keep them up to date, add new information as I receive it, and surpass other articles by simply giving them attention.

The "Purple Star" is an award for writing content excellent with

Thanks everybody for helping The Superheroes List with these awards.