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DC Haunted #3: The Phantom Stranger

Proving both inhuman and supernatural during his adventures in the DC Universe, the Phantom Stranger is one of the most...well, unusually divine, yet haunting characters siding mostly with order and benevolence. What separates him from others is the burden placed on his soul (we're not sure if it is divine or self-imposed, but the Stranger always says he'll be there "when he is needed".) Read More...

Recommended: The Phantom Stranger Collectible

One of the many reasons to harbor an interest in the Phantom Stranger is his...strangeness. Yeah, that's right; he's one of those "dark" figures, like Batman, who never follow the normal rules, but instead show up in the last second unannounced.

Ironically, it's hard to find a lot of Phantom Stranger collectible items. You can pick up his comics, when available, but other than that, you'll have to do a lot of searching to get a T-Shirt or otherwise.

This is a 6 and 1/2 inch tall figure with multiple points of articulation. Adorned in his most recent, traditional garb, the Phantom Stranger wears his trademark suit, dark cloak, and black-banded Fedora., walking the dimension in search of those who need his assistance.

The Phantom Stranger is #3 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a weekly countdown provided by The Superheroes List. As October 31st looms closer, it's time to see the scary side of superheroes, don't you think? So head on over and Check out the List!

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