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Forever Evil's Gone Platinum


Meet Platinum of The Metal Men

The Metal Men are lately part of the Forever Evil event now that Cyborg has been reconstituted and capable of fighting back.

Right: Platinum, The Platinum-bonded, female member of The Metal Men, introducing herself to Will Magnus, her creator. Excerpt from Justice League #28 (2014), part of the Forever Evil event.

In this edition of Dynababes, we're giving you a glimpse of Platinum, the only female member of the Metal Men group. Currently, she's dead!

Wait! Don't worry! There's more to tell!

About six months ago, The Metal Men fought Chemo and sacrificed themselves to destroy the monster. This has been well documented in Justice League #28 (2014). At this point, you were led to believe they were no more.

But at the end of the issue, Will Magnus, creator of the Metal Men has shown Cyborg that the team is actually on Standby; he still has their responsometers and only needs to re-bind them with their liquid-metal counterparts to activate them once more.

The Metal Men team officially consists of: Lead, Tin, Iron, Mercury, Gold, and, well...yes, Platinum. Each member has a level of shape-shifting, but the properties of their specific element gives them additional abilities as well. In addition, the types of metal seem to have formed their personalities.

Welcome! This is a Dynababes Edition contribution which you'll encounter from time to time on The Superheroes List. Sometimes it's a good thing to showcase the superheroes and give a glimpse to what's happening in the world. In any Dynababes submission, the focus is on a super-female. She doesn't have to be all-powerful or glamorous, but she may very well be the star of the show.

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