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There's a Daredevil on the Horizon

High atop the city, a crimson phantom stalks the night, skulking from ledge to ledge. His mission is unknown, but the underworld fears his presence.

Daredevil is one those superheroes; the kind that draws in a level of dark psychology and feeling of despair. And once "The Man Without Fear" is at his lowest ebb, almost defeated, he returns from the shadowy corner, drawing upon unrelenting determination and inhuman resilience.

Recently, we just got word that Fox Studios will be making a Daredevil reboot. It's not that the Ben Affleck version of 2003 sucked; it's simply that Fox wants to keep rights to Daredevil movies. Basically, if they don't put DD in movie, the ownership rights revert to Marvel Studios.

Personally, I'm happy and sad about the prospects. Daredevil always makes for a great movie. In the venue of Batman, and even the Punisher, he fufills an aspect of Dark Justice, not always the do-gooder, facing the dirty and despised underbelly of the broken city. But at the same time, Marvel Stuidios is no slouch; they've been making good flicks lately, including all the prequels leading up to the Avengers Movie.

So, it's like this: I'd love to see a Daredevil movie soon, but I bet it would be better if Marvel Studios made it; you can bet they'd tie it in to their others, anyhow.

In the meantime, while we wait, the best version of DD is the Director's Cut; it's available for purchase at a pretty good price.

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