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Chances are she'll blow you away: Marvel's #8 Hottest Lady Mutant.

Although it's not far from fashionable or out of the ordinary, many mutants have deemed it worthwhile to "accessorize", mounting deadly munitions and technological gadgets in their repertoire to support existing, unique powers. Sometimes, though, the addition of gunfire and explosives just fit into their demeanor; it's not because they need it, but because they love it.

That's where Neena Thurman, the wildly voluptuous and flippantly-unpredictable Domino, the mutant lady with the incredible arsenal of firepower combined with unassailable luck, comes into the picture. More...

Rounding out the #8 Spot, Domino takes the stand as one of Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Mutant Ladies of all time. This list is provided by TSL and updates every week until reaching number #1.

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