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Introducing Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants

Let's face it. Those pesky, disturbing mutants with their horrible powers and disfigured looks have been causing a ruckus among Homo Sapiens for an undeterrably long time. They've managed to raze our cities, infiltrate our highest levels of government, and completely ruin simple errands like going to the grocery store. They're hideous!

But wait! That's not entirely true. Not all mutants are equal; some are actually quite beautiful...alluring and, shall we say, gorgeous? Oh heck, let's be honest!

But let's not digress; now it's time to take a serious look. This list is a true compilation, a vivid snapshot of those most recognized and admired mutant ladies; these are the ones, easily known for their feminine wiles, wits, and (ahem) looks. They are woman dubbed at each and every turn as "hot".

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