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DC Ice-Master #6: Icemaiden

Appearing as one of the first ice-wielding heroes in the DC Universe, Sigrid Nansen of Norwegian descent receives the trophy as Icemaiden, first appearing in Infinity Inc. #32 (1986, but technically her character did appear in Super Friends #9 in the 70s). The child of a leading scientist in the government, she underwent a series of experiments that granted her the power to freeze objects and generate frozen shapes. One of her most unique abilities was to fashion icy armor as a form of protection. Read More...

Sigrid Nansen, Icemaiden, is #6 on DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice, a frosty countdown provided by The Superheroes List, indicating their most notorious characters of the snow and cold. If this puts you in the wintery spirit, Check out the List!

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