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DC Ice-Master #8: The Cryonic Man

In the era of 50s and the Cold War, one of the concerns of the United States was Nuclear Holocaust; wars, radiation and a post-apocalyptic world filled the media in response. Comic books were not to be outdone and in one such case, adopting the hysteria into the plot behind their villain, DC introduced us to Philip (last name unknown) of the Niles Raymond Project. It was these very designs, protective and benevolent at first, that preserved the group's life, but would also become the dark, horrible secret that turned him into The Cryonic Man. Read More...

The Cryonic Man is #8 on DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice, a countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List up to and during the weeks of Winter. If you like finding out who some of the unique superheroes and villains are in the world of the cold and you're a fan of comic books, Check out this List!

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