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DC Ice-Master #2: Mr. Freeze

First appearing in Batman #121 (1959), Dr. Victor Fries has been one of the hallmark super-villains in the world of ice and cold. Although he mostly fought the caped crusader, he was solo among the frost-themed users, wielding a "cold" gun that could surround and immerse his victims in an icy tomb. Back in the day, his appearance was typically fraught with humorous anecdotes and a comical backdrop. Read More...

Victor Fries, the coldly-remembered, Mr. Freeze, is #2 on DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice, a countdown provided by The Superheroes List. This article takes a look at all those cold-wielding good and bad guys of DC Comics and presents them in an order of popularity. If you like this concept, Check out the List!

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