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Osborn: "We Have A Man On The Inside"

If you've been following The New Avengers since the Fear Itself event, then you learned about Norman Osborn's escape from The Raft. Luke Cage and team were transferring the former Director of HAMMER when loyalists secured him away.

Yes, it was an unfortunate situation, but more importantly, it didn't make sense. Everything was in place and they even used Dr. Strange as a decoy. As the reader continues through the series, we then learned there's a mole within the team. Norman Osborn, in New Avengers #19 (2012) said so himself when he stated "We have a man on the inside."

Now lets be honest, the natural inclination is to join with Spidey in his suspicion of Victoria Hand. If you think she's the one Stormin' Norman is referring to, you can't be blamed; she was working for him back in the days of his Dark Reign.

But here's something you may have missed. Observe the following panels:

In New Avengers #16.1 (2011), Ms. Marvel cuts off  the Southwest Loading Dock, but is then, surprisingly, seen...with nothing.

In New Avengers #17 (2011), a miniaturized rocket carrying a sample of Wolverine's DNA flies off and Ms. Marvel is called on to go after it. She fails. Once again, Norman's plans succeed with a little luck.

Or was it luck at all?

This is obviously for a little entertainment and hyperbole, but Ms. Marvel seems to be the consistent weak link. Do you think Osborn could have turned her? Or is it her at all? Victoria Hand may be the obvious scapegoat or could just as easily be Dr. Washingon; I'm just telling you to keep an eye on the blonde in the skimpy outfit.

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