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Stormwatch vs. Evil Stormwatch


Time To Choose Sides

~Excerpt from Stormwatch #16 (2013)

Stormwatch is under assault from...Stormwatch! Or should we say "Evil Stormwatch"?

Although many believed Harry Tanner, The World's Greatest Swordsman, to be dead, he's secretly been planning his return to Stormwatch as their leader. The problem, however, is Midnighter. Harry knows that he could see through his disguise - as a Shadow Lord - and warn the others.

Unfolding in Stormwatch #16, the forces of Apollo, Midnighter, Jenny Quantum, Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, and The Projectionist are going to be tested for loyalty. This will break them apart. Who has sided with Tanner? And who will survive?

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