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Franklin Richards and Manifold


Chronal Power #1: Reality Manipulation

~Excerpt from Fantastic Four #587(2011)

After all the incredible powers demonstrated and available to superheroes in the timestream, you might have to wonder what could possibly be left to the imagination? Could there be any powers greater than the ones already explained? We've seen heroes who go back in time, call versions of themselves from the temporal future, react to chronal disturbances, and even mutants whose powers subconsciously cause chronal anomalies. So what's left?

Well here it is! In the final listing of temporal super powers, the number one greatest among them is the ability to bend, shape...twist, turn, and pull, the time-space continuum. It's best known as Reality Manipulation and it changes everything.

Gifted to very few individuals, this power has vast and incredible. And as to possibilities, only two heroes up to this point have shown us what it can do.

Manifold aka Eden Fasi, an Aborigine from Down Under, is able to move anyone, anywhere, and in any time. His humble beginnings initiated as a student of Gateway (previously mentioned). The extent of Eden's ability has yet to be tested, but it appears that moving into the past or future is as normal as walking up a series of steps. Eden started with Nick Fury's Secret Warriors, but as of recent, he is now on the Avenger's Roster.

The greatest of all currently known Reality Manipulators is Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Susan Richards of the Fantastic Four. He's been identified as an Omega-Level Mutant and has used his abilities to travel back and forth, meet with himself, and send enemies away. That's nothing, though. Franklin created his own "pocket universe" on one occasion, serving as an alternate reality; he even made Galactus his Herald in a battle against Celestial Gods.

With the appearance of superheroes of this magnitude, the Comic Book writers are taking on a heavy burden. It's always difficult to find challenges of a great magnitude for our protagonist while simultaneously making the character interesting. After all, when you have powers on this level, you could obliterate histories and realities without even trying.

Chronologically correct and temporally precise, this is the final installment of The Top 10 Temporal Super Powers, a Countdown of Time-Wielding Abilities and Characters provided by The Superheroes List Want to see more? It's about TIME! Read the List!

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