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The Consequences of Wolverine


Lesson #1: Never Shoot Wolverine.

~Excerpt from All-New X-Men #7 (2013)

...It just makes him mad. Just about everyone knows who Wolverine is nowadays; so when he walks into the bank and threatens you, you might want to think twice before shooting him in the face.

From All-New X-Men #7, part of the Marvel NOW! event, the younger version of Scott Summers has been brought to our era. He's traveled time to meet with his present self and convince him to change his ways.

But much like a kid in a candy store, this youthful Scott is wide-eyes and not so certain of himself. And Wolverine, unfortunately, has to play babysitter.

And if you've read the issue, then you know that pretending to be Wolverine is a power of its own.

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