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Iron Man Villain #10: The Living Laser


Anti-Iron-Man Tech Has Always Been Popular, After All

~The Latest Incarnation of The Living Laser Armor, from The Invincible Iron Man #155 (2012), part of the Shattered Heroes event.

When you delve into an Iron Man comic book, one of the things you'll confront is the list of opposing technologies Stark has to face on a day-to-day basis. Because his identity is public, the villains come at him through both portals. Sometimes they hit him on the battlefield, other times it's in a court of law or judicial impositions.

Arthur Parks aka The Living Laser represents the culmination of this Anti-Iron Man tech he fought in all-out brawls over the years. And although he's going to appear alone in this list, you could accompany him with the likes of other low-rated tech villains such as Blizzard, The Titanium Man, Controller, and Whiplash, to name a few. Each of them also developed very unique powers based on their own technological research.

The Living Laser therefore, appears here at the Number 10 spot and covers the whole host of enemies that Iron Man has faced multiple times, almost beating him. Arthur Parks originally was a Physics scientist specializing in lasers, ultimately having photon diodes implanted within his skin. Starting as a suit of weapons, he eventually "upgraded" and as a side effect, became impermeated with photon energy.

Arthur's first appearance was Avengers #34 (1966), but he later became a specialized enemy of the Golden Avenger with numerous appearances. Among his many powers are insubstantial form, holograms, laser beams, and the ability to travel at light speeds.

They may be tough, they may be rough, but boy do they hate Armored Superheroes! This is The Top 10 Villains of Iron Man, a Countdown of Stark's Greatest Foes provided by The Superheroes List, in tribute to the Iron Man 3 movie. Want to see who put him on the map? Read The List!

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