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The Battle of The Atom Reading Order


October 21, 2013: In response to the emails and requests in the last week, I've added the X-Men: Battle of The Atom Reading Order and Summary Page. It's basically a two-month shot because it started in September and will end the last week in October 2013.

Here's a quick summary if you haven't been follow (non-spoiler version): The All-New X-Men is a title that's been out since Marvel NOW! 2012; it features the original five X-Men consisting of Scott, Warren, Jean Grey, Bobby, and Hank, being teleport to our present day by our furry-lovin Beast. His goal is to use these teenagers as symbols to show our current mutants how to live in harmony.

But this event shows that messing with the time-space continuum can cause some very hazardous side effects; that's exactly what you'll find out as characters from the future appear, attempting to right some wrongs.

It's crazy, but's The X-Men. You'll get your taste of Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and some unlikely characters that you'd never expect. Read it now!

Click Here for the Battle of The Atom Reading Order

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