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Slipstream and Gateway


Chronal Power #5: Temporal Displacement

~Slipstream, from X-Treme X-Men #14 (2002)

The 7th power was Temporal Summoning, the ability to call people from the timeline. The 6th power was Temporal Distortion, the changing of the rates of time. Now that we understand those incredible abilities, we can move along to the next awesome phase of our chronology: Temporal Displacement! Based on physics and the consensus that time and space are related, we're beginning to get into the real red meat of Time Control. It only follows that those who can manipulate time, also have a fundamental relationship to reality as we know it. (That's why we now call it the Time-Space Continuum.)

Dispacement means teleportation, and those who can temporally displace are able to teleport through time as well as space.

Slipstream, aka Davis Cameron, was a mutant capable of generating a "warp wave". The true extent of his abilities were never actualized, but he could blow a hole in reality and ride it to his next destination. In all likelihood, this Australian-born superhero - had he continued in his career before M-Day (The day almost all mutants were neutered) removed his powers -  he would have evolved into a time-surfer. Davey's first appearance was X-Treme X-Men #6 (2001).

Gateway is another time-space teleporter, and -you guessed it - another mutant who has been associated with the X-Men for years. His first appearance was Uncanny X-Men #229 (1988), a silent, unnamed aborigine who used his bull-roarer to create dimensional rifts.

In the guises of Temporal Displacement, the key is the ability to teleport; once the hero starts moving across distances, the probability is that time travel is next. Please note, though, that not all teleporters are equal. For example, Nightcrawler, a popular figure of the X-Men, teleports by using a psionic link through the realm of Limbo, which doesn't correlate to this subject matter.

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