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The Evil, Insidious, Spider-Man


Should He Be Killed?

~Amazing Spider-Man #699 (2013)

Who's this mysterious villain, hanging on to life with only a few hours left? And why are we rooting for him to capture Spider-Man?

If you've missed the recent revelations of Amazing Spider-Man #698-699, a fiendish plot has been uncovered, a trap so diabolical it may destroy Peter Parker's legacy forever. And it was accomplished by one of his greatest arch-enemies, the figure shown in this picture above. Do you know who it is?

Here's a big hint: It's Peter Parker! (Or is it?)

The latest issue is too big, too evil, and too villainous to spoil. And the last page sums up the inevitability of our hero. There's only 700 minutes left before the Spider-Man you gone.

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