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Doctor Octopus Finishes Spider-Man


And The Worst Happens!

~Excerpt from Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 (2013)

There's been lots of clues, even spoilers out there, and it's all been culiminating to Superior Spider-Man #1, an issue coming out in January 2013. Previously released in December 2012, Peter Parker met his fate, defeated by Doctor Octopus.

The story has been building up over the last couple of years, finally exploding as a new title emerging from the Marvel NOW! event. For those of you following the Web-Crawler, he's been fighting Otto Octavius to prevent the villain from destroying the world. We thought he won!

But in a villainous plot of uncanny proportions, Doc Ock had another agenda. His body had been failing and we thought it was only months before he would succumb to natural (yes, I said natural) causes. Little did we know, he was preparing Peter Parker as his new host.

Obviously this new...dare we say "Superior" Spider-Man is going to cause an uproar with fans. But for now, Parker is history...

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