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Captain America: Living Legend Reading Order

Captain America - Living Legend: Limited Series
Old Comrades of WWII, But Not In This Era

Start: Oct 2013
End: Nov 2013

With roots tracing from the archives of World War II, Steve Rogers aka Captain America meets a former comrade of the Russian Allies, Sergeant Volkov. It has been almost half a century, both men are changed, one the embodiment of United States, the other a mysterious enigma plaguing his homeland.

In this 4-Issue Limited Series, Captain America - Living Legend, Cap and Volkov meet, uncovering more mysteries. What dark tragedy occurred during the Soviet Space Program? What is the Dead Zone that horrifies them now? Only with the Shield-Slinger's help, will they live to share this tale.

Captain America - Living Legend (01 of 4) - Starting with a recap near the end of the WWII, Hitler is surrounded and the Nazi forces are about to surrender. Far into the Bavarian Alps, Sergeant Volkov of the Russian Allies murders his wounded Commander and leads his troops into a German Outpost. He is wounded and his troops are about to be obliterated when Captain America and an American Squad reinforce them. The Nazis are taken prisoner, countering Volkov's belief that they should be killed. After blowing their way into the bunker, they find many Weirmacht prisoners and a valuable prize: a Nazi Rocket Scientist important to both governments. Suddenly Volkov is shot by a stray Nazi bullet and all goes dark. The issue then shifts to the 60's; Volkov is alive thanks to Captain America's help and is now a Cosmonaut for the Soviets. He is sent into space and the scene closes on that note. The next panel shows the DEUS experiment (Dark Energy Utilization System) designed to provide sustainable - renewable energy. During its activation, something goes wrong; it becomes too strong. Suddenly, the ship reacts as if alive. Three hours later, on the SHIELD Helicarrier Oblivion, Captain America is briefed to go into Russian territory, a deadzone - where military units are attempting to intercept DEUS wreckage. His only clue to what may have brought the vessel down is VOLKOV.

Captain America - Living Legend (2 of 4) - The Russians head to the area, notoriously noted as a "Dead Zone" they have been avoiding for years. They believe it's too coincidental to be an accident. When they arrive at one of their outposts, all the men are dead, but at their own hands! The issue then changes to Captain America's perspective; in a low orbit over the territory, his craft goes "dead" and he has to make an emergency landing. Surviving, he makes his way to the coordinates of the DEUS debris to find Doctor Lauren Fox, lead scientist of the program. Alive, he begins coordinating her rescue and their escape from Russian interrogations. The issue also takes a brief visit into 1968 when Cosmonaut Volkov and two comrades are in space over the dark side of the moon. Somehow, he becomes possessed and releases the air locker, shooting them out into space. The shuttle lands back in USSR territory. The military intercepts, opens the hatch, and are then killed by the horrifying visage of Volkov. Switching back to Captain America, he and Fox have located the DEUS  wreckage; it has fallen on top of Russian launch facility. Noticing no sign of military activity, they search around to discover a metallic monster composed, or fused, of the DEUS wreckage. Cap uses his knowledge of the ship to destroy it with a carefully place shield throw. Rogers now realizes that the technology Fox built helped create this monstrosity; it must be destroyed. But elsewhere, within the facility, Volkov smiles and waits knowing that Captain America is coming.

Captain America - Living Legend (3 of 4) - At the beginning of this issue, we are taken back to the 1970s where Volkov is being studied. All around him, men have been killing himself. He's trying to stop it from happening, but can't. At present, the Minister of Science is trying to coerce his Russian General to get his men in there and confiscate the technological wonders that have fallen into their lap. The General basically says this is suicide. As his men advance, they start fusing with the metal around and become monsters. Captain America jumps into the scene, throwing his shield and destroying them. The shield appears to be extremely effective because of its vibranium alloys. Using this knowledge, Fox makes a plan that has Cap lead the team inside to shut down the DEUS reactor. At this time, Captain America learns that Volkov is still alive and has become a horrid monster, causing people to kill themselves. They head inside and the monsters start attacking. Cap throws his shield, killing them, but also losing it when it burst through a wall to the outside. As soon as this happens, Cap begins to transform into a monster.

Captain America - Living Legend (4 of 4) - The Russians want to shoot Captain America, but Fox holds them off. Apparently Volkov is aware of Cap's transformation and wants to keep him alive for later. This abates the transformation and now Cap is fine. Fox and the soldiers grab laser weapons and Cap runs off. Although they think he's abandoned them, he's actually going back for his shield. When he returns, he gives it to Fox and tells her to get that reactor offline. Captain America then goes deep into the installation and finds Volkov; this is the showdown we knew would happen. Once confronted, he learns that Volkov is host to an ancient dark-energy creature that simple wants to die. It doesn't know how to and the echos from it cause others to commit suicide. Outside the space our its "children", causing chaos; they were born when the DEUS came online. Volkov tries to get Captain America to kill him, but Cap refuses until he starts to turn the gun on himself. Then he blows a hole in Volkov's head. Fox manages to get the DEUS offline in the meantime, resolving the story. At the end, the Minister of Science shows back up, furious that the soldiers have nothing to turn over. The Russian General punches him in the face and than asks for Political Asylum.

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