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The Indestructible Hulk, Woes of Eiderdurm


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Indestructible Hulk #6 (Starts a new chapter where Banner is still working for SHIELD. Banner equips his team and, using a sliver of the enchanted Uru metal, they create a portal to the mythical realm of Jotenheim, home of the Frost Giants. While there, he hopes to find and acquire a legengary substance known as Eiderdurm. After traveling a few minutes, though, they are met with Thor Odinson, who appears in a much older version of his costume. Thor warns them that the giants will attack soon, but - too late - they attack. Banner is frozen, but soon Hulk's out. Thor is knocked away from his hammer at some point and Hulk struggles, eventually lifting it. Now worthy, he wields the power of Thor.)
 Indestructible Hulk #7 (Continues from the previous issue. Mjolnir lifted, Hulk and the Frost Giants believe he has Thor's power. It turns out to be a farce; the weapon, called by Thor, is returning to its master. Then the battle takes hold again. Preparing to lose, the Giants capture one of Bruce's team and creates an illusion to stay with them. Patricia, another member of the team, is secretly preparing suicide by staying around the Hulk, but is thwarted when he saves her. After the Giants flee, Bruce realizes why Thor doesn't recognize him. They didn't only travel to Jotenheim, but moved into the past. Their portal is now destroyed or closed by SHIELD, but Bruce isn't sure. He tells the team to continue on their mission, not knowing that they are being watched in secret.) 
Indestructible Hulk #8 (Continues from the previous issue. While resting, Banner tells Patricia that he's learned her secret: she's dying of a brain degeneration and is with him hoping her demise will be accidental for insurance purposes. This doesn't sway Patricia at all and she stalks off. Later, using special bottles to hold the Eiderdurm, and with the help of Thor's hammer, they open a portal back to Earth. That's when the Frost Giant reveals himself and calls on his clan to start the Midgard invasion. Unfortunately for them, SHIELD is waiting on the other side with guns. Thor, and now a Hulk-out Banner, join forces as they take out the Frost Giants. Patricia and the rest of the group seem very intent now on surviving the ordeal. And once the battle is over, they return to their domain, leaving the God of Thunder to await new adventures.)

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