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Damian, Son of Batman, Reading Order


What if Things Were Different When Batman Died?

Start: October 2013
End: January 2014

Forget the continuity of Batman Incorporated. Forget Batman #666. Forget Leviathan. Forget that Damian was killed. In this unique 4-issue limited series, you're going to see a different take on Damian Wayne, the true son of Batman, written by Andy Kubert.

Plot: Taking his rightful place as Robin, Damian and his father go out on a mission when the unexpected happens and Batman is killed. Now he is forced to handle the villainous elite on his own terms by donning the mantle of The Dark Knight.

Provided here is a simple Summary Page on the Limited Series Damian, Son of Batman. It will continue the Reading Order - even though unnecessary - and a synopsis of each issue.

Status: Complete
Reading Order
001 Damian, Son of Batman #1
002 Damian, Son of Batman #2
003 Damian, Son of Batman #3
004 Damian, Son of Batman #4

Detailed Summaries

Damian, Son of Batman #1 - Book One: Next of Kin. Begins the Series. On a routine mission, Batman and Robin begin examining a pile of bodies strewn about at the Gotham Docks. They search until Batman comes upon a smiling fish. Suddenly, before Damian can stop his father, it explodes. The Boy Wonder wakes up hours later and finds his father under wreckage. When he digs him out, he realizes that Batman is dead. Weeks later, after attending the funeral, Damian travels to Isle Murjeno, home to his grandfather and The League of Assassins. There, he meets with his mother, Talia, and Ra's al Ghul. He asks them for help, but is denied. Ra's then informed him that his ties to the League is severed and that he should don the cowl of The Dark Knight, becoming the next Batman. Damian returns home and begins seeking revenge. Multiple criminals are claiming they killed Batman, but there is nothing from The Joker. One by one, he begins killing them. Confused about his moral responsibility, he goes to a church and makes confession. He's then faced with the Code of Justice his father upheld, but leaves in anger. Next, in Wayne Manor, Alfred confronts Damian about the criminal killings. This angers him again; he heads down to the Bat-Cave, preparing to leave, when he's suddenly intercepted by...Bruce Wayne!
Damian, Son of Batman #2 - Book Two: Hierarchy. Continues immediately from the previous issue. Outraged, Bruce Wayne barrels down on Damian. We now see that Bruce is much older. (The plot doesn't make it readily available about how much time has passed or if this story started farther in the future). In the struggle, it's clear he doesn't want Damian to don the cowl of Batman, but in the strugged, Damian shoots his father, piercing him through the chest, with his grapple gun. Now Bruce Wayne is barely alive. Damian flees for a bit, and returns with a modified Batman suit, vowing to rethink his ways and honor the legacy. He heads to Arkham Asylum and, after finding some clues in the Joker cell, goes after Professor Pyg. Meanwhile, back at the Manor, it appears one of Pyg's nurses are watching over Bruce. In the last few pages, Damian is facing some Dolltrons and gets thrown out a window.
Damian, Son of Batman #3 - Book Three: If Animals Could Talk. Alfred, still fulfilling his role as a familial protector, fishes Damian out of the river, working on his wounds and keeping him alive.After some surgery, Alfred collapses during dinner and "somehow" assumes the identity of a cat, talking to Damian. They discuss Professor Pyg which gives Damian new energy. He heads out and thwarts the Jackanapes gang, working for Pyg. Afterwards, he goes to confession; now the appearance is that there is something mysterious with the Priest, who disappears after revealing too much information he shouldn't know. Damian heads back to the Manor, talks with the Cat, and later finds that his dad is mission. A Joker card is all that's left behind. He heads back to the place where Batman was killed in issue #1, and finds a new "Joker" with thugs ready to attack and Wayne in his capture.
The Plot Thus Far: In case you think you're insane, you're not. Most people will have great difficulty following this story. The Batman who died in issue #1 was Dick Grayson; this is implied in issue #3. Bruce Wayne gave up his mantle to Grayson by the time of this story.
Damian, Son of Batman #4 - Book Four: Full Circle. Damian attacks and although overwhelmed, manages to slow his anger and fury. He's trying to keep his promise to his dad. He defeats this Joker and leaves with Wayne, but from behind, the True Joker emerges - apparently he's still alive. Things are muddled throughout this story, but eventually, we get the sense that Damian has passed the test; he's now accepted the role as the next Batman as he goes out to face more villains.

Editorial Note: Normally I'd give any story I catalog a fighting chance. I did not not think Damian, Son of Batman was a good series. I do not recommend it. It's clueless and steeped in distraction. There were too many loose ends - It appeared to be put together half-heatedly. The artwork was decent, but the plot seemed shallow.


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