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Intoducing Spider-Man's Top 10 Greatest Foes

Now available for submission and viewing, TSL has submitted The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man, a weekly updated list which starts today at #10 with Kraven the Hunter, and will go on weekly, until arriving at #1.

Did you know Kraven killed Spider-Man? What makes this deadly predator from the jungles so unique in the Spidey villain catalogue? Find out here!

The benefits of submitting a list in this fashion is that it gives viewers the ability to voice and potentially alter the final submissions and arrangement. Who knows? Perhaps one of your opinions will get credited with an entry on this topic.

With the upcoming interests in the new Spider-Man reboot, this comes at a perfect time. Head over and follow the Amazing Spider-Man as we get down to the nitty-gritty; the most deadly, innovative, and thoroughly disturbing villains that poor ole' Peter Parker had to face.

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