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Spidey Supervillain #7: All the way from the Swamps!

If you're a Spider-Man fan, the answer should be obvious. Let's see; what supervillain first comes to mind when you see an alligator in a swamp?

Ok. Fine! It's The Lizard! But do you know why he's one of the most popular and greatest supervillains ever to face our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler? (It should be easy.)

The Lizard debuts at #7 on The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man, an informative countdown where you can also submit your own choices, which are then voted up or down. This List is provided by TSL and updates every week until we reach #1.

(Anyone know what green superheroes always wear purple pants? I mean c'mon, the Hulk, now the Lizard...what gives?)

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