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Superheroes List Contributions Awarded the Purple Star

While running around, back and forth, something pretty cool happened on the way to the superhero base.

It turns out that two of my articles: Captain America vs. Wolverine and Spotlight on the Avengers Movie won Purple Stars from

Captain America vs. Wolverine, on the surface, may appear to be another one of those "popular superhero pitted against superhero" pieces, but it's not. It does some breaking down on Marvel's two iconic figures, with discussions on powers and a sequence of scenarios that allows you to envision different results.

And Spotlight on the Avengers Movie isn't just a fan page. I've brought up some interesting info besides a look at the actors and characters anticipated for the 2012 blockbuster. Other unique elements appearing are a countdown to the movie release, some polling questions, an interesting look at S.H.I.E.L.D. and Samuel L. Jackson, and some cool pics and rumors.

All in all, the beauty of both of these sites is that they are landing pages, not just "one-shot" articles; I keep them up to date, add new information as I receive it, and surpass other articles by simply giving them attention.

The "Purple Star" is an award for writing content excellent with

Thanks everybody for helping The Superheroes List with these awards.

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