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A Matter of Numbers: Marvel's 4th Most Strange Superhero

While many superheroes deal with the typical problems of everyday life, there's one that has to be extremely careful. You could say he has a split personality, but even that pun doesn't quite adjust to the magnitude of his powers.

From Marvel's Top 10 Most Strange Superheroes, you are about to meet, good guy #4, a fairly normal looking guy...until you bump into him.

Can you guess who were talking about? Here's another clue: He's probably the only superhero who could start a baseball team, or even a league, by himself.

Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is an ongoing countdown list, which updates weekly and started with #10, heading all the way to #1. What makes it unique is that it allows the reader to add input to the decision. Yes, that's right, you can vote, or even add someone we haven't thought of.

So head on over, check it out. If you really want to know who are the most strange good guys in the Marvel Universe, this is the place.

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