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Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom


Iron Man Villain #7

~Excerpt from Iron Man Legacy of Doom #1 (2008)

One concept of Iron Man that captures his readers is the capability of his armor. We always wonder how good he is compared to other armored foes. We also want to see his technology pitted against other geniuses of the age. This is a very old, but consistently updating argument because, year by year, technology and science have brand new innovations. Stark, therefore, has his work cut out for him; to stay the top dog "iron man" superhero, he has make sure his suit is cutting edge.

You'll notice that many of Iron Man's foes are likewise armored. You've already met The Ghost and Crimson Dynamo; and this same argument explains why jaws dropped when Doctor Doom, one of Marvel's greatest super-villains, shifted his gaze to Stark Industries, and became one of his greatest enemies.

Typically known as the Ruler of Latveria, Victor Von Doom is also armored, iron-grey is color with swathes of green. Doctor Doom and Iron Man first faced off in the Doomquest Saga, beginning with Iron Man #149 (1981). It was a simple fight over Stark processors, fairly purchased, to the tyrant. Tony, however, cancelled the shipment, fearing what the ruler might do with his technology. And since then, it's been bad blood.

Besides being a quintessential of Marvel, Doom shows up only occasionally to face the Avenger; after their first meeting, it was a hundred issues later (Iron Man #249) before the rematch. And it's not frequency that puts him on this list, but the popularity of the two powerhouses when they battle. Comic Book fans love it. That's because Doom is perfectly-positioned to oppose Stark on many levels. Both have suits, both are brilliant, and where Tony is a billionaire, Victor is a wealthy monarch with his own kingdom. Perhaps Doom's edge is his mastery of Sorcery, but one thing is certain, when the two come to blows, there's certain to be sparks flying.

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