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The Requiem of Damian Wayne


The Fall of the Next Robin

Damian Wayne, son of Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, and wearer of the "Robin" mantle, died in Batman Incorporated #8 (2013). It was not entirely a spoiler since DC Comics began revealing the information in a press release and on their website beforehand. Afterwards, it's been a little divided; fans mourn the loss of another sidekick, and most expect he'll return in some form or another.

Left: The cover of Batman Incorporated #8 (2013), featuring Damian Wayne and "RIP".

What occurs after Damian's death, though, is the focus of this Summary Page. Known as "Robin's Requiem" or plainly, Requiem, we're going to go over the issues that are paying homage to the now deceased heir of The Dark Knight.

The Rundown: In Batman Incorporated #8, Gotham City has now been overrun by Leviathan, a villainous organization where Talia al Ghul, Damian's mother, sits at the center and a mysterious figure known as The Heretic, acts as one of its leading agents. Ironically, he is a clone of Damian with an altered physiology that aged him to adulthood. At the time of the issue, Batman has already been captured and tortured by Talia, with Red Robin, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon in the field fighting for Gotham's survival.

Damian, ignoring orders to stay out of the battle, armors up and flies into fight, eventually pairing up with Nightwing in a battle against The Heretic. It is a gruesome encounter; Leviathan converts are shooting arrows as they square off. Nightwing is knocked out of commission and it's ultimately up to Damian. Unfortunately, it doesn't go well. Damian even breaks his oath not to kill, shooting an arrow into Heretic's back. But it is no good. Eventually Heretic gets a handhold on him, breaks his back and runs him through with a sword. In the final scene, we see Batman kneeling on the ground with his son in his arms.

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The comprised list is not meant to be a Reading Order. Although being called a mini-crossover, they are organized to tie the Requiem story together.

Last Update:  03/27/2013

The Reading List

Batman Incorporated #9<--Released: 03/27/2013
Teen Titans #18<--Released: 03/27/2013
Batgirl #18
Batman and Robin #18
Batman #18
World's Finest #10
Red Hood and The Outlaws #18
Nightwing #18
Catwoman #18

Including Spoilers

Batman Incorporated #9 (This is the best issue to start the Reading Order based on the relationship it has to Damian's death. Starting out with Bruce Wayne and the rest of the Robins at Damian's funeral, the story then goes into past and present shots of Batman's fight against The Heretic. The issue also cover's Knight's death and the new team of Ranger and Squire, (where Ranger becomes the new Knight) as well as the Incorporated's move to hide underground while Leviathan controls the city.)

Teen Titans #18 (Tim Drake starts out the story arriving in Batman's Cave in a black suit, so he probably is going to Damian's funeral. He has some words with Alfred and then the story cuts to the Teen Titans story arc. Tim then tricks his team into invading Belle Reeve where he sets up a deal with Amanda Waller. They fight the Suicide Squad briefly, until Waller and Tim reveal their agreement. At the end of the issue, though, is the surprise, and that's when Trigon appears over the skies.)

Batgirl #18 (Barbara Gordon's story barely intertwines with the Requiem, except that she's been notified. In The Mask of Ashes, her brother James is playing a cat-and-mouse game; he's psychotic and even attempted to deal with The Joker in the past. After surviving a fiery building collapse, Barbara is notified by her father that Robin has died. She calls Dick Grayson, but he tells her that now is not the time and he'll call her back. Afterwards, she continues on the hunt for her brother, who leads her to an abandoned house where he plants a cell phone. When she opens the door to see it, there is also a bloody bat nailed to the wall and a message "Hello Barbara, Nice Try". James is actually in a house on the other side of the street. He calls their mother and threatens to kill Batgirl if she doesn't meet with him.)

Batman and Robin #18 (A powerful issue, the entire comic book is printed without words or dialogue. Bruce Wayne starts off brooding over the loss of his son, wandering through the house. He finally decides to patrol as Batman, all the while having images of Robin next to him. He goes on rampage of sorts, even accidentally wrecking a light post with the Batmobile, and finally returns home to find a message in his son's locker. On it, Damian tells his father how he helped him live a better life. This causes Bruce to scream out in rage. He lashes out as Robin's clothing and effects are scattered throughout the cave.)

Batman #18 (Centering on a girl named "Harper", the daughter of a thug Batman put away. She's been tracking The Dark Knight attempting to fit herself into his lifestyle, much in the way of earlier Robins. After visiting her dad with her brother, she goes out on the hunt and realizes that something is eating away at Batman; he hasn't slept in days and he's getting sloppy. Finally after one encounter with Venom-infused dogs, she intervenes and helps put them down. Batman, though, doesn't take it kindly, lashes out at her, and leaves. The next day, she heads to Wayne Enterprises and leaves a message for Bruce Wayne, telling him she fears that Batman may need help. Later, Batman finds Harper and gives her his version of an apology. He tells her he's going to take care of himself. On the last page, we learn the message is "Resolve".)

Detective Comics #18 (Batman, having survived the Death of The Family event, faces threats in the form of The Penguin and Victor Zsasz. He stops briefly during the issue at his son's grave. The rest of the issue deals with him attempting to find a way to incarcerate Penguin. For the most part, Oswald Cobblepot is untouchable, but Batman manages to acquire surveillance video showing Osward breaking into a secreted weapon's cache. Normally Oswald would have lawyers to get him out of this mess, but Zsasz has murdered them at the behest of Oswald's former assistant, Ogilvy, now calling himself the Emporer Penguin. He's betrayed Cobblepot and take over all his assets.)

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World's Finest #10 (While Kara is causing what appears to be "natural" disasters to Holt Industries resources, Helena is attempting to break into Holt's computer network.  During the issue, though, Kara tells her that Damian didn't make one of their rendezvous checks and she learns that he has died and is buried on the Wayne Manor grounds. She almost encounters Batman, but is not ready; Kara flies her off before the unfortunate meeting can occur. The story then resumes and someone, clearly an imposter, posing a Holt appears and tells officials that everything is fine, even though his labs are getting destroyed. By the end of the issue, though, Helena reveals what she's learned: Power Girl was having an affair with Michael Holt.)

Nightwing #18 (Dick Grayson starts this issue at Damian's grave, reminiscing his affection for the young Robin. After leaving, he meets with Sonia to help cool his demeanor. It doesn't help much, and he later runs into Batman, who is waiting for him. The Dark Knight tells Dick to suit up and leads him to a location where "The Dealer", an auctioneer of illegal superhero merchandize, is selling his dad's Flying Grayson outfit. Dick breaks into the event and disrupts it, causing a fire. The Dealer escapes, but no one is harmed. Later, Dick returns to Damian's grave and leaves a special token - a video game - by the tombstone. He resumes meeting Sonia again, and suddenly learns that Tony Zucco, his family's murderer, is still alive.)

Red Hood and The Outlaws #18 (Jason Todd's story really has little to do with the Requiem, and more to do with the after events of The Death of The Family. Nursing him back to health from an acid wound left by The Joker, Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne wait by bedside as Jason works with his All-Caste teacher "Ducra", fighting against the visages of his coma. At the end, Jason wakes up and it is believed he may be changed person inside.)

Catwoman #18 (While driving through Gotham, Batman catches up to Selena and threatens her to return paintings she stole from the Gotham Museum. She says it's a done deal, but is surprised when Batman starts forcibly breaking her motorcycle helmet. She doesn't know the reasons, but can sense that he's upset about something. They briefly talk, but eventually he pushes her away and leaves. Meanwhile, the story then goes into Selena checking up on her friend. She disguises herself and gets into the Gotham Police Department as a mug victim. While there, she places a bug on Detective Alvarez's desk.) 


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    Batman Incorporated #9 (released 27.03)
    Teen Titans #18 (released 27.03)

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