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The Age of Ultron This Week!


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Greetings All! The next Marvel Event is a few days away, called

See that little twerp in the bottom left of this picture? That's Spider-Man and he's waking up to the start of a very bad day. We've known Ultron was back, but now he's finally shown his cards.

The bad guy wins; that's the premise. After having disappeared from the Marvel Universe for awhile, Ultron shows up with a bang and takes over the world. Now it's Age of Ultron, or A.U., and robots are running the place like a scene out of James Cameron's Terminator.

Follow the Age of Ultron event, which starts on March 6, 2013, by looking for this banner. The years are specifically being written as 2013 A.U.

The first issue to release will be Age of Ultron #1, with a series of cross-overs that will include The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and a host of the "surviving" superheroes.

Spider-Man will be with Hawkeye in New York City; this also appears to be main headquarters of Ultron. Black Panther and the Red Hulk will attempt to survive in Chicago. In San Francisco, the Moon Knight and Black Widow will use their resources to gain the upper hand.

Brian Michael Bendis is the main writer for this story and he has stated that there will be a surprise ending, one that most of the other teams have no clue about.

If you're missing any issues, here's a link to Amazon where you can pick them up:
The Complete Age of Ultron Catalog (Amazon)

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