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The Age of Ultron Has Begun!


It's The End of The World As We Know It

~Excerpt from Age of Ultron #1 (2013)

The releases and snippets have been ongoing since 2011, but finally it's happened; Ultron has taken over the world.

Think this is premature? Heck no! It's already unfolded in Marvel's newest 10-part event Age of Ultron. Issue #1 starts with the earth razed and heroes on the run. They've already lost. And it makes you wonder if there's anything left worth saving.

What's the plot look like? Well, a super-villainous artificial intelligence has staged an attack across the world and obliterated the human race to scant groups vying for survival. The superheroes still alive seem to be forming a Resistance, but are currently at the mercy of killer robots.

Anyone else wondering if Time Travel will be part of the plot? Someone call John Carpenter.

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