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Ghost Rider VIllain #1: Mephisto

And so, dear readers, we are down to the number one most vile and diabolical villain of the Ghost Rider. Let's be fair: who else could it be other than Mephisto, the Lord of the Underworld and ruler of Hell? Technically, he's the devil (or demon) that spurned the Rider saga, captivating Johnny Blaze's imagination and hope by offering him a contract of servitude until the end of days. Heck, most Ghost Rider fans give him credit as the original sin-maker. Read More

The Spirit of Vengeance couldn't have a greater villain than Mephisto, but have you seen the other nine most interesting and powerful villains of the Rider? If not, be sure to check out The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider, a countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List. And why? Because if you like comic books and superheroes, you'll love this stuff.

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