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Mjolnir Found: Fury's Big Week 3

~Fury's Big Week #3 (Digital 2012)

As the Avengers Movie goes into the next phase with viral alerts and trailers, Marvel is also accompanying the project with Fury's Big Week, a digital release that ties Marvel superhero prequels of Iron Man 2, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America together.

It's already on its 3rd week; summaries from the previous two issues can be found on the TSL Avengers Movie Fan Page:

Fury's Big Week #3 (Agent Coulson is keeping Tony Stark focused on saving his own life while keeping aware of the atmospheric disturbance occurring over the earth, centering on New Mexico. He gives Fury a briefing and tells him that it may be an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, also known as a wormhole. Fury decides to send him to new Mexico to check it out. Soon later, Stark has a showdown with Hammer Industries tech and the villain known as Whiplash. Only through Black Widow's help is he able to team with War Machine and survive. Once Coulson arrives on sight in the desert, his team locates a crater wherein resides a strange hammer.)

This is a running article which will be updated Mondays on the Superheroes List Blog, The Superheroes List website, and the Spotlight On The Avengers Movie fan page. If you're interested in this movie, keep your eyes open and Check out the List!

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