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Ghost Rider VIllain #2: Zadkiel

One of the common themes that qualifies opponents as Ghost Rider villains is their link to evil. Most of his nemeses are, in some way, connected to the lower levels of the underworld and hell. (Reviewing the earlier parts of the list show us characters who were, at least, granted their powers by other denizens of evil.) And yet, where in all of this fantastical, antithetical adventure will we place the agents of heaven? Where do they fit into the hierarchy of the Rider's enemies?

Well...right here, of course. Read More.

Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire

One of the best stories in the Ghost Rider Universe, Heaven's on Fire tell Zadkiel's tale, one of a power hungry divine creature that couldn't stand the discretion of his maker. Available as a paperback, the entire plot unfolds in the manner of a hellish thriller.

Collecting all six of the Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire issues, this purchase is the summation of Zadkiel's war on Heaven, where he uses a prophecy to enact a radical change of leadership. In these pulse-pounding issues, you'll get it all, Johnny Blake, Danny Ketch, Spirits of Vengeance, Hellspawn, it's all there.

Zadkiel is the #2 villain in The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider, a countdown provided by The Superheroes List commemorating the weird kinds of bad guys he had to face. This is what life's like when you're a Spirit of Vengeance. Right? If you like this kind of stuff, come on over and Check out the List!

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