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Karnilla Invades Asgardia time is at hand!
~  quoted from The Mighty Thor (2012)

From Fear Itself, we lost the Son of Odin to the Serpent. He was burned in a funeral pyre and then...suddenly, Tanarus appeared!

Well, it's all unraveling right now in The Mighty Thor series, part of the Shattered Heroes event. Tanarus is not who we (or they) thought. He's a pawn of Karnilla, the Norn Queen, posing as one of the Crones. She's been using a subtle mix of illusion and sorcery to keep all of the nine realms in confusion. Her plan made them forget Thor existed.

And now, Karnilla's plan is at climax; she's revealed herself and is in the midst of unleashing a goblin army onto the newly risen Asgardia and All-Mother.

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