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Saiko Is Raymond

~Nightwing #6 (2012)

After the first six issues of Nightwing, where Dick Grayson inherits the Haley Circus, the major villain named Saiko has been revealed as Raymond, an associate who was thought to be dead.

One of the more subtle plots, the inheritance of the circus has been a lure, leading Dick into a series of traps which culminates in issue #6: it takes place on a night commemorating The Flying Graysons. From high above the wires, that's when Saiko reveals his true identity.

For those of you following Night of The Owls, there are also some correlations, but you'll want to read Nightwing #1-6 to catch the clues; there's even an indication that Dick could have possibly been inducted into their strange diabolical organization.

Okay, so who is Raymond? That's the real question; everything points to a friendship gone think?

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