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Deadpool and The Demonic Contracts


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~Wade argues with Vetis. Excerpt from Deadpool #9 (2013).

Analysis: Starting with Deadpool #7, an odd thing happened. Apparently, they didn't have a story ready for March 2013 - or the issue wasn't fully written. Either way, Marvel Editor Jordan D. White says he pulled the first issue of this story arc from a filing cabinet; it had been penned somewhere back in the 70s or 80s.

Centering on the demon, Vetis, Deadpool #7 acknowledges an agreement - a pact - between the he and the hero. Slingshotting to the immediately future, Veritas then returns to Wade in Deadpool #8 and begins exacting fulfillment of said terms of agreement. Wade, still sharing his brain with Agent Preston from the previous issues, has to comply. At the same time, he's also still dealing with the Necromancer who just happens to be involved with the demon. Vetis wants the spellcaster dead, but Wade needs him alive to figure out how to separate him and Preston.

Deadpool #7 (Has no chronological bearing. An issue which centers on nothing but strangeness, it diverges from any relevant event or point in current history. It has a few different chapters in it, but mostly slingshots back to the era when Tony Stark had his "Demon In A Bottle" story arc with alcoholism. The Writer states in the beginning that the team didn't make their deadline and that this is issue was already penned from way back. The only element to transcend this issue is the appearance of the demon, Vetis, who gets Wade to sign a contract.)
Deadpool #8 (Occurs at least 30 years after Deadpool #7, putting it into the present time here. Otherwise, there are no chronological bearings. Wade and Agent Preston are now sharing Wade's body. They visit Preston's family in the dead of night. After some incidents, the demon, Vetis, appears and exacts his contract with Wade. He gives him a list of people to kill from previous contracts. Wade and Preston decide to agree and first kill an invulnerable New Jersey thief named Corrado Coloruno by suffocating him. After that murder is over, Deadpool spots a pretty woman, but gets ambushed an knocked out. The girl and her cohorts then steal a kidney and two pints of his blood and run off.)
Deadpool #9 (Continues from the previous issue. Wade's next assassination continues with an Aquaman-spoof hero. In the same issue, he, Benjamin Franklin, and the Necromancer, learn that the book they need to separate him from Agent Preston is in an ancient library below Styker's Island. They "break" in and head below and gather some manuscripts they think can help. Wade, however, is now concerned the demon Vetis will trick them all. In a brash move, he slices the Necromancer's neck, hoping it will send him to Mephisto, the demon who will set things right.)
Deadpool #10 (Continues from the previous issue. Wade teams up with the Superior Spider-Man in this issue to take on a whole host of villains like Stilt-Woman, The Trapster, and Batroc The Leaper. Once they finish, though, Spider-Man webs him up and leaves him. The story is precluded with Michael in Hell, attempting to gain an audience with Mephisto. The demon taking his request eats him up and prepares to administer his request.)

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