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The X-Men Ballad of Legion and Blindfold


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Analysis: Having taken on Luca Aldine, the disembodied eyeballs and also the brother of Ruth aka Blindfold, David begins a journey with her that takes him to the edges of his personality. In truth, she is everything to him: Lover, Nemesis, Advisor, and perhaps the only one who can save him. Their lives are entertwined in the strangest of ways, but without her, he cannot go on. This story arc centers on their inescapable relationship.

X-Men Legacy #7 (Continues from X-Men Legacy #6, after an undefined lapse in time. Somehow, the spirit of Charles Xavier is now a backstory. David now travels to a church after doing some research on Luca's past. All the while, he's aware of Blindfold following him astrally. Once inside, he's surrounded by lots of weirdos and tells them he is in love with a mutant. They're all mutant-haters and attempt to purify him. Once he's left alone in his own room, he confronts Blindfold and the two have argument. It turns out Luca was also a member here and wrote a Book of Prophecy. The church members retrieve David again for a ceremony, but before it can continue, Abagail Brand breaks into the room and attempts to arrest or find the source of an Dire Wraith problem. She spots Haller, but in the exchange, the church people realizes she associates with mutants and spit on her. In the next scene, she's arrested all of them and leaves. Blindfold leaves Haller on amicable terms and now he has the Luca's book.)
X-Men Legacy #8 (Continues from the previous issue, but occurs at a later undefined period. In an astral date with Blindfold, David and her observe a mutant teenager with the power to take credit and positive praise for things he doesn't do. They both try to figure out a way to help him make a difference in the world, but can't agree how. During the date, though, David's mind lashes out, expelling Blindfold from the dimension, and nearly incapacitating him. To his rescue comes Charles Xavier, the mentally-linked version created by his mind. Afterwards, David leaves comments on a web page telling Blindfold how she was right about the mutant boy.)
X-Men Legacy #9 (Continues from X-Men Legacy #8, the time break is undefined. David takes Ruth on another date. This time it starts as a movie, milkshake, and so on. Suddenly, he turns philosophical and explains a story to her. It's about an alien named Aarkus who erroneously ends up believing the mutants must be destroyed. At the end of his story, they all die. Then he tells Ruth that he has seen this future and that it will happen. Ruth believed his story by the end, but is stunned to realize that it hasn't happened yet. David then tells her he could rewrite this story and take Aarkus out, but Ruth won't have it, she's horrified he would kill a creature that hasn't yet done anything wrong. That's when David reveals Aarkus to Ruth and turns his, still breathing body over to her. The date ends and Ruth leaves. David, on the other hand, ponders if he is a monster.)
X-Men Legacy #10 (Continues from the previous issue. While David is sleeping, Ruth dons Cerebro, silently stalking him. David, fearing the future prophecy of Luca's book, speaks with the Xavier entity in his mind. He makes a deal: one minute of complete control if the entity lets him look into the future. Once agree upon, David witnesses two possibilities, him destroying everyone and the world, or him being destroyed by Blindfold. In response, he teleports to the San Francisco Institute of Bio-Social Studies and meets with Mr. Marcus Glove. David has discerned that this man is the most dangerous person to mutantkind; he's fashioned a cure and was indirectly responsible for the Church of The Happy Host tragedies. A mutilated man, Glove believes that mutants will destroy everything including themselves. But David, instead of destroying him, asks for the cure. Ruth, still stalking him, is astonished.)
X-Men Legacy #11 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. David continues to search the Institute of Marcus Glove for tricks, but he finds none; he's prepared to take the pill, fearing he'll do worse if he's allowed to continued with his mutant powers. Blindrfold now senses what David is about to do and runs through the school attempting to recruit mutants to help her extract the man she loves. Meanwhile, back at the Institute David encounters his own psyche, using his dad's image, but maintains his willingness to use the pill. As the issue closes, the true villain reveals himself. Dr. Marcus Glove is actually a manipulation of The Red Skull, now endowed with Xavier's powers. Too late, though, David doesn't care and still plans on taking the pill.)

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