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The Uncanny Avengers vs. Kang and The Apocalypse Twins


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~Kang laments over his master plan. Excerpt from Uncanny Avengers #6 (2013).

Analysis: With the second story arc of the newly-formed Uncanny Avengers, Kang the Conqueror becomes their next super-villain. He's bent on a world-dominating super-plot and gathering extremely powerful forces to take on the heroes. Early on, he acquires Thor's first weapon, Jarnbjorn, a magical axe. Later, he manipulates the heirs of Apocalypse.

This also introduces us to the Apocalypse Twins, Eimen and Uriel. Eimen's power is the ability to emit augmented acid which can "burn through time itself"; she is also blind. Uriel, the male, is a chronomancer can create artificial pockets of time. Together, they are central to Kang's plot.

Uncanny Avengers #6 (Continues from Uncanny Avengers #5, but has no defined chronology. Centering on Thor, God of Thunder, and Kang The Conqueror, this story spans across centuries. As a young god in early Scandinavia, Thor is attacked by Apocalypse; about to be killed, he flees to Odin, asking his father for a weapon suitable to pierce the villain's armor. Odin denies him, saying it would harm the future. Secretly though, Kang, who is posing as Loki, gives Thor a charm for his weapon, Jarnbjorn. In there next encounter, Apocalypse's Horsemen are about to kill the ancestor of Wolverine, but Thor slays them. The villain arrives and Thor almost kills him. Odin, upon knowing this, is enraged, but the die is cast. At the end of the issue, we find out why; Kang travels to Brazil in the present and takes the Jarnbjorn from the skull of Baron Mordo to enact the next part of his evil plan.)
Uncanny Avengers #7 (Continues from Uncanny Avengers #5, with an undefined, short break. Starting with Genocide, the son of Apocalypse summoning a Celestial and preparing to receive the Apocalypse Seed. He's then ambushed by the Apocalypse Twins, Uriel and Eimin, wielding Jarnbjorn. Using this weapon, the Celestial is assassinated and the seed stolen. Meanwhile, back on earth, Rogue is cleared from Grim Reaper's death, but the damage is done. Havok asks her to stay on the sidelines and she's offended. Anti-mutant acts are occurring all over the world and it appears the Red Skull's tactics have had some success. Elsewhere, Captain America and Sunfire are briefed of the Celestial murder at the SWORD station speaking to Agent Brand when the news of a ship approaching them at ramming speed alerts them. Cap escapse but Sunfire stays behind; he alerts the Havok's team before the station explodes. Thor and Wolverine are noticeably shaken as the weapon, Jarnbjorn is recognized, and the god of Thunder takes off on his own, remembering the warning Odin gave him so long ago about the weapon.)
Uncanny Avengers #8 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Thor blasts the wreckage falling on Rio De Janeiro while Sunfire emerges unscathed. The two of them head to the Apocalypse vessel while Wolverine, Havok, and the rest of the team fly towards the Apocalypse-loyal city of Akkaba; trust between the mutants and super-humans is becoming shaky. Meanwhile, Captain America survives the escape pod trip and realizes that it was sabotaged for Sunfire. He arrives at a secret location and receives a strange message. Back on the spaceship, Thor and Sunfire meet the Apocalypse Twins; everyone is now over Akkaba. The twins first move is to incinerate all the citizens of the city in an act of mercy. They also relay that Wolverine is a traitor and Thor's previous weapon has aided them to this point. Unleashing an explosion of nuclear proportions, they leave Thor, Sunfire, and the approaching Uncanny Avengers in the wake of its destruction.)

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