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Wolverine Begins Hunting Season


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~Wolverine realizes he's facing something greater than a simple psycho. Excerpt from Wolverine #1 (2013).

Analysis: Since Wolverine is one of Marvel's most successful superheroes, he's getting a lot of attention in the Marvel NOW! event. This title, simply called "Wolverine", is his second solo (after The Savage Wolverine). The story arc is called "Hunting Season", and puts Logan right in the middle of an alien encounter. The uniqueness of the plot is that his super-senses will be put to the test.

Wolverine #1 (The beginning issue. It has no chronological markers. A fast-paced story, Wolverine appears to be a mall-setting where a middle-aged man is standing over him with a powerful, unknown weapon. Wolverine is already damaged, but healing fast. Many dead people are already scattered about the area and the police, while trying to negotiate, are having no luck. The man's son is also there and his life is also in jeopardy. After taking another shot, Wolverine manages a few seconds to recover and slices the man up, killing him. The boy is traumatized, but after the police walk in, asks to see Wolverine. The child then asks some strange questions, grabs the gun and begins going psychotic. Wolverine goes after him. The kid runs him over with a car and gets away. But now, Wolverine senses that something far stranger is going on and goes on the hunt.)
Wolverine #2 (Continues from Wolverine #1, with almsot no lapse in time. (Also starring Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, Logan continues hunting the child, but at the same time, whatever alien is controlling the boy also leads him on a chase. They finally have a detailed encounter and our hero learns that something is manipulating the boy's mind and switching hosts. Before Logan can catch him, the gun and alien switch bodies. That's when Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD appears and disarms the new host. The gun flies off and the two heroes collaborate. Wolverine believes he may have some important evidence: a bullet still lodged in his arm. As they are talking, though, things go from bad to worse when The Watcher appears.)
Wolverine #3 (Continues from the previous issue. Logan finds some local allies skilled with super-human interaction and has the alien bullet removed; it is scanned and nothing unique detected. Meanwhile, Fury tracks the gun to Blenkins Pharmaceuticals and drops Logan into the fray. Although protected by MANDRIODs, he slashes his way through and stops the mind-controlled human, but not before a craft escapes with tech. It ends up at Port Reading where another group of mind-controlled humans start severing their hands and putting them into an advanced incubator, newly arrived from the previous battle.)  

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