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Ms. Marvel Meets The Enemy Within!


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~Excerpt from Avengers The Enemy Within #1 (2013).

Analysis: The Enemy Within is a 5-part story arc which loosely follows The Avengers, but mainly focuses on Ms. Marvel. She's already been diagnosed with a lesion on her brain in her own title series and this picks up from there. As a consequence, she's supposed to avoid flying; breaking that essential rule could cause her death.

Avengers The Enemy Within #1 (Starts the story arc. Rose, a disabled, elderly character in the Ms. Marvel stories, is missing. With Spider-Woman acting as a sort of babysitter, Carol and her embark on a quest to find the lady. At the same time, Carol is unable to fly...simultaneously, someone is manipulating her from the background, throwing obstacles in her path. As tempers flare due to her restrictions, three super-hero wrestler-ladies attack. Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman defeat them, but not before tricking Carol into flying. At the end, one of the wrestlers give them a clue to where Rose is held; Ms. Marvel races there with Thor and finds two dinosaurs guarding the lady. Taken down, Rose is then rescued. When Carol arrives back at her apartment, she's worried that a clue she recovered suggests something is happening to the rest of the residents. She has them evacuated, but finds that only her room has been tampered. Someone is clearly raising the stakes in this manipulative game, and now Ms. Marvel is mad. We know that it's an old nemesis, Yon-Rogg, behind all this; he has stolen parts of her Psyche-Magnitron, the device which empowered her.)
Avengers Assemble #16 (Chapter 2. Takes place an undisclosed time period later. On the SWORD spacestation "The Peak", a Brood force has appeared and begins descending on the planet. The Avengers go into action and begin taking out the aliens; when the fight is over, Captain Marvel and Captain America deduce that her enemy is behind this. Meanwhile, having gathered the last piece he needs of the Psyche-Magnatron, Yon-Rogg makes a plea for Kree extraction, but is ignored. Seeing he has been fully abandoned, he transforms into "Magnitron" and begins his next phase of attack. And with that activation, Kree Sentries have also activated...)
Captain Marvel #13 (Chapter 3. Occurs a brief time after the events in Avengers Assemble #16. Most of the issue covers what previously happened. Bruce Banner is brought in to Carol's apartment and all of her friends do over the data. While this is going on, Kree Sentries are attacking all over the world; Avengers are heading them off. Carol and her associates learn that a Kree signal was made during the Brood invasion; this gives her a big clue. As her Avenger's team is brought to battle, they take out the Sentries, but now she's certain she knows who the secret villain is behind all this. She heads to New York, ready for a battle.)
Avengers Assemble #17 (Chapter 4. Starts outside the New York limits. Short timespan. As Carol makes her way for the dead center of the trouble, Kree Sentries are landing in calculated locations; her allies, The Avengers, are fighting them down and taking them out, but many are arriving as fast as they can be destroyed. Ultimately, a set number of Sentries lock in their positions, suddenly creating a "star" perimeter. Carol and Captain America are in the dead center as a ship begins to materialize overhead. Carol then falls, her head aching. She realizes that Yon-Rogg somehow merged with the Psyche-Magnitron when it was destroyed and merged with the pieces...some of which may be in her skull. Regaining her composure, she vows to fight to the end.)
Captain Marvel #14 (Chapter 5. Continues immediately from Avengers Assemble #17. Arriving towards a materializing beam, Cap and Carol face Magnitron, Yon-Rogg's new incarnation. With effortless power, he creates obstacles while materializing Kree-Lar, a city of the Kree, over New York; he plans on dropping it and killing eight million New Yorkers. Agent Brand figures out that they have to disconnect their power source, but the Sentries, now locked in, are basically unstoppable. That's when Carol learns that she's the source of power, surrounded by a Sentry amplification pattern. She flies up into the sky and outer space until the small sliver of the psyche-magnitron in her head - the one that ultimately kept Yon-Rogg alive, alights the lesion in her brain. She passes out, but Yon-Rogg is defeated. The story ends, but no one knows if there will be a Captain Marvel anymore.)

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