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Eat me! DC's #8 Strangest Superhero.

Every once in a while, we hit a moment, wondering what where the publishers thinking? How's this hero going to fit in? Can we make him useful in the story? Well, that's exactly the problem that came up when the Legion of Super-Heroes were inducting members on their roster back in Adventure Comics #303 (1962). More specifically, that's what came to pass when they were introduced to Tenzil Kem, the superhero of the planet Bismoll, also known as Matter Eater Lad.

It's not that Matter Eater Lad is powerless or worthless. Sure, he has the astounding ability to bite through, digest, and metabolize any substance (of course, there's no telling how his powers would work against adamantium), but how do you fit such a unique ability into a fight? If someone throws a punch, does he slurp the villain's fist? More...

Matter Eater Lad arrives at #8 on DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes, a weekly countdown provided by The Superheroes List, heading all the way to the #1 spot. Feel free to follow along as we check out some of the most unique, and sometimes outrageous superheroes that (somehow) graced the pages of our favorite comic books.

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