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Flashpoint...and reboots.

Just in case you haven't been following along, DC has announced they will be rebooting a huge amount of titles (50+) after the conclusion of the Flashpoint event, which will be August 31, 2011. This information was gleaned from Comic Book Resources.

Feeling like a yo-yo? I'm not surprised. There's a trend of confusion hitting the superhero titles. Lots of changes, for sure; just when I thought they were killing off some good guys, they end up coming back - no wait - they're being rebooted. No, WAIT! They're being killed off again.

But all that aside, I have to be fair about Flashpoint. I'm extremely impressed with the story so far and the large scale implications it has in the DC Universe. Only a few weeks in, I'm spellbound by each tie-in. For example:

  • Thomas Wayne is now the vigilante Batman, far more severe than his deceased son. He plays a much older version and is not willing to kill his opponents.
  • Captain Cold is now a hero. Or is he? Turns out he has a criminal background and will stop at nothing to keep it hidden.
  • Aquaman and Wonder Woman are battling over a decimated western Europe. The entire area is pirated and a superhero/villain war zone.

...and there's much more. Geoff Johns is running a great event. And while I'm mystified with the amount of reboots and retcons since DC's Final Crisis, Flashpoint is a true hit.

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