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TSL gets a makeover!

Nothin' to see here. Move along.

Oh wait! The Superheroes List just got a new look! I'm adding a few new sections for entertainment and quick reference. These include:

1. A "vs. Section", which I intend to update monthly. In this spot you'll be able to vote for or against the various characters I list. But don't think it's an easy choice; I'll throw some different scenarios in the mix.

2. The "Most Recent List" section appears at the top of the page in a banner. It's the latest item created for TSL, designed to get your attention and see what's going on.

3. The "Check out this List!"section (over on the left), which shows a popular countdown that's generated a lot of attention.

4. An "Events" section (lower left) which allows you to follow a popular comic book event from start to end. The link will include plots, reading order, and maybe some rumors.

All in all, The Superheroes List (TSL to you newbs) is a place designed for fun in the comic book world. Look around, feel free to comment, and so on. If you give me some critique, I'll try to see what I can do. And always come back; I'm continuously trying new techniques to make this blog even better.

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